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Sadiq Khan invites ‘ignorant’ Donald Trump to London to ‘educate him about Islam’

Sadiq Khan claims that in London Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs,  Jews do not only tolerate each other but ‘respect’ each other. No, this is pure Muslim fantasies. Sadiq Khan is not subject to Muslim attacks, the others are. The rest of these groups tolerate and respect each other, except the Muslims who harass and provoke everyone else.

To Sadiq Khan everything is fine when there are ‘only’ 2,000 Muslim terror plots averted each year in London alone, and when half of the prisons are filled with Muslims who make up a mere 3-4% of the country’s total population. How many terror plots does UK’s intelligence services avert plotted by Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jews? Zero.

Maybe Donald Trump should invite Sadiq Khan to New York so he can learn what it means to live in a non-Muslim family where not a single family member or relative has any terror ties, unlike Khan’s own. Trump should visit London’s jihad prisons; he should visit East London where Muslims blew up 56 people and injured over 700+. Trump should visit Woolwich where a civilian solider was beheaded in broad daylight; he should visit the head quarters on MI5 where they constantly work to avert more Muslim terror attacks 24/7/365, and the many unregistered Muslim madrassas where hate is being taught on a daily basis or take a walk down Sharia zone in East London one Friday evening.

This occupational tool and his smooth-talk should never be trusted. The backfoor is being left open by him to allow a stronger position in power for his likes from now onwards. He was voted in merely from rigged Muslim votes, many who possess multiple ID’s under different names.



Sadiq Khan invites ‘ignorant’ Donald Trump to London to meet his family to educate him about Islam

ES, Tuesday 17 May 2016


Sadiq Khan invites ‘ignorant’ Donald Trump to London to educate him about Islam

Sadiq Khan invited Donald Trump to London to meet his family today in order to educate the “ignorant” Republican presidential hopeful on Islam.

The Mayor, who has been embroiled in a row with the billionaire businessman, said he would be “willing” to show him the very best of the capital.

Mr Khan also admitted he agreed with Mr Trump that Muslims had to do their bit by helping tackle extremism in their own communities.

City Hall aides, however, were quick to play down suggestions that Mr Khan was holding out an olive branch.

Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the Mayor repeated his view that the Republican’s stance on Islam was ignorant and dangerous.

It comes after Number 10 made clear that David Cameron, who has also had differences with Mr Trump, would work with whoever wins the presidential election in order to maintain the special relationship.

It is not yet clear whether Mr Trump will follow the lead of Mitt Romney, who visited London as Republican candidate ahead of the 2012 elections, by coming to the UK.

However Mr Khan said: “I invite Donald Trump to come to London. Meet my wife and my daughters. Meet my friends and my neighbours. Meet Londoners who are British and who are Muslim.

“We don’t just tolerate each other, we respect, we celebrate and we embrace. I invite Donald Trump to come to the greatest city in the world to understand we’ve shown the rest of the world that, forgive the pun, hope trumps fear.

Sadiq Khan says Trump’s views are ‘ignorant’

“If I can educate the presumptive Republican presidential nominee about Islam then I’m happy to do so.”

Mr Khan said, however, that he did agree with Mr Trump’s view that Muslims had to do more to root out extremism in their own communities. “I’ve said we have a role to play, not because we’re more responsible, but because we’re more effective,” he said.

He would boost neighbourhood policing so Londoners had the confidence to report any concerns about radicalisation in their communities.

Mr Trump yesterday said it was “rude” of Mr Khan to accuse him of having an “ignorant view of Islam” and challenged the Mayor to take an intelligence test.


Hadith - I have been helped with terror - Sahih Muslim - - Sayings and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم) 2015-11-14 08-43-54Hadith - Jizya to stay alive - Jihad - Bulugh al-Maram - Sunnah.comHadith - Hijrah ends when sun shines in West - Book of Jihad (Kitab Al-Jihad) - Sunan Abi Dawud - Sunnah.comhadith kill homosexualsHadith jihad best place in heavenHadith: Jihad wounds the color of blood but the scent of muskHadith: Jihadi who fights that Islam be superior fights for AllahHadith: Paradise is under the shade of swords

And here is Sadiq Khan on the burka in a past discussion on UK TV:

Khan deceives the audience by pretending that the burka is a choice that Muslim women has the freedom to decide to wear. The burka is more often than not a dress-code Muslim women wear as a rape protector and which is ordered onto them by a Muslim male. If they should not wear it, it implies they are whores and can be raped. And the burka also creates racism amongst Muslims who brand other women who don’t wear the burka as whores who deserve violence and attacks.



11 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan invites ‘ignorant’ Donald Trump to London to ‘educate him about Islam’

  1. If you don’t like Islam taking over and dictating your life then you need to be brainwashed by they bullshit whitewashed lies. Trump should go and find out how Islam has been for British. Has it help racial harmony? Is it expensive? Ask the mayor about the real pros and cons


  2. To that ass monkey boy Sadiq Khan, you are just a savage mudslime nobody, like all the mudslimes are, you idiot muzzie just make the civil war to become more closer then ever before, and all that thanks to you want so much to became a mayor of Londonistan 🙂 We know very well how safe is there now, it is not safe at all, it will be a miracle if you will not get some… let`s say lead. But you are for sure an ignorant, we know you are full of shit, ape monkey Sadiq Khan. And don`t forget Mohammed was a thief and a pedohile, like yiu are too and all of the mudslime savages, you will be fucked soon 🙂 `till then eat shit.


  3. IMO, we aren’t talking about making a law saying that women have to not wear the burka – we are saying that they cannot keep their covering on when the area or situation is against face coverings. This applies to banks, jewelry stores, retail stores, or any place that has a sign saying ‘In the interest of security, please remove hats, hoods and other face coverings’.
    As an aside, the barbaric countries that DO have laws that women must wear the burka and punish those who wear too much makeup or other idiotic, backward laws that turn women into possessions and not people, THOSE are the countries that need to change.


  4. That will be the day to behold when Mr. Sadiq Khan get to meet Mr. Donald Trump. I wonder who is going to do the talking and who is going to listen, the billionaire or the bus driver.

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