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Austria: ‘Sharia patrol’ savagely beat dad on the street because he was protecting his daughter

‘Sharia patrol’ savagely beat dad on the street because he was protecting his daughter


A SELF-STYLED Sharia patrol group have been jailed for savagely beating a man trying to defended his daughter and wife.

By Joey Millar
PUBLISHED: 06:25, Tue, May 17, 2016 |

Sharia law
The men were well-known in the area for attempting to control how women acted.

A court heard the group of young men, who called themselves ‘The Wolves’, approached the victim’s mother, daughter and his daughter’s friends.

They told the girls, who were aged between 14 and 16, they were behaving improperly and ordered them to go home.

The group told the man’s wife: “We, and only we, are bringing the girls back home. They are our country’s women.”

The savage beating occurred in the Millenium club in Vienna.

Terrified, the mother phoned her husband, who turned up a short while later and confronted the group. In response, they brutally beat the man while his distraught family looked on in the shocking incident in Vienna, Austria.

Another passer-by who tried to help the victim was also attacked.

Both men ended up in hospital with severe cuts and bruises, while the father and husband was left with a titanium plate in his his eye socket.

The man was beaten while attempting to protect his wife and daughter in Vienna.


Three men were later identified and sentenced to between eight and 10 months in jail for GBH.

Another man was spared jail but fined €480 for inciting violence.

The men, who all registered on social media using the surname ‘Wolf’, claimed the girl’s mother had given them the job of protecting them.

One posted on Facebook: “There are 1,000 reasons why we need to kill you, but the best is because of the funny looks.”

He added: “We say silence is golden, because lead can have consequences.”

After they were arrested, another posted: “We are not youngsters, we are family – the Mafia family.”

Asked in court by the judge why he had written this, he said: “I don’t see what this has got to do with the court process.”

Witnesses said the group were well-known for their treatment of women.

It emerged during enquiries that three were members of a larger group that formed a so-called ‘honour patrol’ working in the Brigittenau area of the city.

The men and the girls were all Chechen, an ethnic group hailing from Chechnya, an area in south-east Europe.

Islam is the predominant religion in the area, which is ruled by virtual dictator and pro-Putin former rebel Ramzan Kadyrov.

17 thoughts on “Austria: ‘Sharia patrol’ savagely beat dad on the street because he was protecting his daughter

  1. The right of the sovereign is to make and enforce laws. This applies to democratic nations, where the sovereign is the (in the persons of their democratically elkected representatives).

    A group of persons who undertake to make and impose their own laws on the general citizenry is committing treason.


  2. Only civil war will stop this madhouse what Europe has become, otherwise you will be serf slaves, and those savage mudslime dogs will exterminate you on behalf of your elite. So, the question now is, will you fight for your life or will you die ? Stupid germans infected from Merkel-landia 🙂


      • All the EU countries are being incredibly stupid by letting in single muslim men of fighting age from all over the muslim world. If the US were to do that and if there were muslim men roaming on the streets of American enforcing sharia, sure as hell muzzturds will get beaten up or shot!

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    • This is exactly the problem as we’ve seen with ISIS; bored violent young men who enjoy being depraved thugs. Ordinary people need to learn to defend themselves against them – and quickly.


      • They are supported by the police, here in UK we have a police state emerging! Six police came armed to take my 2 rifles! Was all legit, have had firearms cert for nearly 20 years, no convictions, no ill health. UK wants no one to have firearms except the police – heaven help us!


  3. And yet, Europe will continue to admit these inhuman monsters into their country! None of the “good people” will stand up and protect, defend their own!

    This is just the beginning of the “nightmare of evil” that is decending on Europe and America.

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