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The miserable life Muslim women face when they marry Muslim men from abroad

Muslim woman talks about the reality of being married to a Middle Eastern Muslim male. We’ve added a few more videos to show the reality of what culture and mindeset women risk marrying into. Now, with all these savages roaming free all over Europe they will lure non-Muslim women into marriage for residency and passports, most often they will be demanded to convert to Islam. They should think twice. Shangri-la it ain’t. Muslim men know how to cajole themselves into these women’s lives. They learn how to lure their prey in their culture and patiently wait for that pray to take the bait.




One thought on “The miserable life Muslim women face when they marry Muslim men from abroad

  1. The last video is the best and should be shared/propagated. An articulate ex-Muslima raised in the West, Haider appears to be a very effective opponent against non-Muslim apologists in the West, who I imagine would have great difficulty refuting her points and with arguments they typically resort to – moronic use of trite emotionally-charged themes like “respect” “inclusiveness” “racism” “bigotry” and the like which are based in their abject ignorance and/or deceit, and goals to preclude objective debate – when trying to right-off critics of Islam.

    While Muslim males would reject and attack her vociferously, Shia Muslim females would tend to listen (maybe while feigning rejection in the presence of any Muslim males). Although Haider projects intelligence, credibility, and authority, she would be more effective if she were an ex-Sunni.


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