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Video: Polish officials on German TV discussing Muslim migration crisis

The video was apparently made in January 2016 that all Muslim fake migrants would be allowed in and distributed across the EU.

This is a little academic but if you follow the migration crisis, it contains actual information and the Polish view of it.

Shortly after this, the German leftist media began to savagely attacking Polish leadership and culture.

One thought on “Video: Polish officials on German TV discussing Muslim migration crisis

  1. How can the German people allow fascism in their news media? It is as bad as the USA! Nothing but lies and they attack anyone that remembers the old days of fascism as ignorant or stupid. Remember the pride of the speeches telling the people how great Germany would be and the result of a bombed out nation? You are being led down the yellow brick road. They tell you that harmony is ahead, but so far it is hell. It will get much worse. Islam is fascism disguised as religion. Please do not fall for it again. The rhetoric is the same as all that a lifetime ago and it seems that those that can remember are gone now. Is Germany going to be great for letting violence in again? DEATH will be the only result. There is NO harmony with deceit and murder, the hallmarks of muslims.


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