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German government offers state subsidized “flirt workshops” for Muslim asylum seekers

These people are so crazy they have lost all grasp of sanity.

On April 27, 2016, Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavaria Broadcasting) broadcasted the sequel of a course named „Workshop für Flüchtlinge – So ticken westliche Frauen“. (Workshop for Refugees – How Western women think and act).

In the workshop offered at Jugendzentrum Eichstätt (Youth Center Eichstätt), young German women act as “prey” while aliens from different cultures practice their pick-up lines on them. These courses are arranged by an organization called Pro Familia, well known for issuing ‘advisory notes’ to abortion.

5 thoughts on “German government offers state subsidized “flirt workshops” for Muslim asylum seekers

  1. I always thought Germany was a nice smart country now what I see is an idiot who cares not for her people only for herself maybe she thinks they will revere her when she dies but she’s forgotten they hate women but will lie to get what they want. I no longer think of Germany’ as being a leader only of being stupid country that is killing its people

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  2. Again the German people embrace leftist fascism! Why do you people NOT recognize fascism that destroyed your nation more than half a century ago? I cannot believe it. The behavior is the same! You don’t recognize it? Islam is fascism disguised as religion! Hitler and muslims all spout the same rhetoric and use the same violence! How can Germany fall for the same insanity once again? Just call it religion and suddenly it is good for you!


  3. For thousands of years, women were spoils of war. Nowadays, German males dismantle their own borders and give their women away. And sometimes – more often than is reported by the Luegepresse – like in Cologne, the German police stand around watching while invaders prey on defenseless German females. All this under the auspices of their “leader” Mutti Merkel.

    In Western civilization, White males with moral courage are vanishing at an increasing rate. That must be the reason I’m finding fewer and fewer I respect.


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