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Muslims hack elderly Buddhist monk to death in temple

Buddhist Monk Hacked To Death In Temple

It is the latest in a series of attacks on religious minorities in Bangladesh which have been blamed on Islamic extremists.

11:27, SkyNews UK,
Saturday 14, May 2016

Buddhist monks hold banner as they protest in front of U.N. office in Bangkok
Buddhist monks have been targeted in a series of attacks in Bangladesh

An elderly Buddhist monk has been hacked to death in a temple in Bangladesh, the latest in a spate of murders of religious minorities.

Police say there have been seven such murders in Bangladesh since the start of last month alone.

No group has yet said it carried out the murder in the remote southeastern district of Bandarban, but it is similar to several recent murders by suspected Islamist militants.

Villagers found  Maung Shue U Chak’s body in a pool of blood inside the Buddhist temple.

Police say the 75-year-old appeared to have been attacked by at least four people.

“We saw human footprints in the temple and found that four to five people entered the compound,” said Jashim Uddin, deputy police chief of Bandarban.

He added that U Chak was living alone in the hillside temple after recently leaving farming to become a full-time monk.

Human rights lawyer Jyotirmoy Barua, who is close to the country’s Buddhist community, said U Chak had received anonymous death threats.

“He became a monk just one and a half years ago. He had received death threats, but nobody took it seriously,” he  said.

Suspected Islamists have claimed responsibility or been blamed for dozens of murders of minority Sufi, Shiite and Ahmadi Muslims, Hindus, Christians and foreigners in recent years.

The killing follows the murder of two prominent gay activists, a law student, a university professor and a Hindu tailor in April.

And in February, a Hindu priest was beheaded in northern Bangladesh.

Islamic State and a Bangladeshi branch of al Qaeda have said that they carried out several of the killings.

But the secular government in Dhaka insists the two groups are not behind the attacks, saying they have no known presence in Bangladesh. It blames the killings on homegrown militants.


2 thoughts on “Muslims hack elderly Buddhist monk to death in temple

  1. The world has reached the point that each country has to stand up for their own laws and Get rid of their own trash if they don’t, these people are slowly taking over Germany is a good example of that instead of punishing the rapers they take the word rape from reports and tell the women to cover themselves from head to foot … plays right into the hands of these people merkle is a stupid person maybe if she got raped by a bunch of them she might see things in s new light


  2. Disgusting! People in the west just don’t understand that what is happening over there will soon be happening here. It’s already started in the EU.


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