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Merkels gift to Europe: Suicide bomber ‘refugee’ travels around Europe under series of bogus ID’s to source terror targets

Angela Merkel and her colleagues in Brussels must be charged with terror offences. You don’t take in millions of people from cultures completely built on terrorism, let them spread all across Europe and then use tax resources to try and find them and monitor them. What the Eurocrats have committed is pure and simple treason and they should be charged accordingly.

So what is the solution with this problem of Islamic terrorism? Is it to double the budget for nationl security and police every year and search for the “heroes” of jihad amongst the millions let in like searching for a needle in a haystack? Or is the solution to revert back to migration policies of the 1960’s when Muslims were simply not given residencies, visas and passports to the West.

We all know the answer to the most sensible manner to manage terrorism not only today but for future generations.

Look at the expensive ipads and iphons he owns. What real “refugee” that escapes warzones owns such luxuries? Refugees in warzones have no ability to earn wealth and often escape with nothing but their clothes on their backs. Merkel let in over a million fakes and for this she should be charged. Other European countries must file lawsuits against Germany and demand financial compensation for the damages Merkel has caused to their countries, to their security, their people.



‘ISIS bomb plotter’s tour of Britain’: Afghan ‘refugee’ suspected of planning terror attacks used fake IDs to visit high-profile UK sites and posed for pictures as he scouted for targets

  • Hakim Nasiri, 24, was described as a ‘human bomb’ when arrested in Italy
  • Phone picture shows him with M16 assault rifle in a British supermarket 
  • Nasiri made several journeys around Britain under a series of bogus names
  • Pictures show him in London outside Buckingham Palace and at the Shard 

A terror suspect toured potential targets in Britain while posing as an Afghan refugee.

Hakim Nasiri was described as a ‘human bomb’ when arrested in Italy this week accused of being in an Islamic State cell.

A chilling image found on his phone shows the 24-year-old brandishing an M16 assault rifle in a British supermarket.

Easy rider: Nasiri travelling through Orpington, south-east London on the train

Target: Nasiri scouted the area near Buckingham Palace.

British security sources say Nasiri used more than one identity when passing through UK passport checks. They suggested the rifle might be decommissioned or even a fake.

But they are checking whether he had any links to Mohamed Abrini, a Brussels airport attack suspect who was in Birmingham at the same time as Nasiri last July.

Abrini, 31, had pictures of Aston Villa’s stadium on his phone when was arrested last month.

As police and the Home Office work to unravel his multiple identities, photographs emerged of Nasiri posing in a bustling British shopping street. One of him wearing an Afghan flag around his neck was entitled: ‘Me and my life in GB.’

Last July he told his online followers that London was ‘too hot today’. Later that month he was in Birmingham wishing his friends a happy Eid and throwing a party at his rented home in the north of the city.

Last night his landlord’s wife said he had left the address some time ago and she didn’t know what had happened to him.

On August 3, Nasiri posed for photos outside the Shard before he moved on to Paris, Milan and then to Bari.

Four days later, on August 12, he was in Calais – the entrypoint into Britain for migrants and would-be jihadis. He later posted ‘thumbs-up’ pictures of himself on a train passing through south-east London.

But he was soon back in Bari, where he had been granted humanitarian residence status after arriving as a refugee in 2013.

He supposedly lived in a hostel for asylum seekers that overlooks the Adriatic.

Jet-setter: Nasiri by the sea in Bari, Italy
Outside an Italian pizza restaurant

Jet-setter: Nasiri by the sea in Bari, Italy (left) and outside an Italian pizza restaurant (right)

Nasri even had taken a selfie with who is believed to be the mayor of Bari, Antonio Decaro, during a march to show solidarity with immigrant citizens last September

Nasri even had taken a selfie with who is believed to be the mayor of Bari, Antonio Decaro, during a march to show solidarity with immigrant citizens last September.

Yet Nasiri claims on Facebook that he had studied at Birmingham City University – a claim the institution emphatically denies.

And workers denied knowing anything about him at the Dixy Chicken restaurant he claims to have worked at.

Italian police had been monitoring Nasiri’s alleged terror gang since December when they were detained after being seen filming a shopping centre in Bari.

He was arrested at the hostel on suspicion of international terrorism, while fellow Afghan Gulistan Ahmadzai, 29, was picked up at a similar hostel in Foggia. He has also spent time in London.

Zulfiqar Amjad, a 24-year-old Pakistani, was arrested in Milan. He and Gulistan are suspected of operating a smuggling route for migrants and terrorists.

Surgul Ahmadzai, who is accused of scouting for targets in London, and fellow alleged jihadi, Qari Khesta Mir Ahmadzai, 30, have gone on the run. Surgul, 28, described himself on social media as a ‘London student’ and had an address in Stratford, close to the Olympic park. They are believed to be in Kabul.

They had been tracked visiting seven cities in nine days paying budget air fares in cash. All five suspects had been granted refugee status in Italy, meaning they would have been able to take advantage of Europe’s open borders to move freely around the continent.

Among the potential targets found on their phones were hotels in London’s Docklands.

Pictures of a footbridge to Canary Wharf and the Premier Inn outside Westfield in Stratford were also discovered. The cell was allegedly planning attacks in France, Italy and Belgium as well as on Rome’s Colosseum.

Pictures of mutilated US soldiers were discovered on the phones, along with recordings of prayers to prepare recruits for martyrdom.

On Mir Ahmadzai’s phone, Barack Obama was depicted as a donkey, along with gruesome images of disfigured American soldiers and British soldiers arriving home in coffins.

Prosecutors said they had material showing an ‘ideological hatred of the West and support for terrorism in Afghanistan’ and a ‘checklist of Western symbols to destroy’.

Surgal’s phone contained pictures of alleged targets in London, Rome and Bari.

The two Afghans were described as ‘human bombs’ by right-wing politician Matteo Salvini, leader of the Northern League.

This graphic shows suspected targets in Britain including several in east London's Docklands, a hotel at West India Quay, the luxury Sunborn yacht hotel in Royal Victoria Dock and an Ibis hotel nearby

This is terror suspect Hakim Nasiri posing with an assault rifle in what Italian police say is probably an English supermarket.

He is pictured wearing a yellow polo shirt as he raises the M16 assault rifle, one finger apparently on the trigger, his other hand supporting the barrel of the weapon.

The American M16 rifle is a highly effective weapon. Jihadis usually favour the Russian-designed AK-47 because it is easy to use and readily available in conflict zones. However, it is less accurate and reliable than an M16.

Mike Yardley, a former Army officer and firearms expert, said: ‘This was the favoured weapon of the Provisional IRA because they were relatively easy to train people to use. It may have been imported from Ireland.’ He said another option was it could have leaked from US bases in the UK.

5 thoughts on “Merkels gift to Europe: Suicide bomber ‘refugee’ travels around Europe under series of bogus ID’s to source terror targets

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  2. It’s obvious to most ordinary people that influx of thousands of unfit masses from dysfunctional Arab countries only ends in catastrophe. The anthropoid waste on these pictures is not the only terrorist scouting through Europe. Trust me!


  3. European countries should permit Muslims only if they forsake Islam. But that is not such easy especially in a religion like Islam as if ever their fellow religionists come to know about their intention they would slaughter them. But this dilemma can be overcome by adapting the Sanatana way of life as by doing so they need not change their name, diet, customs or undergo purification ceremonies; or say prayer in an alien language or visit places of worship; all these which attract the attention of their neighbours. More than anything Sanatana Dharma contains spiritual values which are universal in outlook and easy to practice. See


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