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UK court ruling rejects deportation of Muslim terrorists after a 10-year court case

“Immigration court said there was a risk they would be tortured if deported.”

So, what’s wrong with that? They only respect and abide by Sharia. And if Sharia would permit them to be tortured or executed, who is the immigration court to interfere with them to exercise their culture and stop them from practicing their religion?



Six Algerian terror suspects linked to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida can STAY in the UK after they win 10-year human rights case 

  • In a blow to the Home Office, ruling allows the terror suspects to walk free
  • Immigration court said there was a risk they would be tortured if deported
  • Ruling undermines the Home Office’s ability to boot out terror suspects 

By Ian Drury for the Daily Mail
Published: 20:20, 8 May 2016

Six Algerian terror suspects with links to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda can stay in Britain after winning a ten-year legal battle.

In a blow to the Home Office, the Islamist extremists – including two connected to a poison murder plot – will be freed to walk the streets of the UK after the human rights ruling.

An immigration court said there was a ‘real risk’ they would be tortured by the Algerian security services if they were deported. This would have violated Article 3 of the Human Rights Act, which guards against ‘torture or degrading or inhuman treatment’.

Home Secretary Theresa May will not challenge the decision which will see the Islamist extremists freed to walk the streets of the UK after the human rights ruling

10 thoughts on “UK court ruling rejects deportation of Muslim terrorists after a 10-year court case

  1. This is only the beginning, wait when they are over 20% of the indigenous population . Democracy and Human Rights will be the downfall of the WEST .

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    • Would you please stop saying ‘Islam is fascism disguised as religion’?

      Open some history books, and you’ll find the two have nothing to do with each other.

      It was invented by a French man named Georges Sorel, who started out as a Communist. He realized that at its base, Communism is internationalist in nature, because it seeks to unite all workers of the globe. He only wanted to unite with French people, because he is French.

      Fascism, therefore, was created for only one reason. To fight Communism. There were only two options, fight Communism, or let it win.

      You’re going to tell me that Hitler wanted to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!
      How is this not a cartoon caricature?
      How is this man existing the worst thing to ever have happened in the history of the planet, even worse than the betrayal and death of Christ?

      I’ll remind you that it was called the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. It wasn’t called the Global German Worker’s Party. Poland was given a large piece of land with many Germans on it, and East Prussia was cut off. Poland was quickly killing as many of the Germans on this land as they could, because if they were all dead, then the Germans wouldn’t have any claim on the land anymore would they?

      If the Mexicans moved to Texas, and then started killing Americans by the hundreds and thousands, what would you do?

      The attempt was only to stop German deaths in Poland.

      It was the Soviets that actually wanted to invade Europe, as recently declassified documents show, by the time Hitler invaded Soviet territory, there was only a few months left according to the Soviet timetable from when they would have invaded. Fighting Communism.

      After Communism won the war, they then claimed everything they did and were going to do was done by Hitler. Including the Katyn Forest Massacre. Look it up. To the victor, goes the history.

      If anything, Islam is the new Communism. While the Soviet Union still operated, all Communist regimes and revolutionaries answered directly to Moscow. Today, Sunni Muslim fighters all answer directly to Sunni Saudi Arabia.

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      • Whether or not this is all true, I’ve said before that without Woodrow Wilson, who created the Federal Reserve Banking system, put in the Income Tax, and also put in the direct election of Senators instead of them being chosen by the States which kept the States having some power over Washington D.C., that WWII would never have happened.

        At least against Hitler and Germany, since without the treaty at the end of The War to End All Wars ….

        I looked up the Katyn Forest Massacre, and I see some old stuff saying it was the Nazis that did it. I’ve also seen some stuff saying it was definitely the Soviets. I haven’t seen anything saying that Hitler has been exonerated of this, which must be the case given the new information.


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