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Sweden: Muslim ‘child’ refugee slashes girl in the face for refusing him sex

Swedish prosecutor says a single Muslim “child” refugee can carry FIFTEEN different forms of forged identification (!). In other words it’s impossible even when they are deported to get rid of them. In addition, the Muslim countries refuse to collaborate and refuse to respond. When the problem is that dramatic, isn’t it completely irrational to allow even one of them entry? Throw them all out and permanently ban them any access to residency or even temporary entry.

So what is the solution when Muslim countries refuse to collaborate and refuse to acknowledge whether these savages are theirs or not, making even deportation difficult? The solution is to assume they belong in the country they claim to be born in unless the government in these countries can prove otherwise. Then dump these “refugees” back to whatever country their first identity shows them to be from – and let these Muslim countries deal with the  problem. This will corner them to deal with forged documents, which even government officials supply. Why volunteer to take on the problems of these countries? On top of that the West need to add trade sanctions on these countries and penalize them PER PERSON. That’s how you deal with them. You don’t reward them, you penalize them.

In this article below yet another very adult looking Muslim “child” has infiltrated himself into the country and is now assaulting women. The article shows that the Swedish court system was created before the arrival of these savages and is not capable of dealing with the criminality in a timely, just and proper manner.It’s an antiquated farce in desperate need of reform. Besides, the entire asylum system needs to be scrapped.

If it didn’t take so long to try to figure out the translation of these articles, we’d have an entire blog only dealing with Muslim savagery in Sweden.

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Article translated into English with combination of google and bing:



Karim (16?) stabbed Swedish girl in the face when she refused sex

Published May 4, 2016 at 18:07
By Mattias Albinsson, Fria Tider

Two Swedish teenage girls partying with refugee children in an asylum accommodation in southern Stockholm – it ended with one of the girls stabbed in the face after refusing sex. The prosecutor wants to get the knife-man deported from Sweden and now the question of the man’s age is being examined by the Supreme Court.

– It [the flow of refugee ‘children] has increased exponentially. There are more and more arriving who throw away their identity documentation, said Prosecutor Office Manager My Hedstrom to FriaTider.


It was the evening of last November 10 that the party took place in an asylum accommodation for unaccompanied refugee children in southern Stockholm. According to documents from the judiciary that Fria Tider has seen there was a presence of both alcohol and drugs at the party. Two Swedish teenage girls, 16 and 17 years old, partied with the asylum seekers.

The refugee children were interested in the Swedish girls, especially one of them who according to his asylum application is named Karim Ageri, a 16 years old who comes from Algeria. Karim grabbed 17-year-old girl on the butt, tried to kiss her on the mouth and made it clear that he would have sex with her. When he did not accept the 17-year-old’s no, the two Swedes [girls] snuck out from the asylum accommodation by climbing out a window.

But Karim followed. He pulled out a knife and cut the 17-year-old girl twice in the face. While cutting the girl with the knife he shouted something to her in a language she did not understand.

Sweden Merkel Muslim cuts girls face after being refused sex

The 17-year-old girl was stabbed in the cheek, among other things. Photo: Police.


Supreme Court

Prosecutor Marie Skeppstedt Törnström, who initially was responsible for the case, considers Karim Ageri is an adult of at least 21 years of age who should be tried as an adult and be expelled from Sweden after serving his sentence.

Södertörn District Court disagrees. In December last year the Court confined itself to judge Karim to juvenile detention and dismissed the demand for expulsion. The verdict was appealed to the Svea Court of Appeal who tore up the district court’s ruling, Karim was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison and deportation for serious assault.

Now the Supreme Court is to decide Karim Ageris age and tale into consideration the evidentiary requirements that apply to unaccompanied minors who are convicted of crimes.

My Hedstrom is the bureau chief in the prosecutor’s office and will be handling the case when it reaches the Supreme Court. She looks forward to trying the case in the Supreme Court and that Sweden thus gets a judgement that all courts must comply by.

– It is very important of course that we get clarity on the evidence requirements. This is where the courts differ in opinion, she says to Fria Tider.

“Not a regular refugee”

Hedstrom says that some courts use proof “beyond reasonable doubt”, which is the highest burden of proof. This means that adult asylum seekers are classified as children if the prosecution fails to prove otherwise.

– We think that there should be evidence requirement which says that “overwhelming reasons for” that he is over a certain age. We believe that the investigation is enough to prove overwhelming reasons for [Karim] being over 21 years of age, she says.

The prosecution invoke as a proof orthodontic assessment, that is an examination of teeth, showing that Karim Ageri is “at least 19.2 years”. Odontology Irena Dawidson, who conducted the study, writes in its statement that Karim could be even older, and that the probability is low that he is under 18 years. [The Swedes should apply forensic data on bone age which would give them an easier, more accurate and cheaper method for assessing the age of the Muslim savage on arrival rather than letting them in, handing them residency and then wait for the arsons, attacks and rape cases to start rolling in].

Hedstrom also addresses the problem of all the asylum seekers who come to Sweden and claim to be children, even though they are adults.

– Because of the [conflict] situation in the world [the arrival of refugee children] has increased exponentially. There will be more and more arriving here who throw their identity documents, or do not know how old they are, she says, and continues:

– In this case it is not a legally entitled refugee child. There are street children of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria circulating around Europe and who then use different identities. There can be up to ten to fifteen different identities that are being used.

Can be 30 years

Karim Ageri has previously applied for asylum in Germany, and according to an application for asylum last year, is an Arab man named Mohamed and turns 28 years in a few weeks. According to other identity documents investigators got hold of he was born in 1986 and turns 30 this year.

Hedstrom says that it is unclear, not just how old Karim is, but also what country he comes from.

– He says he is from Algeria, but he has legitimized himself with a passport in Germany who says that he is a Tunisian national. So we do not really know. He has also legitimized himself in Morocco with a Moroccan identity. So where he was coming from, we cannot say that we know, she says.

Karim Ageri is, according to his application for asylum from Germany, a man in their 30s. Photo: Police.


To establish who and how old Karim Ageri is, is hampered by the Arab countries in North Africa who do not want to take back the criminal refugee children.

– These countries are not so inclined to help, because they do not like to have to get in return these people to their countries. When Interpol and the embassy contacts try to get information they get very evasive answers, explaining Hedstrom.

– The bottom line in the end is that you can choose the age whatever suits you to be.




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  1. we cant say that Islam is not good religion or not good religion .
    but its up to the person what get mean that person from religion and all religions said to do good thing and help the people be kind for me its the religion mean .


  2. Who would want to have sex with that ugly monster ?!?

    The only appropriate punishment for that scum is : Castrate him — > Cut his dick — > Make him suck it — > Break his fingers(both legs and hands) — > Cut his fingers — > Cut his ears — > Peal his eyes off — > Throw accid on his fact — > And than crucify him !

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    • And btw his age should between 26 to 34 , People have a hard time assesing the age of people of other groups(For example its hard to for Europeans to asses the age of black people and asians , because they didn’t see any of them while growing up) , here in Israel we have plenny of those Muslim scum so its not that hard for me.

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  3. Where are Sweden’s balls? Deport those criminal assholes, drop them back to their gates to Hell where they came from.

    I wanna see rapefugees try to clown around China… They won’t!


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