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Austria: Illegal refugee allowed to overstay five years, kill woman in brutal rod attack

Well-known to police, illegal and with a consistent crime record yet he was allowed to continue roaming around in the country? Arrest the police commissioner in charges of the area. Reality was he couldn’t be deported because of his documentation. But that’s the authorities fault. If they enable a refugee/asylum system they also need to have a firm system in place dealing with all the problems that these people bring. There are no excuses.



Padestrians in Vienna killed: Kenyan arrested

Kronen Zeitung
04.05.2016, 11:32

Officers of the special unit WEGA have arrested a Kenyan on Wednesday night at the fountain market in Vienna-Ottakring. The 21-year-old – who is already known because of several offenses – is suspected to have recently and brutally attacked a woman in front of her companion with an iron bar. The 54- year-old suffered massive head injuries and she died on the spot.

It is so far unclear why he attacked the unknown woman. The 54-year-old was with a colleague on the way to work about 2:30, and the women are working as cleaners at the “Cashpoint” Fountain market. Suddenly they got attacked by the 21-year-old, who is illegally in Austria, in the market area in fountain Street, and the 54-year-old was hit with a massive Iron Rod near the Yppenplatzes in front of booth number three.

Polizisten am Tatort in Wien-Ottakring (Bild: APA/HERBERT P. OCZERET)

Police officers at the scene in Vienna Ottakring (image: APA/HERBERT P. OCZERET)

Women took extra care to walk to the other side of the road

“The women went near the crime scene out of the car and noticed the man with the iron rod. They then specially changed to walk to the other side of the street, the 41-year-old said in the interrogation,” explained police spokesman Christoph Pölzl.

The Africans put numerous massive strikes against the head his victims so that any help has come too late for the woman. The co-worker was uninjured, she was able to take herself to safety. A witness who observed the attack from a window gave the same account as the colleague to the police.

Passantin in Wien erschlagen: Kenianer verhaftet (Bild: APA/HERBERT P. OCZERET)

Pedestrians in Vienna killed: Kenyan arrested (picture: APA/HERBERT P. OCZERET)

Der Tatort in Wien-Ottakring (Bild:

Suspect already for violence offences known to the police

The suspect was seized after trying to escape from the crime scene. A major search by police followed. “The man was arrested a short time later in the Payergasse. He made no resistance”, Pölzl said.

According to information provided by the suspect is not an unknown person. Since 2010 the young Kenyan was repeatedly involved with law enforcement due to drug trafficking and criminal damage, but also because of violent offenses. Only in the previous year there was charges against him because of bodily injury with an iron bar (!).

The co-worker of the cleaning woman was questioned into the still of the night and she had to receive psychological help. The backgrounds of the act were still unclear on Wednesday morning, and the questioning of the 21-year-old is still pending. It is clear, however, that “there is no kinship or past relationship” between suspect and victim, Pölzl  said.

Der Brunnenmarkt in Wien-Ottakring (Bild: Andi Schiel)

The police made sure the murder weapon was ceased from the fountain market. This is about a ten kilo heavy metal bar with a length of about one meter. Forensics was closed off large scale still on the spot, the scene Wednesday morning. Forensics had still on Wednesday morning cordoned off a large area around the crime scene.

Refugee from Gambia murdered student in Vienna

In the end of January an au-pair worker from the United States had been murdered in Vienna-Wieden in her apartment. A suspect from Gambia was arrested later in a Swiss refugee accommodation and meanwhile extradited to Austria by the authorities.

Die 54-Jährige erlag ihren schweren Kopfverletzungen. (Bild: APA/HERBERT P. OCZERET)

The 54-year-old succumbed to her serious head injuries.
Passantin in Wien erschlagen: Kenianer verhaftet (Bild: Andi Schiel)
Einsatzkräfte am Brunnenmarkt (Bild: APA/HERBERT P. OCZERET)
Police forces on Brunnenmarkt.



2 thoughts on “Austria: Illegal refugee allowed to overstay five years, kill woman in brutal rod attack

  1. Stupid austrians, do you really think those motherfucker savages come there to work ? They come there to get shit for free, but being all retarded, they will just kill you, one by one. In your place I would shot them like rabid dogs they are, it will finally get to that, believe me or not. Stupid unicorn dreamers 🙂


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