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Jihad He Khan: What Londoners Say About Their Islamist-Backing Mayor

Five Curious Facts about London’s First Muslim Mayor(h/t TROP):

1) He slurred moderate Muslims as “Uncle Toms”
2) He is backed by anti-Semites
3) He blamed the 7/7 attacks on British foreign policy
4) He worked on behalf of the notoriously racist Nation of Islam
5) He shamelessly defended a 9/11 hijacker

The Wahhabi lead mosques with their networking and high attendance got him elected, nothing else. Remember the other UK candidate Luftur Rahman who had promised free social housing to all Muslims who would vote for him to be the MP (political representative) for East London?

The tap is now opening up for Muslims to fill in position after position until they run the roost.



Jihad He Khan: What Londoners Say About Their Islamist-Backing Mayor

By Louise Mensch | 4:51 pm, May 5, 2016

Heat Street brought America the news that Sadiq Khan defended the 9/11 killer Zacarias Moussaoui, and called moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms”.

Sadiq also spoke at a CAGE rally – the extremist group that nurtured British Isis killer Jihadi John.


Here’s what the Brits are saying about the hard-core Islamist past of London’t new Mayor:






Supporters of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz are shown celebrating the victory of Sadiq Khan

[Supporters of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz are shown celebrating the victory of Sadiq Khan]





11 thoughts on “Jihad He Khan: What Londoners Say About Their Islamist-Backing Mayor

    • Maybe the UK will eventually end up with an AfD type party.

      I think the laws would have to change, because it’s illegal to even talk about that.

      Kid getting the cops called because he went to something as vanilla as the UKIP site.


  1. So . . . we’re more related to the Brits than we would like to think! They have allowed all those people who believe in the Sunnah of Muhammed (which means what is called “terrorism”) will now flourish in England. :/ THIS is a sad day, indeed, UNLESS, Jihad He Khan has publicly stated that he does NOT believe in or practice the Sunnah of Muhammed. Please see this short informative video; What is a GOOD Muslim? Notice, “Good Muslim” is a tricky question!!!

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  2. I am kinda surprised that it took this many years for London to have a muslim mayor I mean look at London-it’s barely an English city anymore!

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      • People are worried because it’s not just that the guy’s a Muslim, or that Islam is ‘just a religion’ anymore. We worry because Islam is now seen as a militant alien political ideology, and anyone who has had any kind of truck with ISIS promoters is seen as dodgy and likely to bring his Muslim loyalties to bear on his civic duties. This guy, Khan, is going to have to bend over backwards to show people that he’s NOT an ISIS plant.


  3. My fathers family is English as you can tell by my name. It is astounding that fascism is being welcomed into England just because it is called religion this time instead of political! NAZI it was last time and now fascism is disguised as religion so it is acceptable? MADNESS!!!!!! I always gave the English credit for having good sense, but I will have to revise that. What you are doing is the same as surrender to HITLER.


    • War is already going on! All free nations have already been attacked by islamic terror and leftists are giving in to them everywhere. Islam is fascism disguised as religion and allowing them into any free nation is bringing in a fifth column of NAZI murderers.

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