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Devout Muslims execute 7-year-old boy for ‘insulting divinity’

ISIS execute 7-year-old boy in Syria’s Raqqa

May 6, 2016 – 4:48 PM
AhlulBayt News Agency
News Code : 752400

Islamic state one finger salute for one Ummah one Caliphate 2

Militants of the ISIS executed a kid in Syria’s northeastern city of Raqqa, rights activists and eyewitnesses reported on Thursday.

Militants of the ISIS executed a kid in Syria’s northeastern city of Raqqa, rights activists and eyewitnesses reported on Thursday.

ISIS has reportedly executed the child in the Naeem Square in the city of Raqqa, the main bastion of ISIS in Syria.

The rights activist S.Y. said that ISIS terrorists have executed a 7-year-old child on Thursday in Syria’s eastern city of Raqqa on charges of ‘insulting divinity’.

“Daesh police arrested the Muaz Hassan earlier this week in the city of Raqqa, after they heard him ‘cursing divinity’, while playing in the street with his friends,” the source quoted an ISIS member of Court as saying. “The act was considered an insult to the Caliphate, regardless of the age of the boy.”

An ISIS member of the Sharia Court read a statement before conducting the execution, explaining the reasons for his execution, eyewitnesses said.

The ISIS-led Sharia Court sentenced the victim to death on charges of ‘infidelity’, in a move contrary to every legitimate principle which says children are not held accountable for their acts, according to human rights activists.

The Hisba police force shot him dead on Thursday afternoon in the Naeem Square in front of hundreds of people, including the child’s parents, who collapsed after the execution of their child, according to eyewitness.

Last Thursday, ISIS executed two young men in the city of Manbij in Syria’s northern province of Aleppo on charges of spying to the US-led coalition, local sources reported.

Over the past two years, ISIS has publicly executed hundreds of civilians, activists, and journalists on various charges in areas under its control across Syria and Iraq.

However, it is the first time the extremist group executes a child in a blatant violation for law itself, according to observers.

7 thoughts on “Devout Muslims execute 7-year-old boy for ‘insulting divinity’

  1. Mercy is not something that you can show to rabid animals and that is exactly what devout followers of Islam have allowed the Devil they call Allah to turn themselves into.


  2. How dimwitted are the European leftists in wanting to allow sharia law when these perverts are murdering children! Not just those in Syria, but all over Europe! I cannot believe that islam is not against the law in all civilized nations considering the number of victims they already have. IT IS A MURDER CULT! Why aren’t the Kali thuggee allowed since they too are a religion and murder cult? Have all these nations gone imbecilic? Remove them all or lose your nations! Tell me where in all your nations that child murder is legal? Only in islamic nations and you want it in your homes? Why not invite cannibals in since they are NO worse. The Bible says not to call people fools, but all Europe and the USA seems to be run by fools these days for political correctness. What is correct about murder?


  3. Divinity? Bulls**t! Satanic perversion is all you creeps have. There is NOTHING divdine about any of your fascist false religion!You insult the Lord God Almighty in destroying the creations of GOD! Youare all following your pervert prophet straight to hell in your satan worship! May the will of the most high God Almighty be done in all of your lives. You won’t like it at all. Islam is fascism disguised as religion!


  4. Why don’t you pussy child killers come after me then? I’ll insult every aspect of your perverted child murder cult! Everything about your cult should be insulted and everyone of you should be put to death by being fed to hogs since you are no better than pig feces.


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