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Russia’s Afghan drug problem: ‘Drugs from Muslim countries into Russia is narcoterrorism to destroy us from within’

Sasha Pelikhov with Regenerate Russia believs his country is deliberately being flooded with drugs by Muslim drug gangs to destroy his country from within. Regenerate Russia help to rehabilitate heroin addicts in Novokuznetsk, where drug addiction is the biggest problem of the region.

The reference to Russia being destroyed from within by drug smuggling from Kazhakstan, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries is mentioned from 6:18.

Look at the drug and prostitution industry in the West. Who are the biggest clientelle of prostitutes? Muslims. Wihout Muslim buyers (and sellers) the industry would cave in and fairly much diminsh by 80%. Who is the main target customer in kidnapped young girls who end up being transported from country to country as sex slaves in human trafficking rings? Muslims. Who are the most prolific drug peddling rings responsible for weapons and drug smuggling into Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Russia? Muslims. Ask anyone widely experienced in these crimes and dig into the fundamental driving force where it originates from and you find the M-word either running the roost or in the receiving end padded by mules from other criminal gangs.


At the end to Ramadan, hundreds of thousands of Muslims pray in Moscow mosques. Photographer Ilya Varlamov shot these images near Moscow Grand Mosque.




3 thoughts on “Russia’s Afghan drug problem: ‘Drugs from Muslim countries into Russia is narcoterrorism to destroy us from within’

  1. As I recall, one of the lesser acknowldeged reasons for Russia invading Afghanistan back in the 80s was to stop the flow of drugs into the Soviet Union as well as interrupting the influence of militant Islamists on their southern Muslim populations.
    What goes around comes back to haunt you, it’s the horseshoe theory of history.


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