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Switzerland monitors 400 jihadists

Is this sustainable? And how long will they be able to monitor these Muslim lovers of Allah and violence, while the numbers of these aggressors increases in Europe?



Swiss intelligence monitoring online activity of 400 possible jihadists

Swiss authorities were monitoring the social media activity of about 400 possible jihadists who might pose a security threat, the NDB federal intelligence service said on Monday.

Posted: 02 May 2016 21:05
Channel News, Asia

A 3D plastic representation of the Twitter and Youtube logo is seen in front of a displayed ISIS flag in this photo illustration in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, February 3, 2016. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

BERN: Swiss authorities were monitoring the social media activity of about 400 possible jihadists who might pose a security threat, the NDB federal intelligence service said on Monday.

Switzerland is not a primary target for Islamist attacks because it is not part of the military campaign against groups such as Islamic State, but the security threat level has been elevated nonetheless, the NDB’s annual report said.

The report showed a photo of a Swiss passport next to an explosive belt posted online by a suspected Swiss jihadist who had travelled to the Middle East, and an Islamic State video showing the Swiss flag among the 60 countries seen as targets.

“Attacks in Switzerland are more to be expected from lone wolves or small groups that would be conducted with simple means, little preparation and minimal logistical effort,” the report said.

Authorities have been closely tracking suspected jihadists who return to Switzerland from countries, Syria in particular, where they are believed to get training in carrying out attacks.

A Swiss court last month sentenced three Iraqis for terrorism offences, a verdict that the senior prosecutor said should send a message to jihadists not to see the country as an easy target.

The three main defendants, who had denied wrongdoing, were arrested in early 2014 on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks and helping Islamic State militants enter the country.

The Swiss attorney general’s office has more than 60 open cases linked to jihadist militancy, it said on Monday.

(Reporting by Ruben Sprich and John Miller; Writing by Michael Shields; Editing by Louise Ireland)





6 thoughts on “Switzerland monitors 400 jihadists

  1. Same in the UK. What is the point of monitoring? They are either Traitors or Infiltraitors.

    If we can’t kill them, then the least we can do is Intern them, OH NO, I forgot Obummer closed the camps and set them all free to continue their slaughter upon us.

    Thank you America, or as it should be called, THE UNITED STATES OF islam.


    • It is not only the US, the European Union is heading towards a name change as well. The new name will most likely be The European Islamic Union.

      All priests and governments seem to be supporting the Islamisation of Europe.


  2. If Switzerland is monitoring 400 jihadists, I wonder how many more there are in Switzerland who have not yet come to the attention of the authorities? Just think Switzerland is monitoring 400, how many are each of Germany, France, the UK, Belgium and Holland monitoring?

    How long can the west sustain this level of “refugee immigration” before our societies collapse to suit the Islamist agenda.


  3. The best answer is to never ever let them into your country in the first place. If they are in your country deport them right now. Politicians forget that their first job is to protect their citizens from any harm!

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