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Sweden: Merkel Muslim petition for media to change their ‘refugee narrative’ to suit Muslims

Lisa Söderlindh, who works for the Migration Agency , wants to give Muslims a platform so they can vent their demands and “views” to force the weak Swedish dhimmi to change their laws and culture to fit the Muslims, not the other way around.

Who does she imagine she is doing favors?

Eshmaw, on the other hands, don’t want the socialist media to have any free speech at all as if they are not muffled already as it is. In addition, he doesn’t care one bit that the Swedish tax payer is the one who pays for everythign he demands from a society he forces himself on while he had many options to “flee” Syria to relocate to a Middle Eastrn country. Instead, he chose to treck a long way all the way to Scandinavia passing dozens of war-free countries without the desire to stay in the safety he claims he wants.

This kind of parasitic foreign entry need to be stopped and banned.



Refugees criticize Swedish media coverage of migrants

Monday 2 maj kl 13.00
Radio Sweden

Audio: Jihad Eshmawi: Another person’s story is not like mine (4:49)

Jihad Eshmawi
Part of the list of “principles for a new migration narrative” and one of its authors, Jihad Eshmari. Photo montage: Swedish Radio / Jihad Eshmawi.


Swedish media should emphasize the personal experience of immigrants and not focus on their costs to society, according to a group of refugees who have developed a list of points for how media coverage should change.

The points were published on Monday along with a video in which volunteer immigrants read some of the points.

“I am not a freeloader,” says one young woman in the video.

The group was brought together by the Swedish Migration Agency as part of an initiative called Mig Talks, a series of events where immigrants of all stripes are invited to share their personal experiences and views.

In Mig Talks’ first round, 21 refugees participated in discussions, with the latest dealing with how Swedish media outlets cover immigration.

“I want to see numbers, but I want to see other things in the media, too. I want to see my dreams in a new country, in another life. I want to see another friend’s competence, what they will do in this country,” said Jihad Eshmawi who took part in the recent Mig Talks event.

Eshmawi is 25 and was born to Palestinian family in Syria. He lives with his mother and two brothers in Gothenburg, western Sweden. In 2013, Eshmawi left Syria to escape mandatory military service. He traveled through Egypt and by boat over the Mediterranean before reaching Europe and seeking asylum in Sweden.

Eshmawi told Radio Sweden that he doesn’t believe Swedish media coverage of migration has particularly reflected his own experience, and he thinks words often used in the media to describe immigration like “waves,” “streams,” or “flows” are dehumanizing.

Referring to a “refugee crisis” was an exaggeration when considering that asylum seekers who have often left behind friends and families might be more deserving of the word “crisis”, said Eshmawi.

Lisa Söderlindh, who works for the Migration Agency and organizes the Mig Talks project, said her organization is trying to give immigrants a platform to express their views.

“The knowledge about migration to Sweden comes from hearing the perspectives from those who’ve made a decision to come,” Söderlindh told Radio Sweden.

According to the Mig Talks project’s website, a total 600,000 people from 200 different countries came to Sweden between 2010 and 2015.


Here is Eshmawi’s

Five principles for a more human migration narrative:

  1. I who have been forced to flee have a refugee experience – I am not my exile.
  2. I who have a refugee story also have experiences, competences, perspectives and opinions. Just like everyone else.
  3. I who end up in the migration statistics: I am not a number – I am a human being with a past, a present and a future.
  4. I who am regarded as a drain on local resources, I am not a free loader – I add and contribute to society.
  5. I who am perceived as a threat or a stranger – do not talk about me or to me. Talk with me.

Crash course in migration: Seven migration basics

  1. Migration is involuntary or voluntary. Many flee, most move voluntarily.
  2. Almost all migration involves some kind of compulsion; almost all migration involves choices.
  3. Migration is not streams, waves, volume, pressure or flows. It is the movement by people from one place to another with the intentions of settling temporarily or permanently in the new location.
  4. Migration is a defining feature of contemporary society, and has always been an integral component of human life, livelihood and development.
  5. Migration gives rise to transformative processes that are reshaping political, cultural, economic and social spheres in countries throughout every region in the world.
  6. Migration is not a news story; it is the oldest narrative of humankind.
  7. The migration age is not a passing episode. It is a fact of reality that urges a new mindset and a fundamental shift in emphasis: from framing and tackling migration as a disruptive event towards adapting societies to a world on the move.


7 thoughts on “Sweden: Merkel Muslim petition for media to change their ‘refugee narrative’ to suit Muslims

  1. ‘throughout every region in the world’

    Oh? Pray tell who is moving into Saudi Arabia? In large volumes?

    ‘from framing and tackling migration as a disruptive event towards adapting societies to a world on the move’

    It is ONLY a disruptive event. People are figuring out that their culture is already being destroyed, and it will only be made permanent if it ever does turn into a ‘world on the move’. In fact, there will no longer be such a thing as a society.


  2. No the meslem cult does not need to even be in your country start deporting that trash
    Don’t give into them for anything let them get off their lazy asses and go fight for their country

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  3. islam is a dangerous cult if Europe does not wake up and drive this disease out your Nations will be gone within the next 1 to 2 decades… Facts look at the population explosion with the muslim community vs Europeans you will be deleted if you do not act..
    Your PC leftist leaders do not care about you, your history or your children.. Just power


  4. ” I add and contribute to society.” – To what society, for whose benefit, and what benefits and contributions have you provided? Asserting that you have “experiences, competences, perspectives and opinions,” and possessing a “past, a present and a future” don’t qualify as additions or contributions.

    “Migration is not a news story; it is the oldest narrative of humankind.” – No, complaining is the oldest narrative of the human and humankind. And, it’s not an addition or contribution to society either.


  5. Maybe we would be more understanding of the “refugees” if 80 percent of them were not military age men. Why are they not at home trying to improve their home countries for themselves and their children rather than leaving the women and children there whilst they seek safety in the West whilst trying to IMPOSE their religious views on to the locals of the new countries they are going to.


  6. German people! You got free of fascism once at a terrible cost! Why do you let the leftist politicians bring it back to you? Know that you will regret their welcome to the muslims because islam is fascism disguised as religion! This time, the former fascists will seem like mostly civilized next to muslim fanatics.


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