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Muslim Brussels terrorist wants to serve his sentence in Swedish ‘prison’

The last drop of respect, if we even have any left for the insipid Swedes, will disappear if these idiots lets this desert savage serve his “sentencing” in Sweden: Sweden HAS NO sentencing. It’s a 5-star Disney vacation with private rooms, game rooms, gyms, TV, films, mobile phones, reading libraries with books and magazines, pocket money and even their own prison chef to cook halal for them. In fact, we’ve heard that it gets so sick in Swedish prisons that murderers and rapists can request porn on tax payers money to “respect their human rights”. It’s a sick farce. In other words if you commit crimes in Sweden you get rewarded, not punished. No wonder the rape against children and women, and terrorism are increasing each year….

Send this savage pig to Saudi Arabia to be executed under Sharia. Nothing less is acceptable. And make sure to actually witness the head come off to make sure the law is implemented. That’s the only thing they deserve, nothing less.



Report: Terror suspect wants to serve sentence in Swedish prison

Published fredag 29 april kl 10.55
The Swedish suspect was arrested in the Etterbeek area of Brussels. Photo: Wiktor Nummelin/TT
The Swedish suspect was arrested in the Etterbeek area of Brussels. Photo: Wiktor Nummelin/TT


The 23-year-old suspected of participating in the Brussels terror attacks wants to serve his prison sentence in Sweden were he to be convicted, sources tell Swedish Radio News.

The 23-year-old was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, where he is still registered. According to the British Daily Mail, he travelled to Syria in 2014 to join IS.

Last autumn, the man returned to Europe via the Greek island Leros, using a fake identity and passport. Three weeks ago, he was arrested in Brussels on suspicion of participating in the March 22nd terror attack in Brussels which killed 32 and wounded more than 300.

Now, a lengthy judicial process awaits for the 23-year-old and it could take up to a year before the court delivers the verdict.

According to information obtained by Swedish Radio, the suspect wants to serve his prison sentence in Sweden, were he to be convicted. However, his defence attorney has not confirmed that information.

A legal amendment in Sweden last year opened up for this type of prison transfer and if the 23-year-old applies for a transfer to Sweden, it will likely be granted.

“According to the law, one has to examine whether the person is a Swedish citizen and lives in Sweden. So it is not the citizenship alone that we look at, though that is of course a key factor,” said Lisa Gezelius, head of the Swedish Prison and Probation Service’s legal department.

It was an EU directive that lead to Swedish legislation being changed last year. The aim was to allow convicted criminals to serve prison sentences in their home countries. Sweden went further than required by the EU, meaning that even individuals who are not Swedish citizens but who have a connection to Sweden have a bigger chance of serving their sentences in Sweden should they wish to do so.

Swedish law stipulates that the convict should have lived in Sweden for at least five years and should hold a Swedish residence permit, prosecutor Ashraf Ahmed explained to Swedish Radio. Ahmed was an expert in the inquiry that heralded the legal amendment.

Since the new law was introduced, the Swedish Prison and Probation Service has received around 30 applications for transfers to Sweden. The authority does not take into consideration the type of crime that the individual has been convicted of, but according to the authority the number of inmates with extremist and violent ideologies now looks set to increase. Later this spring, the authority will present a strategy for how to handle the situation.



The insane and dhimmi Swedes:


15 thoughts on “Muslim Brussels terrorist wants to serve his sentence in Swedish ‘prison’

  1. No wonder he’s opted for Sweden’s answer to Disneyland. He’ll be in his glory there, evangelising among the other thugs, turning them all into mini-me jihadis.


  2. Drop him into Saudi Arabia, right in the middle of the peninsula without transportation and his tongue and fingers cut off. And one limb for the fun of it…. He should know what the kind of work he does feels like.

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    • As no one here could possibly execute these sentences. They are put there to provide some relief from the constant tension of being taken over and/or killed by terrorists and have our homelands taken over.

      Apparently it is more important to exalt your “moral superiority”.

      When YOUR family has been touched by Islamic terrorism, then you might feel differently, but then again, maybe you’re just too detached and full of yourself.


    • Nothing could compare with ISIS’s methods of execution. We merely advocate a quicker death than he gave others. Personally, I’d like to see him cop a quick shiv in the guts inside prison.


    • Just wait until they rape your wife or daughter, and then set her on fire while she is still alive.

      Your tune will change. You’ll learn that fighting these savages with feather pillows doesn’t slow them down, as you have been.

      If you were willing to simply not allow Islam or any Muslims into the west at any time, then none of these attacks would have happened. That was considered too mean by people like you.

      Now your family is in danger. I hope you’re happy.


    • You are the ‘Putrid Filth’ that is aiding this ABOMINATION to detroy our countries.

      For every rape and every death I HOLD YOU COMPLICIT.


  3. Serving a prison sentence in Sweden will, at least, remove the Islamist parasite from his brain. There are councilors, psychiatrists and volunteers who can help him rid himself of the rotten worm of Islam.


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