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Italy issues threat to Austrian plans to build a fence at its border

Never have so many European countries been at logger-heads with each other simulatenously since they joined that disasterous membership called European Union.



‘An ENORMOUS mistake’ Italy threatens Austria over shutting migrant borders across Alps

ITALY issued a chilling threat to Austria today as it planned to build a fence at its border to block migrants.

By Laura Mowat
PUBLISHED: 04:01, Fri, Apr 29, 2016

Italian interior minister
The Italian interior minister has criticised Austria’s plans of building a fence.

The row threatens to destabilise the European Union’s Schengen agreement as Italy lashed out for the second day in a row over the fence which would separate the two countries.

Italian PM Matteo Renzi said it would be a “flagrant breach of European rule” and the police is “utterly removed from reality.”

Tensions in Europe are at boiling point after Austria outlined plans earlier this week to install a 370 metre-long fence at the Brenner Pass, which is the busiest route through the Alps for heavy goods vehicles.

It comes just weeks after the country announced large fences are also to be built at the Moschendorf, Heiligenbrunn, Heiligenkreuz and Nickelsdorf border crossing points throughout the Burgenland region, before migrants travelling by foot arrive.

map of Schengen break down
A map showing how the ‘free travel’ Schengen Area is being made into a mockery.

The logic of raising barriers is unacceptable.
– Italian interior minister, Mr Alfano

The move has incensed Italian politicians.

Italian interior minister Angelino Alfano criticised the plans as the numbers of migrants passing from Italy to Austria were at their lowest levels for years.

Mr Alfano said: “The logic of raising barriers is unacceptable.

“I will tell him very clearly that unilateral decisions go against European rules.”There are also concerns any toughening of border controls at the Brenner Pass would slow traffic on an important route from Italy to Germany, Italy’s top trading partner.

Ban Ki-Moon with the Austrian president
Ban Ki-Moon with the Austrian president, Heinz Fischer.

Alfano added that the numbers of migrants “do not support” fears that there will be a mass movement of refugees from Italy to Austria, who would use this particular crossing, while any border closures would be “an enormous mistake.”

Earlier this month reported how Austria’s €1million tightening of borders also sent Switzerland into panic mode. The country is now preparing 2,000 soldiers in army tanks to patrol its border with Italy, fearing migrants will take a new route through the country to avoid Austria.

Austria has also passed a controversial new law that restricts the right of asylum, which include migrants could be turned away at the border within an hour if they are seen as a threat to public order.

leaders shake hands
Austria has also passed a controversial new law that restricts the right of asylum.

The migrants are crossing the Mediterranean from Africa to Italy in growing numbers Austria has said Rome must stop them traveling onwards towards northern Europe or it will have to introduce border controls at the Brenner Pass in the Alps.

European Council President Donald Tusk told the European Parliament EU member states had “no more than months” to manage the migration crisis, and failure to do so would result in the collapse of the Schengen passport-free travel zone.

From June, checks will begin in Brenner Pass, the major motorway linking the country with Italy as part of a €1million tightening of borders set to cause chaos for commuters, hauliers and local businesses.

6 thoughts on “Italy issues threat to Austrian plans to build a fence at its border

  1. World war is coming in a big way. The EU rules and restrictions are ensuring this. European countries are all against each other now.


  2. Every country needs to send this trash back where it came from then refuse to allow them to re enter,don’t fight just take out the trash



    Watch the interview with the Italian PM Matteo Renzi and Zackaria Fareed of CNN during which the delusional Renzi clearly states “no ISIS” have infiltrated the ranks of the “migrants”

    Sheer treasonous, suicidal lunacy.

    Rafe Coulsen
    Dublin, Ireland




    We are seeing the road to an EU/Western Police-State being paved before our very eyes.

    Only this EU/Western Police-State will be unlike any the civilized world has ever seen in history, this one threatens to rule a 1000 years and with unparalleled murderous, crushing brutality. It will make the decades of murder and suffering under Stalin and Mao look like mere child’s play.

    Fortunately this EU/Western Police-State is in its infancy and is extremely vulnerable to opposition and threats posed by those who recognize this malignant political growth for what it is. By opposition and threats I refer to citizens across Europe, the UK, North America and the other Western countries who recognize the true nature of what looms before them and in response to that looming and rapidly growing totalitarian state, engage in active opposition to the same.

    As in decades and centuries past we are once again at a cross-roads and must decide what course of action, each of us must decide what course of action, we will take in response to the tyranny of the State and the actions of those agencies like the police and military it uses to acquire, maintain and expand, its hold on absolute power and rule.

    I would hope that many members of the police and the military will recognize the treasonous nature of what they are being asked by their bureaucratic masters to do now and will be asked to do in the future and will simply refuse to commit treason and murder and will turn against their master. Unfortunately, as history illustrates in the Stasi, the Gestapo, the NKVD, the Basji and many other murdering boot-lickers, I am not holding out much hope.

    So then, it falls to us, to each and every one of us to oppose the emergence of the Marxist/Islamic Police-State, and by oppose I mean with all means and mechanisms at our disposal.

    I have written about this cross-roads we now stand at, this line-in-the-sand we have drawn and the course of action we all face, a course of action that brings many of us to tremble, to indecisively dither and to engage in a cowardly hesitation which does little more than empower our enemies and hasten our demise.

    Mark my words, in the coming weeks and months you will have to organize, you will have to arm yourselves and you will have to forcefully and no doubt, violently, oppose those Marxists and Muslims who seek your enslavement or annihilation. You will have to do this as compliance and capitulation with treasonous bureaucrats and the murderous predatory Muslim will be unconscionable acts of treacherous betrayal of your country, your countrymen and of your culture that you cannot or would not ever commit.

    So then, look around you now, seek out others of like mind, of like spirit and of like determination. Arm yourselves, organize and do that which must be done.

    Do not be afraid to call treason what it is and punish those who commit treasonous acts regardless if they are judges, politicians, bureaucrats or police officers. Treason is treason is treason and kills just as surely if it falls from the mouth of a judge or from the orders of a police commander.

    Once again we are at a cross-roads. Once again we face those who have crossed the line we have drawn in the sand. Once again we are in good company with tens of thousands of patriots who, across the centuries, rose in defense of their countrymen and freedom. We are among friends. We have nothing to be afraid of.

    Rafe Coulsen
    Dublin, Ireland


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