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UK: Muslim mayoral candidate has deep influence in ushering in left-wing politics, supportive of Islam and terrorism

Alan Sugar is the British version of Donald Trump and head’s the country’s Apprentice show. It’s interesting that Sugar, clearly inadvertedly, is describing a common strategy Muslims have used through history to get a footing into the halls of power. Muslims have an enormous network of people through the mosques who are available to blindly vote for anything they are asked for that can benefit their expansion of Islam. This duplicity of pretending to represent a unified front while actually seeking to infiltrate Islam into power is a common problem everywhere that Islam has been legalized to freely roam in a non-Muslim society. If Islam would rightfully be re-categorized as a political fascist organization rather than a religion it would be easier to put laws into place to stop the expansion of this Arabian Nazism



Lord Sugar savages Sadiq Khan: ‘he has single-handedly wrecked the Labour Party’


The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 4

by Steerpike
24 April 2016, The Spectator

As Sadiq Khan continues to lead the polls in the mayoral race, the Labour candidate has managed to brush off much criticism over his links to unsavoury characters by putting it down to ‘dog whistle’ politics. However, the MP for Tooting may have greater difficulty fending off the latest line of attack to come his way.

[Alan Michael Sugar, Baron Sugar is an English business magnate, media personality, and political advisor.]

Writing in the Sunday Times, Lord Sugar — the former Labour peer who resigned from the party after the general election — has launched a blistering attack on Khan. Sugar accuses Khan of having ‘single-handedly wrecked the Labour Party’. The Apprentice star says he cut up his party membership card after Labour turned anti-business under Ed Miliband — and his concerns were only confirmed when Corbyn was elected as Miliband’s successor. However, rather than point the blame at the two most recent leaders, Sugar claims that it’s Khan who is really behind the party’s ‘anti-business’ stance:

‘There is one politician who’s responsible for what’s happened to the party: Labour’s candidate for London mayor, Sadiq Khan. Khan ran Ed Miliband’s leadership campaign. He was in the room when Miliband turned on people like me, attacking the country’s largest employers as “predators”. So was Corbyn, who has called Britain’s businesses the real enemy.

Khan was one of the most senior Labour politicians to nominate Corbyn for leader. Without Khan’s endorsement, Corbyn would never have made it onto the ballot. He’s confirmed that Corbyn will be an asset to his campaign to become mayor, and admitted Corbyn’s supporters will help him get elected. Khan has not voted against Corbyn in parliament since Corbyn became leader.’

Sugar then goes on to pick apart Khan’s business strategy — describing it as ‘a wish list straight out of Corbyn and Livingstone’s little red book’. He says that Khan’s promised fare freeze on public transport is ‘fantasy’ and would leave a £1.9bn black hole that would need to be filled by raising council tax. As for his housing policy of asking developers to build new homes at a loss? ‘Well, this sounds all very nice, but it’s another false promise that won’t happen. Commercially it doesn’t work,’ Sugar writes. In fact, according to Sugar, Khan’s main offer to London voters is that ‘he’s the Muslim son of a bus driver’.

Although it’s clear Sugar thinks Khan would be a disaster for London, there is some hope for the Labour candidate. While Sugar has previously said we should all move to China if Corbyn were to become Prime Minister, he has stopped short of saying he would leave London if Khan were to become mayor.

2 thoughts on “UK: Muslim mayoral candidate has deep influence in ushering in left-wing politics, supportive of Islam and terrorism

  1. Khan as Corbyn has nothing to offer our country and we are strategizing to try and ensure Khan does not become mayor,they are going to have security and police at some voting stations after the mess over Tower Hamlets which had muslim thugs outside voting stations threatening voters into how to vote for.If he becomes mayor with the budget that comes with it am out of London,as you just know he will surround himself with muslim staff and work only for muslims and fraud will be rife.It cannot happen and we will try our best to keep him out,heavy canvassing is happening and a close eye will be kept on the results.


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