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Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation ‘Study’: Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam because Jihadists don’t know Sharia law

Yet another feeble minded effort by Muslims working for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation to deny that Islam is built on terrorism. The article is trying to imply that Jihadists have more scientific knowledge than knowledge on Sharia and therefore, they don’t actually know what they are doing and they are not acting on the instructions within Islam. And who is behind this silly study? Mubaraz Ahmed, Milo Comerford, and Emman El-Badawy. Those names should tell us everything of the level of authentic intentions behind this “study”.

The Hadith and Sirath contain the instructions laid out by prophet Mohammed. The Muslim community seeks guidance to their activities through the mosque and the appointed Imams or Sheikhs. They mosques have specialized and educated religious law makers and courts whoms role is to interpret the texts and provide that legal interpretation to the rest of the people. The Jihadists merely follow the instruction as it is laid out in the Islamic texts that is provided by these Islamic law makers. The idea that each jihadi has to study Islamic law and become a Sheikh is absurd. This is like claiming that a police officer must be a graduate high court judge before he can be a police officer and conduct his job duties properly. It’s not the duty of a police officer to be a high court judge. And it’s not the duty of a jihadist to be a scholar on Sharia law. The judgements on Sharia are managed by the Islamic courts.

Muslim dedication to their religion is what drives them to terrorize the world and to go on mass killing sprees that spread from country to country. It has nothing to do with poverty, lack of education, lack of integration (which Muslims refuse based on religious instructions) or foreign policy. It’s the Islamic ideology that is their driving force. Over and over again Muslim terrorists keep repeating that they war and kill for Allah according to the words by the prophet of Islam. Why try to prove them wrong? Anyone can pick up the Hadiths or the Sirath and read the instructions in these books that commands Muslims to “do their duty” and war against the non-Muslim purely based on religious racism and nothing else.


MILESTONES TO MILITANCY: What the lives of 100 jihadis tell us about a global movement



Leading jihadis ‘twice as likely to be students of science as of Sharia’

A file photo of ISIL fighters.

A file photo of ISIL fighters.

Richard Spencer, Middle East Editor
Josie Ensor, Beirut
22 April 2016 • 9:31pm, Telegraph


Prominent jihadists are twice as likely to have studied science at university than subjects related to Islam, according to a new survey, while British fighters appear to know the least about their religion.

The report, which analysed the histories of 100 of the most prominent jihadist leaders of the last three decades, said that despite claiming to be the sole interpreters of Islamic theology, they often had little or no training in the subject.

Osama bin Laden himself went to a secular school and studied economics and business at university, and had little formal Islamic training.

This was important because the report also found that personal networks were more important in recruiting and promoting jihadists than individual jihadist organisations.

A file photo of ISIL fighters.

Many jihadists had been recruited from non-violent Islamist movements like the Muslim Brotherhood, and radicalised in the wars they then went to fight.

The report, by the Centre on Religion and Geopolitics, is backed by a separate analysis conducted on thousands of files recently leaked of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) entrance and exit papers for individual jihadists. It also found that many had little or no knowledge of Islamic law when they arrived.

ISIL fighters marching in Raqqa, Syria.
ISIL fighters marching in Raqqa, Syria.

Nearly all of the 18 Britons whose files were released to the Telegraph put “basic” in answer to the question of how extensive their knowledge of Sharia law was.

Analysis of all 2,000 Isil fighters’ entrance forms, revealed that British fighters were among the least knowledgeable on their religion. Foreign jihadists from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Tunisia were most likely to answer “advanced” to the question.

Rising concern about “home-grown jihadists” has coincided with a military approach which focuses on “defeating” individual groups, such as al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, or Isil in Iraq and Syria.

However, the report found that jihadist groups’ ideologies and structures were flexible and that many senior jihadists moved from group to group.

The fact that half the 100 studies had begun their careers in non-violent Islamist movements – a quarter in the Muslim Brotherhood – is a blow to those who have argued that these groups should be encouraged as “alternatives” to radical Islamism.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, pictured with the Isil flag.
Abdelhamid Abaaoud, pictured with the Isil flag.

The report also found that at senior levels at least the common idea that jihadists came from “marginalised” communities or were under-educated was also false. A quarter of the group had either worked for government agencies themselves, or had close relatives who did.

Around half had attended university, with 57 per cent of them studying science subjects, compared to only 28 per cent studying Islamic subjects.

ISIL fighters
However, the report confirms some other common assumptions. It refers to the practice of Islamic societies – including at major British universities – to invite radical speakers who are in fact not recognised scholars.

Universities should “place a responsibility on managerial and student bodies to ensure that extremist viewpoints face intellectual challenge, especially during events and debates hosting controversial speakers,” it said.

“Many serving faculty members are more qualified than external speakers to address such topics.”

University College, London, was widely criticised after it was revealed that the so-called “underpants bomber”, Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to detonate a bomb in a plane over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009, had run its Islamic Society, inviting radical speakers to address it.

His degree was in mechanical engineering.

The most notorious modern British jihadi, Mohammed Emwazi or “Jihadi John”, was one of several to have studied at Westminster University.

The report finds that most senior jihadists have spent time in jail either before or after being radicalised. It says that governments should separate jihadists from other prisoners, and give them compulsory lessons to counter radical arguments.

“This should include a critical study of the core texts of the Salafi-jihadi ideology, the revisionist literature produced by leading figures and groups that have renounced violence, and a study of the works of major Islamic scholars through history in order to develop a more sophisticated understanding of the role of Islam in modern society,” it says.

8 thoughts on “Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation ‘Study’: Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam because Jihadists don’t know Sharia law

    • YES he is a Fool- while still being utterly convinced of his greatness and infallibility. Even after he sort of admitted that the million who died in Iraq was one of his sort of err…. miscalculations. So incorrigibly left wing he is still trying to remake the world the way he would like it to be in his own head, while assiduously avoiding reality. What more damage could he do to the UK?
      Who has done more damage than he historically to the UK? William the Conqueror?


  1. Incredibly Blair wants to blame Whitemans’ Science for terrorism. So white people need de- sciencing? LOL Preposterous that science is even seen as a factor. Its only trade training. Engineers are accomplished students and can soon get the main features of an idea without formal instruction. That’s their job.
    And the ISIS message is so simple. Kill everyone you meet except jews. NEVER HARM JEWS. Doesn’t take advanced study to carry that out.


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