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PODCAST: Saudi Arabia Blackmails Washington, Threatens to Crash the Dollar

On today’s broadcast, economist Jerry Robinson begins with his cutting-edge commentary on deteriorating U.S.-Saudi relations — and how current tensions could lead to a collapse of the existing petrodollar system.

Listen to the podcast here.




3 thoughts on “PODCAST: Saudi Arabia Blackmails Washington, Threatens to Crash the Dollar

  1. Revolution in the desert (Cannot come soon enough!)

    A shocking twist to the oil story…

    Over the next decade oil could soar way beyond its all time high of $147.

    Not because of a spike in demand… but because it could be on the verge of becoming so scarce that production all but ceases.

    Outside of a handful of oil-only businesses that will be forced to pay through the nose for it…

    The world will have turned its back on crude.


    Because a new, unlimited source of power is now coming on-line.

    This cheaper, cleaner and limitless resource will kill oil dead.

    Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.
    And ONE company at the forefront of its development could see its share price climb over 400%.

    Over the last century those that invested in oil drillers made huge profits.

    But the NEXT wave of energy fortunes could outstrip anything we’ve ever seen.

    This is a trillion dollar industry that hasn’t been shaken up for two generations.

    And it is an explosive opportunity for you.

    Here’s what’s happening.


    Nick O’Connor
    Associate Publisher, MoneyWeek


  2. I think the US economy would benefit from a weaker dollar surely? I’d say go ahead to the Saudis – see what you can do. last I heard they are keen to switch out o foil and in to investment!


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