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Italy: 90% of teens would convert to Islam if Islamic State conquered their country – Survey

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“90 percent said they would convert to Islam if the IS came – generation without ideals,” translated from “90 Prozent würden zum Islam konvertieren, wenn der IS käme – Generation ohne Ideale,”, April 1, 2016:


(Rome) 90 percent would convert to Islam without hesitation to save their own lives, the Islamic State (IS) should conquer the country. This “shock result” (Il Giornale) came from a survey of 13-year-olds at an Italian secondary school. Only two of 25 students opposed conversion. Both students are from devout Catholic families.

No matter in which Italian city or what school: The issue of Islam and violence is discussed everywhere. The phenomenon concerns the whole of Europe. The Catholic Internet newspaper Il Sussidiario reported from…an Italian middle school. The 25 students are all 13 years of age. They also discussed Islam. From the teacher they wanted to receive information about the Islamic State…

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10 thoughts on “Italy: 90% of teens would convert to Islam if Islamic State conquered their country – Survey

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  2. Condemnatory tone of this article should be moderated with common sense. You commenters need a gun in your face operated by a drug crazed teenager. Its happened to me twice. Barrel of a gun the muzzle 1 inch from your eye. A 1 mm finger movement will kill you. Its a paralyzing situation. One tends to be obedient.
    Hollywood scenes of heroic wrestling matches over the gun don’t actually happen. They are fantasy. There is always more than one gunman. Anyone converting on the spot can later unconvert. I think the article is a little too strident toward 13 yr olds. One wonders whether any of the 13yr olds would have the temerity to say They wont be invading- takeover is not a practical possibility. Italy has only 1 mosque. Islam is not recognised as a religion. A few hundred fighters cant invade a nation of many millions of people.


    • “Anyone converting on the spot can later unconvert.” No they can’t. Once it goes that far your oppressor will make sure you are executed for leaving Islam. That is exactly how Islam managed to spread to 48 countries.


    • When every single person has the opinion you just laid out, of course they can.

      People have to be willing to fight to remain unconquered. They need a reason to fight, something to fight for. With the current cultural relativism saying all cultures are the same and all are equally valid, and you are punished for even saying anything about yours (assuming you even know something about it), how could they have anything to fight for? Or even against?

      That’s with the few hundred fighters. The real number is however many invaders are already in the country, and that may be thousands of new ones a day. Europe is filling up.


  3. This is what happens when people become disconnected from their culture and heritage, and ignore their ancestors.

    This is the same basic reason why there are people my age attempting to go join ISIS.

    There is nothing they actually care about, because those who run the schools want it that way. They want them easily controlled, the problem is that cuts both ways.

    I, instead, turned toward reconnecting, since I always knew there was more than what was taught in government school.

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  4. Are you crazy the women would have no rights their husbands could beat rape torture
    Them that would be the biggest mistake of your life they have no respect for anything they rape their babies big mistake


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