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Muslims enraged at the ‘humiliation’ of Muslim ‘refugees’ kneeling at Pope’s feet


Muslims Slam Arab Leaders After Refugee Kneels At Pope’s Feet

A young girl in a refugee camp prostrated herself at the feet of Pope Francis in a scene many say was humiliating.

By Gilad Shiloach, Vocative

A video showing a young girl prostrating herself at the feet of Pope Francis in a refugee camp is stirring anger among Arabs and Muslims across social media. They’re denouncing the scene as humiliating for Muslims and criticizing leaders in the Middle East for abandoning refugees.

The video was taken during the pope’s Saturday visit to the Moria refugee camp on the Greek Island of Lesbos, where 3,000 migrants face threats of deportation under a newly-implemented deal between the E.U. and Turkey. While he was meeting refugees at the detention center, a young girl dressed in pink and white approached him, knelt down and kissed his feet until he lifted her up by her shoulders. She was crying.

A boy shakes the hand of Pope Francis.


Posts with the video, which many said showed a Syrian girl, went viral across Twitter and Facebook, drawing a surge of comments from people also posting the hashtag #SyrianGirlKneelingInFrontTheVaticanPope (), Vocativ discovered. Many were ashamed and humiliated by the symbolic scene, since it allegedly showed a girl from a country with a Muslim majority at the feet of a Christian leader, and was a clear example of the desperation felt by so many Syrian refugees.

Muslims Slam Arab Leaders After Refugee Kneels At Pope’s Feet - Vocativ 2016-04-19 20-01-18

Many blamed Arab leaders for the humiliation, saying refugees were abandoned by the Arabs and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, since he signed a deal with the E.U. saying asylum seekers who make it to Greece can be returned to Turkey if they don’t qualify or apply for asylum. Another social media user criticized the Arab Gulf states “who abandoned the Sunnis in Syria and Iraq at the hands of the Shiite and didn’t open the asylum gates” for refugees—an attack on how little Gulf states have done to even consider admitting Syrian refugees.

Another blamed Muslims as a whole. “The Syrians are kissing the hands and feet of the Pope,” wrote one Qatari user. “The Muslims came to such a humiliation because of our incompetence to support them.” Others viewed the pope’s visit to the refugee camp as a sign that he’s trying to evangelize Muslims. “Evangelizing the Syrian refugees has started,” one wrote, while another called on Arab leaders “to pay attention to this attempt.”

Several others, however, thanked the pope, calling him “more merciful than many Muslims.”

On Saturday, Pope Francis not only visited the Lesbos camp but also took 12 Syrian refugees from three families back to Rome in what was considered a symbolic and extraordinary gesture. “The Pope has desired to make a gesture of welcome regarding refugees,” the Vatican said in a statement.

Pope - Muslims bend at the feet of pope



11 thoughts on “Muslims enraged at the ‘humiliation’ of Muslim ‘refugees’ kneeling at Pope’s feet

  1. Oh, so it’s an outrage when some random muzzie girl does it, but when the pope kisses and washes muzzie feet, that’s… expected?

    I don’t think so.


  2. There is nothing wrong with what she did all religions should be treated equally
    It’s not a big deal for this child to see the pope


  3. Nature rigged the order of the Universe so that Muzz would always be forced to kneel at the feet of human beings. Nature got it right! I’m delighted that they’re enraged. The discomfort, and eventual death, of Muzz should be the ultimate aim, in our lives. Had they been humans, themselves, they’d never have got themselves into this mess!


  4. Muhammad was once a refugee taken in by the Jewish City of Medina. Within 5 yrs, he had driven out, executed, or enslaved every jew there.

    The Pope needs reminding of this.

    He should be supporting the Christian refugees not the muslim invaders.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m enraged too! I’m enraged that the Oope, a supposedly Man of God, who says he’s represents Christians, chose Muslim refugees to rescue! There were Christians, but instead he chose those who would destroy, murder and rape non-Muslims!
    The Pope should have chose to “Feed, Clithe, House” Christians. But then, Pope Francis is NOT a Christian .. He is an imposter, a type of anti-Christ! He doesn’t even know that Christians and Jews do not worship the same Living God as the Muslims! So … What can you expect from a liar and apostate like this Pope … Lies and more Lies.

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    • Just like God has the father, son, and holy ghost, there is satan, the antichrist, and the false prophet. Everyone should know that whoever the pope is, at the time, will be the “false prophet”. Satan LOVES copying everything God does, so he’ll look more like God. The antichrist will proclaim himself “god”, when he walks into a temple…during the tribulation.


    • NO … PR for a pseudo-Christian, who calls himself the “Vicar of Christ”. He’s not the V of C, Not a Christian, he’s a type of anti-Christ! He speaks LIES! He is anti-Bible, anti-God and anti-Jesus.
      Look, he stated Muslims, Jews and Christians worship the same God, that’s an absolute LIE! That’s blasphemy!


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