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Greece: Merkel Muslims throw rocks at police, block railway lines

Migrants Throw Stones at Greek Police, Block Railway Line Again

By Philip Chrysopoulos –
Apr 19, 2016,

Migrants threw stones at Greek police on Monday after a Syrian man was accidentally injured by a police van in Idomeni. Refugees blocked the railway line again, for the 32nd consecutive day.

According to Greek police, the refugee fell from a pole and landed in front of a police van. Migrants accused police of running over the man and started throwing rocks at the van and the policemen who ran to the scene.

Police used tear gas to disperse refugees. Order was restored soon and the injured man was taken to the Kilkis hospital.

Railway line blocked again for 32nd consecutive day

Migrants who protest demanding the opening of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia border have blocked again the railway line in Idomeni.

Greek police had managed to open the railway line on Monday by forcing migrants to disperse. However, after police forces left the area, migrants blocked the line again by piling rocks on the line.

The railway line is closed for the 32nd day. Almost half of the train cargo has been transferred to boats and trucks, causing financial damages to state railway TRAINOSE that is on a bid for privatization.

Cargo cancellations is an everyday phenomenon at TRAINOSE, damaging the credibility of the company. Last week, logistics companies cancelled 400 shipments, to and from Greece.

Most shipments coming from Piraeus Port, are now transported to Europe through Bulgaria, raising the transportation cost to about 6,000 euros per train and 400 euros for each additional wagon, according to TRAINOSE. However, the railway line to Bulgaria is old and can only handle three trains per day, causing serious delays.


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    • They are more then wonderful people, they are wonderful savages. But hey, who knows, maybe one day Angela Hitler-Merkel will get a very warm close body welcome from these savages 🙂

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