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Germany: Merkel is warned by Helmut Kohl that her Muslim migration policy puts peace and freedom at risk

How can commie Merkel be mentored by Helmut Kohl? Too late now because she’s lost all sanity. Millions of Muslims have already entered Europe while new reports claim over 1,000 jihadists enter Europe every single year.

This is nothing new. Muslims have been pouring into Europe since the destructive French Eurabia policy came into force in the 1970’s, created by Charles de Gaulle. The French should be sued and be forced to pay compensation to all the European countries who became victims of this insanity.

Unsealed confidential British documents from 1982 reveal that German Chancellor Helmut Kohl tried to carry out a “radical” plan. He wanted to reduce the number of Turks living in Germany by 50 percent within four years.

Helmut Kohl had confided his ideas to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during her visit to Bonn, then the West German capital. “Chancellor Kohl said (…) over the next four years, it would be necessary to reduce the number of Turks in Germany by 50 percent — but he could not say this publicly yet,” state the secret minutes of the meeting dated Oct. 28, 1982.

The file, labeled “PREM 19/1036 adds: “It was impossible for Germany to assimilate the Turks in their present numbers.” Only four people were in the room at the time: Kohl, his longtime adviser Horst Teltschik, Thatcher and her private secretary A.J. Coles, the author of the document. The minutes of the Thatcher meeting outline how Kohl intended to get hundreds of thousands of Turks out of Germany.

According to the document, Kohl wanted the Turks out. “Germany had no problems with the Portuguese, the Italians, even the Southeast Asians, because these communities integrated well,” wrote minute-keeper Coles of the chancellor, who had only been in office for four weeks. “But the Turks came from a very distinctive culture and did not integrate well. […] Germany had integrated some 11 million Germans from East European countries. But they were European and therefore presented no problem.”

Kohl listed forced marriages and illegal employment by Turks as examples of “a clash of two different cultures.” One out of every two should leave, said the chancellor, and those who remain should be provided special schooling. “Those who were to be integrated must learn German.”

Kohl himself shifted positions a decade later. In 1993 he went against many in his own party and came out in support of giving automatic German citizenship to third-generation “foreigners”.

But his grasp of the extent and spread of Muslim problems was poor. In 1993 Kohl, acting on a request from President Clinton, urged the arming of Bosnian Muslims. What nuthead would arm these people? Never, at any extent, arm them. This constant meddling in international conflicts and military support to Muslim occupiers who stir problems under the cloak of “right to democracy” (a propaganda term for jihad), has enabled them to spread everywhere.

Deport them. Block all trade with Muslim countries and ban travels and visas to them. End the oil trade with them and sanction the countries who continue to engage in it. That will corner them to a position where they have to, at some point, look at themselves and desire a change from within their own communities.



Angela Merkel is warned by her ‘mentor’ Helmut Kohl that Europe cannot become home for millions of migrants whose beliefs are different to ‘the foundations of our values’

  • Former German Chancellor attacks the open-door policy of his ‘golden girl’
  • He said: ‘National policies of the lone-knight variety must be left in the past’
  • Kohl warned that peace and freedom is at risk through mass immigration
  • He is to meet Hungarian PM who has fiercely resisted taking in migrants

Helmut Kohl, the former mentor of Chancellor Angela Merkel, has warned his ‘golden girl’ that Europe cannot become ‘a new home’ for millions of migrants.

Kohl, who was German leader for 16 years and oversaw the country’s reunification, took a swipe at the woman he chose as his successor after remaining silent on the issue since the crisis began.

He commented in a newspaper at the weekend: ‘Europe cannot become a new home for the millions of people in need throughout the world.

Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl sits beside his mentee and chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union party Angela Merkel before a ceremony  to mark the 10th anniversary of German unification in 2000. Kohl has warned his 'golden girl' that Europe cannot become 'a new home' for millions of migrantsFormer German Chancellor Helmut Kohl sits beside his mentee and chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union party Angela Merkel before a ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of German unification in 2000. Kohl has warned his ‘golden girl’ that Europe cannot become ‘a new home’ for millions of migrants.

‘National policies of the lone-knight variety must be left in the past.

‘For the most part they have a belief which is different from the Judeo-Christian beliefs which form part of the foundations of our social order and our values.’

He never mentioned Mrs Merkel, who he championed for greatness over more conventional rivals, but no-one is left in any doubt that his criticisms were aimed at her.

His comments came just before a controversial meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban that he will hold this week.

Kohl, 86, said the continent’s peace and freedom could be at stake through mass immigration.

The social fabric in his own country has worn increasingly thin due to the open-door policy of Merkel who has allowed in more than 1.2million refugees in 16 months.

Helmut Kohl signs copies of his book 'Memories 1982-1990' in November 2005. In comments attacking Merkel's open-door policy, Kohl said Europe's peace and freedom could be at stake through mass migration

Helmut Kohl signs copies of his book ‘Memories 1982-1990’ in November 2005. In comments attacking Merkel’s open-door policy, Kohl said Europe’s peace and freedom could be at stake through mass migration.

This has pushed voters into the embrace of right-wingers like the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party which scored big in regional elections in March and which now threatens Merkel’s CDU conservatives at the general election in the autumn of next year.

‘The solution lies in the affected regions,’ said Kohl of the migrant crisis. ‘It does not lie in Europe. Europe cannot become a new home for millions of people in need around the world.’

Kohl is to meet with Orban, who has drawn criticism for his resistance to taking in refugees, including the erecting of a razor-wire fence along his country’s border.

‘We are aware that we have something to lose and that it is worth fighting for the European project for peace and freedom,’ Kohl wrote in a reference to Orban.

His aides deny his meeting with Orban is an affront to Merkel.

Mr Kohl rarely leaves his home following a stroke in 2008. He is said to be ‘estranged’ from the woman he propelled to the heights of power.

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9 thoughts on “Germany: Merkel is warned by Helmut Kohl that her Muslim migration policy puts peace and freedom at risk

  1. First and foremost leave Afghanistan, isolate other Muslim combat scenes so they can quarrel by themselves. Who wins doesn’t matter to us. Concerning Daesh and other Islam terrorists such as Iran are another cases. They have expansion in their program. Fence them in and start indiscriminately bombardments of cities and quarters of hiding outs for their leaders.
    The objective is not to exterminate Muslims, but rather to destroy their Islamic ideology. In much the same way the World could live in peace with the Germans once we destroyed Nazism.


  2. I think that’s a good solution in any case.

    I think we should pull out of Afghanistan, at this point it’s a three-way battle between taliban, ISIS, and the “rightful” boy-raping government. So I don’t care who wins, and it’s not going to matter to us.

    What we clearly need to do is isolate them in their countries, and end foreign aid.

    They’ll be forced to improve themselves, or to fight a real Jihad with no subversive sneaking.


  3. How pathetic, last time Germany was finished by a nobody austrian with a big mouth, Hitler, now is castrated by a crazy old east-german communist insane woman, Merkel. You deserve it, Suicidal Nation !!!

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  4. Stupid leftist germans, if you play with fire, let`s say 1.5 milion little asscrack wild fires that you imported `till now, you just get fuckin` burned, that`s it. Now, the problem is, you imported the worst of the worst, these are not doctors or ingineers, these are insane wild dogs, that will kill you, just as simple as that. Also problem is, you are left alone in your country, those countries been Merkelistan, Hollandistan, Belgistan and Swedistan especially. These, let`s say territories, `couse they are no countries anymore, are ultimatelly fucked, pure and simple. Period. Now, also the little problem is, you are on a 2 side war, with your lying elite, the fuckin` police, and with the invader mudslime zombi scum. Now, that`s a fuckin` show to watch 🙂 from outside. Better start the civil war now, you might get alive a more lot this year, but in 3-4 years you will become slaves in your own territories, not your countries 🙂 I know you won`t believe me, but also those stupid fuckers in 1933 wouldn`t believe what Hitler did from 1939. So, time is ticking, and is not on your side. Remember, ultimatelly, your little new Merkel-Hitler will hang, those around her will hang or get shot for TREASON, and they know that. So, little stupid fucks from Bruxellistan, Berlinistan and Parisistan 🙂 you have to get a hell of you celaning around you, otherwise they will clean you. What choice you think is better for you and your children ? To fight and live free, or to submit and die as a slave ? `couse now you are nothing just slaves for Merkel-Ferkel, stupid unicorn dreamers 🙂 for freedom you must have to fight, the WW 2 was not won with candle lights, stupid little morons. It is more than amazing how can a stupid always high old bitch fuck up a whole country, tell me what you smoke every day 🙂



    “A WORD TO THE WISE”……….



    Do not be concerned if you don’t have weapons laying around. Ask yourself “where could I get a gun in a moments notice”?

    The answer can be found on many blogs ; law enforcement and the military.

    Police officers are walking armouries.

    Both they and their vehicles carry handguns, shotguns, long-range rifles, semi and full-auto carbines and a good supply of ammunition. This is in addition to their walkie-talkies tuned to their commonly used frequencies as well as tear-gas, gas masks, riot gear, tazers and bullet proof vests. Like I said, police, police vehicles and police stations are living, breathing armories.

    Soldiers and military bases are by their very nature, well supplied armories.

    With the exception of highly trained special forces/elite unit members like the SAS, SEALS, JTF2 or Foreign Legion types, most soldiers are simply not prepared for nor are they expecting to be ambushed in their own countries. In the case of the military they carry an excellent, well maintained supply of light to heavy weaponry as well as light munitions like grenades, light anti-tank weapons and small anti-personnel mines. In addition, just one of their armored vehicles may carry several automatic “area” weapons and at least 5,000 to 10,000 rounds of belted ammunition in forms that include armour piercing and trace.

    Learn to recognize the color codes on the tips of ammunition. Red is usually trace and black is usually armor piercing. In addition there may be portable radios and documentation in the vehicles that could include encryption codes and keys to encrypted frequencies. If you are ever given this opportunity always look inside the vehicles for the weapons maintenance kits that contain spare parts, spare firing pins and unique tools and calibration devices such as “head spacing and timing gauges” which are crucial to efficient operation of the weapon. They are usually in a rolled up canvas case or close to the weapon itself.

    In reality there is no need to purchase a weapon, just wait until you need a good well maintained, sighted in, fully loaded weapon and a ready supply of ammunition and you know exactly where to go.

    Don’t waste your time with ridiculous permitting systems, they are only an aid to government when they decide that your ability to defend yourself, your loved ones, your culture or your country has become an inconvenient truth. Evidence of the treason of government and their criminal use of “gun registry data” can be found in the outrageous actions of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as they used gun registry data that they were ordered by the federal government to destroy. The RCMP used this data to illegally locate, ransack and loot the homes of over 4000 gun owners homes in High River, Alberta, Canada during a flood in 2013. The RCMP walked away scot-free for their crimes in High River.

    In dealing with police there are a few things to consider.

    The first is the threat they pose to you and your mates.

    Police, many of them, are poorly trained, complacent, dull-witted and from an emotional/physical stance, ill equipped to engage in a sudden, blistering, fast paced gunfight or confrontation. Many of them have watched far too many cop-shows and as a result are little more than drugstore cowboys with a love of swagger and puffed up posing. Many of these officers are borderline functionally illiterate and wouldn’t be able to find their posteriors even if they used both hands and a flashlight. Many of them rely on the factor of intimidation brought to bear by flashing lights and a uniform with gun and badge. They are easily spotted. They are their own worst enemy. As we have seen across Europe, Australia, The UK and North America, they are easily defeated.

    There are exceptions to this rule. These exceptions are deadly and very dangerous. These exceptions are very rarely women. These exceptions are quiet and soft spoken with a confidence that virtually oozes from their pores, it’s a confidence that surrounds them, it’s a confidence that, for the observant, is hard to miss. These exceptions have taken it upon themselves to achieve an extremely high level of physical fitness. These exceptions top their classes and regularly seek out extra training in weapons, tactics and techniques not offered by police departments. These exceptions are proficient with all weapons at their disposal and can, in a firefight or confrontation, move in an instant from rifle to knife to pistol to rifle with no difficulty or interruption in intensity or efficacy. The response they bring to a confrontation is impressive in its craft and crushing efficacy. These exceptions work well in teams with their fellows or on their own. These exceptions know their areas of patrol intimately and can move with an uncanny fluidity through those same areas. These exceptions look for the imperceptible with an ability to connect dots many others miss. These exceptions never feel the need to attract attention with loud displays of bragging puffery, they are quiet and confident knowing exactly who and what they are. You will do well to learn to immediately identify these exceptions. These exceptions are deadly formidable opponents. These exceptions are never to be underestimated. These exceptions are to be avoided. Thankfully the exceptions are just that, and not the rule.

    Most police work in teams of two. In this politically correct world we live in weak and incompetent women feel they have an equal footing with men. The result of this stupidity is a police team, male and female, that is extremely weak and vulnerable. In the case of dealing with a male/female police team use their weakness to your advantage. Consider which police officer will be dealt with first.

    Lastly, never, ever be intimidated by a police officer, ever. It is simply flesh and blood with a uniform and a badge. They are not Gods. They are not superheroes. They are not protectors of your communities. They are not defenders of your culture and your country. They are now men and women who protect terrorists. They are a clear, present and lethal threat to your and your loved ones. Never forget that. Ever.

    Start to develop good habits prior to, in preparation for and during all operations/actions!!!!

    Never travel with a cell-phone on or with the battery in it. Never use credit/debit or shopper loyalty cards. Get off all social media. Never use your home or personal computer to research items or locations relating to operations/actions. Start using email accounts for no more than 14 days. Learn to use basic encryption programs. Lock down your cell-phone and computer with passwords. Start wearing hats and sun glasses. Learn to purposely walk with a false limp or speak with an phony accent while on operation/action. Remove all unique identifiers from your vehicle such as nicks, dents, rust, fancy tire rims, dealer stickers and bumper stickers. Remove all unique identifiers from your person such as brand name footwear, clothing or jewellery. Wear fake tattoos while on operation/action. Watch for video cameras, they are everywhere and YOU ARE BEING RECORDED!!!!


    Make sure all your operational equipment is in good repair. Use your head!!! Gas tanks full, batteries fresh, cash instead of credit cards, equipment clean and functional, spare tires full complete with tire jacks and wrenches, spare contact lenses, take a lunch or eat before the OP, ID left at home, purchase required equipment weeks or months ahead, spare medication you may need. Etc etc.

    Prepare to be arrested. If you are arrested KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT!!!

    If you are ever arrested never, ever speak to the police, ever. Speak to cellmates on a limited basis, tell them what you are arrested for and nothing else. Ask to speak to a lawyer and keep repeating that request. Beware of “new cellmates” who are overly chatty or inquisitive. Regardless of what the police say they have as evidence, what they show you on paper or video, or what they say someone else said about you, DO NOT BE GOADED!!!!…….SHUT YOUR BIG FAT MOUTH!!!!!!!!

    Then, do it now, start recording the detailed location, place of employment and residence of all Muslims, mosques, Muslim businesses, Marxists and Muslim sympathizers (in any form including judiciary) in your area. I guarantee you will need this information in the coming weeks and months. The reason I say begin the immediate identification of the traitors among you is that when massive confrontation with government and the Muslim begins for their treason and crimes they will disappear and disavow any statements made previously or any previous support of each other.

    As an example, when you encounter a hijabed/niqabed Muslim woman or a bearded/non bearded Muslim male, videotape them or photograph them. Then take their vehicle license plate number with make, model of the vehicle they are driving. Note all persons they were speaking to. Note the business or office they were in. Follow them home from a distance and record their residential address. If you are an employee in a bank or any other business, look to their passports or birth certificates for places of birth in a Muslim country, then record their drivers licences, credit card numbers or any other personal information. If you are in government do the same. Compile all that information in a folder for each person. Wait for a request for that information. The request will be coming soon.

    Start photographing all police and law enforcement officials in your area, you will need this information in the future. You may want to walk into a police station with a video camera on and record faces. The reasons are simple. Many of these police officers will be used in actions such as fifth columnists and infiltrators into your protests and groups. You need to be able to track and identify them as they are a deadly threat to you and your loved ones. If you don’t believe what I am saying about police look at the violent ravaging and harassment of patriots like Tommy Robinson and his family and many other decent law abiding men and women across Europe and the UK have been subjected to and all at the hands of the police.


    I have warned you that your leaders, your bureaucrats, your law enforcement officials, your judges, your academics and your Marxist Mass Media are all, virtually all, guilty of treason and sedition.

    I will say what I have said for several years……..

    WAKE UP NOW!!!!









    Defend your culture.

    Defend your country.

    Defend your family, loved ones and countrymen.

    Rid your nations of Marxism, of every single Muslim and every last vestige of Islam, to do anything less is suicide.

    Islam started this war, we will finish it, once and for all. Godspeed to each and every one of you.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Ryan Fulcrum
    Gettysburg, Tennessee



    “A WORD TO THE WISE”……….


    Buy a decent spotting scope and or pair of binoculars.


    When you buy weapons keep your big mouth shut!!!!

    A few pointers. (in no particular order) Most of the following is easily learned and with a little determination you can become above average. The prerequisites to acquiring and polishing these skills are love of family, love of your country, love of your culture and a desire to honour and preserve the sacred gifts given you by your ancestors.

    Lets begin!!!!

    Learn and read up on some basic battlefield tactics. Learn about covering fire. Learn about killing or wounding your enemy and the tactical difference between the two. Learn about defiles and killing fields. Learn about appearing weak when you are strong and vice versa. Learn about the demoralizing effect of a good sniper.

    Learn to use, to clean, to strip and reassemble your weapons. Learn to do this quickly and under stress and in the dark.

    If you have the extra ammunition you must start sighting in your rifles and becoming a deadly shot. Make every bullet count!!!!

    Avoid full-auto weapons. Remember, you are not John Fucking Wayne!!!!……do not waste precious ammunition, make every shot count.

    Learn basic First-Aid. Purchase a decent quality First-Aid kit with a focus on massive trauma wounds like amputations, gunshot, shrapnel, explosion and stabbings. Supplement that First-Aid kit with a large supply of chemical coagulants, powerful pain killers and wide-spectrum antibiotics. Get used to the sight of blood, bodies and the screams of the wounded and dying.

    Learn the basics of explosives. Learn to make/modify your own expedient ammunition that will defeat and pierce bullet-proof vests as well as cause sympathetic physical injuries. Modified ammunition with a focus on carbide, tungsten, mercury, cyanide and cultured fecal matter.

    Learn how to move undetected through the bush. Learn how to sit in an observation post for a few days. Learn both self-discipline, fire-discipline and the benefit of patience.

    If in an observation post never shit or piss and leave it behind, always pack it out, if you leave it behind your DNA can be traced.

    Avoid people with big mouths and big egos who need validation and approval and will brag about anything to anyone including nosy wives and girlfriends (educate on the dangers of pillow-talk )!!!

    Stay away from the assholes who want to “Kill, Kill, Kill”, or pathetic unstable assholes who wander city streets dressed in military camouflage clothing.

    Avoid weak persons with serious financial problems or a drug/alcohol/sexual perversion dependency as they are weak links who can be easily extorted or bribed. Avoid persons with a love of flashy material wealth like flashy cars, clothing or lifestyles. Avoid trendy hipster types with an addiction to cell-phones, texting, social media or fashion. Be suspicious of new persons, strangers who suddenly appear out of nowhere. Avoid persons who seek information and try to trap you into guilt trips like “ You can tell me…..I thought we were comrades” or “You can tell me, I thought we were friends”.

    Look for calm, cool, collected, soft spoken patriots who are ex military. Research them thoroughly, research them as if your life depends on it……because it does!!!!!!

    Research, exhaustively, all persons seeking entry into or association with your group. Always advise your group leader/members of any new persons you are talking to or who are trying to make contact with your group.

    All new members will be, without exception, credit/financial reported, social media researched, medical type physical performed, fingerprinted, photographed in HD, hair samples, saliva samples, blood sample, teeth examined, boot prints, examined for tattoos, scars and birthmarks, voice recorded, retina scanned and complete copies of all identification taken.

    All new members will be researched exhaustively with respect to their immediate and extended family with records made as to the identity, location and detailed personal information of each family member.

    All meetings will be scheduled for time and location and then the time and location will be randomly changed without notice and often. All persons at the meeting will be subject to full strip and cavity searches. No objections to full strip and cavity searches will be tolerated.

    No new member, ever, is ever, ever, EVER!!!!…ALLOWED TO CIRCUMVENT the vetting process based on a relation to ,or association with, an existing member. EVER.

    Learn the value of disinformation. Learn to leave distracting false clues and evidence behind at an operation/action. Items such as trash items you recovered from the garbage, hair from a barber shop, hair from a stray dog, cigarette butts from a public ashtray, discarded receipts from an ATM or in a garbage can, items of clothing with company logos you bought at a thrift store, covers worn over your boots, false removable bumper stickers, false licence plates, false dealer stickers and so on..

    HEED THIS!!! Avoid making friends on the Internet. If you have to ask why this can be a problem, then you are an idiot and headed for prison.

    Learn security of operational/action information and learn the value of distributing that information on a “need to know basis” only.

    Learn the ways to trap informers. Test persons with false “big shipments” that are coming in or show them wooden cases with military markings on the sides, small bags of fertilizer or packages of white or beige putty wrapped in shrink-wrap and tell the person where the items are stored. Then wait for “company” to arrive and you have found your leak. A perfect example can be found in a conversation I had with a reporter close to the White House who said that multiple copies of an internal memorandum will be released with spelling or punctuation mistakes purposely made unique to each copy circulated. Once the document was “leaked” one only had to trace it back to the original owner with its correlating unique spelling/punctuation mistakes to locate the leak. Once the leak was identified, the leak was then eliminated.

    Understand that all informers and traitors must be removed from your midst in a manner that speaks of an unmistakeable sense of permanence and finality. Do not ever be sentimental or squeamish about this. Give no advance warning, once the leak has been identified and properly vetted it becomes just a simple case of “here today, gone tomorrow”.

    Become “self aware” or “situationally aware”. This means learn to become aware, at all times, of what and who is around you. Learn to recognize patterns, sounds and unusual events or persons. Sit quietly in a restaurant or other public place, scan the area, and then mentally file all the unique identifiers of those persons and objects around you. This way, being followed, being ambushed, will be much harder, this way looking for what may seem ordinary but is deadly or potentially deadly, becomes second nature.

    Do a few push-ups and lose a few pounds. Learn the basics of self defence. Learn basic anatomy and the location of the carotid and femoral artery and the jugular vein. Carry a weapon of some type, at all times, and know how to and be prepared to use that weapon efficiently. Learn the value and benefits of basic daily meditation. Lay off the booze or drugs, they make you weak and a liability. Be in a good mood. Get lots of sleep and eat well. Take long walks in the evening or as the sun rises. Learn the value of self sufficiency. Learn the value and joy of solitude and self reliance. Be glad that you are actually making history not just reading about it!!!!

    Use commonsense !!!!!

    If you are ever involved in an action/operation that attracts a lot of attention you must get rid of all material related to that action/operation. I am quite serious about this.

    The prisons are full of idiots who retained a knife, gun, jacket or even a pair of running shoes that were unique and had unique identifiers that could be linked to a crime or incident. Imagine sitting in a prison for 35 years because of a gun you kept that had a sentimental value, or a watch you kept that you stupidly failed to take off your wrist prior to the operation and was it picked up on a video camera.

    All operational equipment to be destroyed must be permanently destroyed. Metal with a welding torch. Clothing, plastic and paper with burning and then saturating with bleach, acid or scattered in segments.


    Become ridiculously attentive to detail. Such as understanding that empty shell casings carry identifiers like unique microscopic marks on the primer from a firing pin, or on the rim of the casing from an extractor. Or fingerprints from an idiot who failed to wear thin gloves while loading magazines. Or fingerprints on weapons that get dropped or left behind during an intense action/operation. Become attentive to always leaving a clean area behind and, if possible, policing up all empty brass and casings.

    Learn the dangers of GSR (Gun Shot Residue). This is a residue of burned and unburned gun powder and chemicals that attach to an area, to a vehicle, or face, hands and clothing of a person firing a weapon. Learn how to prepare for and get rid of GSR.

    A hint; in facing Marxist crowds or on special operations/actions shotguns are great tools as they rarely have marks (aside from primer/firing pin or extractor) that can be traced through ballistic analysis relating to the lands and grooves in a rifled barrel. Just be very careful to clean all shotgun ammunition of prints and writing relating to lot numbers or manufacture dates. Note that firing pins and extractors can be altered with a file or emery cloth to a slight degree that will remove all outstanding unique identifiers.

    Storage of all weapons and operational supplies should be in an area that you can get to without being identified. Unless you have weapons legally with permits or otherwise, do not store your weapons and ammunition in your home, business, vacation home or storage facility. These are easily traced and targeted by police. Instead store them in an area you can get to quickly that will be secure and remain undisturbed for years. Learn how to prepare weapons and ammunition for long term storage using waterproof containers with bags of rice or desiccant to prevent rust and corrosion caused by moisture.


    Ryan Fulcrum
    Gettysburg, Tennessee


  7. ******GERMAN PATRIOTS ARRESTED !!!!!******






    “A WORD TO THE WISE”……….


    I have warned you time and time and time again.

    Credible websites, bloggers, scholars, essayists, historians, patriots, citizens, academics and a wide variety of “coffee-shop revolutionaries” and “pickle barrel philosophers” have warned you time and time and time again.

    Now you see the mass rapes unfolding across Europe and you see the reaction of the verminous Mayor of Cologne Germany, Henriett Reker, blaming the helpless German women for “provoking” Muslim filth and causing their own rapes and sexual assaults. It’s utter madness.

    All across Europe, decent, educated, civilized, rational and patriotic military leaders and senior military commanders are greatly concerned with the Muslim invasion of their countries and the utter devastation that is taking place. They know that they may be unable to fully protect their fellow citizens and are advising that their fellow citizens arm themselves.

    As such, for acts of patriotism and self preservation, I strongly recommend that readers consider the immediate acquisition of firearms.

    In buying weapons buy those with common ammunition like:

    7.62 x 39 Soviet
    7.62 x 54 NATO
    .223 cal / 5.56mm NATO
    .308 Winchester /NATO
    .300 Winchester Magnum
    12 Gauge (weapon chambered in 2-3/4 ” and 3″ magnum)
    .22 cal
    9mm (handgun, preferred by law enforcement)

    Additional ammunition in the above common calibres can be purchased. Ammunition like the devastating APDS shotgun slugs (Armour Piecing Discarding Sabot) and the Kevlar, bullet-proof vest, defeating Black Talon ammunition.

    Buy ammunition in large bulk amounts, a minimum of 2000 rounds center-fire and 500 rounds shotgun per person and if you have a special calibre like the .338 Lapua, then buy reloading equipment and learn to reload. (Learning to reload is an excellent idea as ammunition may become in short supply)

    Ex-military, ex-police and experienced citizen patriots have their own weapon preferences and are most certainly well equipped and well stocked, but for the average entry-level citizen and patriot I suggest the purchase of rifles like the following:

    M1 Garand, calibre 30:06, semi auto, uses small reloading clips to feed an internal magazine. Excellent WW2 weapon, effective in the hands of an inexperienced user, absolutely deadly in the hands of a marksman. Very inexpensive. Buy 2 or 3 if available for a friend, fellow patriot and or spare parts.

    M14 Springfield, calibre .308/7.62 x 54 mm , semi auto, uses 20/30 round magazines. Excellent Vietnam era weapon, deadly, reliable, if well maintained and cared for, shoots forever. Priced at 300.00 to 1400.00. Buy 2 or 3 if available. Many countries like China manufacture these weapons now. Norinco are good, the Russian and Eastern Bloc models are good as well.

    SKS, calibre 7.62 x 39 Soviet cartridge. (do not confuse with the NATO 7.62 x 54). This is a latter WW2 and Cold War Russian weapon. Much like the AK, it is reliable, accurate and deadly if you train with it for a while. It has an internal magazine of about 8 rounds but is easily fitted with external magazines with capacities of up to 40 rounds and 200 round drum magazines. Very inexpensive, buy as many as possible. Many countries like China manufacture these weapons now. Norinco are good, the Russian and Eastern Bloc models are good as well.

    Remington Police 12 Gauge shotgun. (Mossberg combat models as a second choice) Uses 12 gauge ammunition. Buy the model with the 7/8 round magazine and the one chambered for 2 ¾ to 3 inch magnum ammunition. Buy the Police model as it has much stronger internal components. Shotguns are excellent weapons in the hands of less skilled users like women and those who may be frightened and unable to properly aim and fire. Shotguns are also virtually impossible to trace from a perspective of ballistic analysis of bullets (shot).

    Be careful of using what is known as DS ammunition, (Discarding Sabot), DS ammunition is a type of shotgun ammunition that uses a plastic stabilizer as a guide for a 500 grain shotgun slug. This guide gives the slug greater stability and accuracy as it leaves the barrel of the shotgun. The drawback is that the plastic DS guides can pick up identifying marks from the shotgun barrel. Discarding sabot ammunition technology in shotguns relates closely to heavy armoured vehicle main battle tank ammunition such as APFSDS (armour piercing fin stabilizing discarding sabot). On the bright side!!!…it is common knowledge that DS shotgun ammunition can easily penetrate a car engine block. I know, been there, done that.

    Remington Model 700, bolt action, heavy barrel. This weapon comes in a wide range of calibers. I recommend the .308 /7.62 x 54 NATO calibre as ammunition is readily available. Alternative calibre is the .300 WinMag. Avoid the “Ultra Mag”. This rifle and this action are tried and true through many conflicts as far back as Vietnam (see Carlos “Whitefeather” Hathcock)It is an excellent and very reliable weapon. Buy this weapon with “iron sights” that can be used if your scope fails.

    Handguns are a personal choice and are harder to acquire. Colt Model 1911, Glocks and Sig Sauer are excellent. Most police officers are carrying Glocks and Sig Sauer. Always stay with a common handgun calibre like 9mm. If size is an issue, many people have just sawed off the barrel of a double-barrelled shotgun. A sawed-off shotgun is illegal by the way……oh mea culpa!

    In considering the purchase of a weapon buy one that parts and ammunition are readily available for. If you have a specialized weapon make sure you have spare bolts, firing pins etc etc.


    Ryan Fulcrum
    Gettysburg, Tennessee









    Muslims conduct bloodbaths and hold festive butcher-shops at public venues across Europe and scarcely a Muslim is arrested.

    But German patriots, peaceful and law abiding Europeans who have been pushed to the edge are swooped down upon and seized by the very manifestation of treason.

    You have been betrayed by those who have been elected, appointed or sworn to protect you.

    The police you look to for protection from mass murderers and terrorists now seek your agreement with those Marxist bureaucrats, politicians and judges who protect and promote the Muslim. These police will accept nothing less than you and the entirety of your community, on your knees and in full surrender, and all while the Muslim smears its excremental filth on everything you hold dear, all while your wives and daughters are raped and butchered, all the while your countries are destroyed.

    You know who the enemy is. You know you must act. But still you sit, indecisive, silent, afraid and quivering. This all the while your treasonous police and judges set the Muslim free and imprison your families, your loved ones, your friends and neighbours, your countrymen.

    You are now called “far right extremists” and “criminals”.

    What will you do now? What will you do now that those who wear the badge of “police” seek to grievously harm you and your loved ones. What will you do the next time you look into the eyes of a police officer knowing full well what he or she has been ordered to do to you and your family.

    Each and every one of you knows what must be done. The time for cowardice and indecision has long passed.

    Ryan Fulcrum
    Gettysburg, Tennessee


    • You are correct. Muslims can protest, condemn and insult westerners and non-muslims and the authorities protect them. If we protest we get arrested and are labled as racists.

      I know what to needs to be done but my hands are tied. It will be too late before my hands are untied!

      RIP, Europe. Shame.


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