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We just broke through the 21 million barrier…

We just broke through the 21 million viewer barrier. That means more people have checked out The Mulim Issue than the entire population of Norway or Sweden, or Denmark, or Finland, Netherlands, Hungary, Switzerland, Israel, Austria, Hong Kong, Belgium, Ireland, Chile, Niger, Greece, Bolivia…. and on and on.

If this doesn’t demonstrate how upset and worried people are about the growing Muslim presence in Western countries, we don’t know what would be. People just don’t want them to establish a base in countries they don’t respect at all. It’s dangerous, it’s irreversible, and it’s a guaranteed future filled with growing terrorism eventually leading to financial decline, poverty and wars.


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16 thoughts on “We just broke through the 21 million barrier…

  1. I am glad more and more people are waking up to the threat of islam.
    Thank you for what you do. You are doing good work.
    God bless.



    The video below was filmed in Paris a few days ago.

    This is one small example of what is exploding all across the Western world.

    The remarkable aspect of this rioting is that even with video evidence like this, with the complete and total absence of police to protect the citizens, or conversely, a police presence to arrest those who object to this “cultural diversity”, persons who are being told that they have been abandoned by police and the judiciary and must arm themselves, people who are being warned to arm themselves immediately, dismiss those warnings as “extremist” and “criminal incitements to violence”. Its maddening and its sheer folly and suicide.

    Those persons across the Western world who still have an opportunity, however slim that opportunity, must, absolutely must, arm themselves and do it quickly.

    Think about a riot like this.

    Think about your terrified wife, children, family, friends and neighbors. Think about sitting in your homes with no means to defend yourselves. Think about being held with a knife at your throat while this vermin, this human garbage rapes your wife and then slaughters her and your children. Think about watching your neighbors through a slit in the curtains, people who you have known all your lives, as they are slaughtered by this African/Middle Eastern vermin.

    Just think about that.

    Now, go and arm yourselves !!!!!

    Then locate all the Marxists and Muslim in your area.

    Locate the residences and offices of all senior politicians, law enforcement officials and members of the judiciary.

    Then sit and read a few history books. Understand what Europeans were faced with as the Nazis rolled across their countries.

    Then prepare to defend yourselves. Prepare to defend yourselves by holding to account those who have committed acts of treachery and treason and have abandoned you.

    Prepare to, if necessary, without even flinching, pull the trigger and end the lives of all the African/Middle Eastern vermin that threaten your lives and those of your family and countrymen.

    Arm yourselves now.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    John Wickstrom
    Adelaide, Australia

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  3. Congratulations, well done!

    I love your website. Interesting topics, unique perspective and insight with your expert analysis covering areas of world news and politics where mainstream media dare not tread.

    Best wishes,

    From the Editor of


  4. Bravo TMI, word on the street is that many of those visitors are ‘muslims’ themselves , who have been questioning their faith for a long time. Much love to you!

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    • Thank your for all your input and contributions. Yes, many readers are probably Muslims. Often hiding under different names. We also have roughly 25% of web visits from Muslim countries.

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