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US State Dept Official imply that Irish Hijrah was ‘as Dangerous’ as Islamics

We’re not familiar with any calls for Hijrah within the Irish Catholic faith, or the risk of Irish Jihad these European migrants are suppose to have terrorised the country with during their mass migration to the East Coast. Nor are we familiar with Irish attempts to install some form of Irish Sharia through the country, while excluding everyone else’s right to freedom. Maybe readers can enlighten us so we can learn to ‘speak Ann Richards’ because she’s frankly too off the bend on this assessment of hers.

From Ann Corcoran’s great blog refugeeresettlementwatch:



Interview with Anne Richard (Asst. Sec. of State) is revealing!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 14, 2016

We learn that Irish immigrants at one time were as dangerous for America as Islamic terrorists and that refugee kids are cute!

Anne Richard cspan

I just want to give you two quotes from the woman who is at the top of the food chain when it comes to bringing third worlders to your towns.

Anne Richard is the Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration. She is one of several government employees involved with refugee resettlement who move in and out of government as employees first of federal contractors. (She was previously a VP at the International Rescue Committee.)

This is an interview with NPR where she knows her emotion-driven audience:

First, while responding to questions about terrorists getting in to the US as Syrian refugees, she equates the situation now with when the Irish came to America in large numbers (an aside: always remember that when the great waves of Irish came, they could not access welfare!).

Here she suggests that fear of them at the time is on the same level as our fear of ISIS today.

RICHARD: No, I think we’re trying to put together the best program possible. What I worry about the political discussion is it endangers this American tradition. And we have seen in the past that, you know, the Irish were too dangerous to bring in because they were going to be drunkards and hotheaded and backward.

And, further along in the interview, she demonstrates that she is driven by emotion (or at least trained to use that appeal)!

To me, to us, this is about being clear-eyed about the economic and social welfare of our communities.  This is about public policy decision-making.  This is about the costs to our economy. This is about whether there are unemployed Americans seeking work.

This is not about whether immigrants are nice people or their kids are cute!  

One of their favorite tricks (watch for it in your community) when you question the wisdom of inviting large numbers of impoverished people to your town, is that they want to drag out the poor refugees/immigrants as pawns to parade them before you in order to pull on your heart strings.

Here is Richard’s revealing comment to NPR:

RICHARD: Well, I meet a lot of refugees. And I find that when people meet refugees, they get it. They get the fact that these are families and that these are people who are really struggling and that they are resilient because they’ve already survived getting out of their countries. And so I think that Americans need to see more of the faces of refugees like I have. When you meet the individuals, the families, they have kids that are cute. They have grandparents who are wise. They have parents who are caring and want to help everybody.

I am sure all of those things are true, but they still don’t stack up to a clear-eyed economic analysis about whether mass migration of very needy people is good for American wise grandparents, caring parents, and cute children!

One more thought (I’m laughing when I think of it!):  Imagine the next time there is a refugee-promoting meeting in your town, and you bring out some impoverished senior citizens, some out of work vets, a few disabled Americans in need of subsidized housing and some poor/hungry American children to demonstrate your point.  Can you imagine the howls of outrage on the other side that we might play their same game!



7 thoughts on “US State Dept Official imply that Irish Hijrah was ‘as Dangerous’ as Islamics

  1. Given the sort of history I’ve been reading, yes, I can answer that.

    What she’s basically saying is that at the time of the potato famine and the massive immigration of Irish is that the locals didn’t like it. In point of fact, refugeesettlementwatch’s assertion about being clear eyed about costs ‘about the economic and social welfare of our communities. This is about public policy decision-making. This is about the costs to our economy. This is about whether there are unemployed Americans seeking work.’ Can easily have been native’s point at the time about Irish replacing local workers.

    There was a massive amount of ‘IRISH NEED NOT APPLY’ going on.

    I think she’s trying to say that that was an overreaction of locals, and that muslims coming in is the same thing. That over time they’d become just as a part of America as any other group has. The problem is that they’ve proven over and over that that isn’t possible and will never happen. Because as has been shown by that 1952 law, having them come here at all is illegal because they by default, just by being Muslims, they want to abolish the American government and replace it with Sharia institutions instead.

    Generally speaking even if they all converted they’d reduce the average IQ of the country which would also be bad. The Irish are actually very genetically similar to the English, and so would have similar IQs, it’s just their culture never had time to catch up because the English enjoyed invading Ireland too often.

    You could say that ‘Irish Sharia’=Catholicism. The Founding Fathers had no particular liking of Catholicism in particular, and likely would have wanted to keep their percentage of the population down. Not because they’d kill everyone and establish some Caliphate like the muslims would. Rather because Catholics answer to someone outside of the country, and always will, the Pope. They didn’t like the idea of Catholics ending up in various positions of high power, and then bending to the Pope’s will and doing what he wants them to. Keep in mind when everything was put in place the Papacy was much stronger than it is now, and it wasn’t just some weak watermelon environmentalist. So that was a real concern at the time, and it’s possible it could be again.


      • She is indoctrinated, to be sure, but it sounded like people were saying that the Irish were never treated in any standoffish way, which isn’t so.

        So I just went ahead and parsed everything.


  2. That’s right the gov always tries to blame everyone except the real perps we all know
    we didn’t have these problems before the moslem s arrived ,,,,they try to blame everyone
    for things they do ,,,..we’ve already seem one damage a mosque another burned down
    a hostel to name a few things yes in the end the admitted it but meanwhile others get blamed for what they do


  3. Hyperbole, or just another wilfully ignorant liberal ‘useful idiot’. I suggest the latter. Her babble is typical of those apologists and followers of the real Islamist hijrah who seek to deflect and defuse the concerns of sensible mature observers who know what’s behind the Muslim invasion.

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    Please watch the video.

    Jim Dankins
    California, USA

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    • Hahahahaha, that is exactly the sort of thing they wanted to cause. Because then there’s no reason to stop anyone from anything.

      Reminds me of that one guy who had himself legally declared a woman, and explained that he felt fully fulfilled as a woman, as a man. Which gave him access to women’s bathrooms at any time while looking and dressed as a man.


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