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Switzerland is preparing tanks on its border with Italy to deal with Muslim Hijrah


Swiss tank battalion could be sent to Italy border to stop ‘migrant onslaught’ – report

Published time: 15 Apr, 2016 15:09

© Corumipe
© Corumipe / YouTube

Switzerland is prepared to put tanks on its border with Italy to deal with the European refugee crisis, Swiss media reports. A security director for one of the cantons said the nation must prepare for a possible “migrant onslaught.”

“We expect a significant increase in the number of refugees this summer. If Austria now closes off the Brenner Pass, Switzerland will become the only gateway to Northern Europe. Before that, we have to protect ourselves,” said Norman Gobbi, the security director of the Swiss Canton of Ticino, as quoted by Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

The Swiss region has some 2,000 soldiers of the Swiss Tank Battalion on standby, all of whom have been asked to postpone vacations in order to be available at short notice, Swiss daily Blick reported.

© Ismail Zitouny

“The refugees mainly take routes outside of the official border crossings. We must prepare ourselves for a possible migrant onslaught,” Gobbi said, adding that 169 refugees have illegally crossed the border between Italy and Switzerland in the past week.

Gobbi’s statements come just one day after Austria’s defense minister, Hans Peter Doskozil, said that his country is prepared to close its border if Italy does not manage to bring the refugee crisis under control.

“We have to go on the offensive,” Doskozil said on Wednesday night, referring to tightened border controls. The statement was met with criticism from Italy.

It wasn’t the first time that Doskozil had made such a statement. Earlier in April, he said that Austria would deploy troops at its border checkpoint with Italy. The comment was met with protests from pro-refugee activists.

Since the beginning of the year, Italy has taken in more than 16,000 refugees – up from just over 10,000 during the same period of 2015, according to the Interior Ministry. Most were rescued from smugglers’ boats off the Libyan coast and brought ashore in Sicily by the Italian Coast Guard.

Boots of recruits of the Austrian armed forces © Lisi Niesner

The government is expecting the numbers of new arrivals to be double that of last year.

The dangerous crossing from North Africa to Sicily was the most popular route to Europe as the refugee crisis worsened in the early months of 2015, but the deteriorating situation in Libya and rise of a new smuggler train over the Aegean and through the Balkans tipped the scales to Greece by June 2015. However, refugees in Greece have been stuck there since February, after Macedonia and other Balkan countries closed their borders.

The situation in Greece and Italy are part of Europe’s wider refugee crisis, the worst since World War II. Over a million asylum seekers arrived to the continent in 2015, mostly from Syria, where a civil war has killed 250,000 people and displaced more than 12 million since 2011, according to UN figures.

The EU struck a deal with Turkey in March, under which illegal migrants reaching Greece from Turkey are returned. In response, the EU agreed to take in thousands of Syrian refugees directly from Turkey. However, the deal has since been criticized by human rights groups who have questioned whether Turkey is a safe place for migrants to be returned to. That skepticism was strengthened after Amnesty International revealed that Turkey has returned thousands of Syrian refugees to the war-torn country since mid-January.


11 thoughts on “Switzerland is preparing tanks on its border with Italy to deal with Muslim Hijrah

  1. They’d better get the Swiss navy to police lakes Maggiore and Lugano in case the illegals take to rubber duckies from the Italian side.


  2. mostly from Syria, where a civil war has killed 250,000 people and displaced more than 12 million

    At best a ratio of .02 noncowards. These people running act like they deserve to get into other places. They don’t, that’s they are only anywhere else at the whim of the locals they attempt to displace. It’s a privilege not a right. Given they don’t seem to stand up for themselves or anything, I don’t see why we should let any in. Even if Islam wasn’t a factor.

    Clearly these people would only be any sort of worthwhile fighters under Not One Step Back.


  3. ” Most were rescued from smugglers’ boats off the Libyan coast and brought ashore in Sicily by the Italian Coast Guard.”

    Why weren’t they sunk?

    They’d stop coming in short order.


  4. It`s nice to see the swiss has just wake up to the hard cold reality, that an invasion is coming this year too, like it was last year. Now, the thing is they, the savage muzzie scum gimmegrants don`t want to stop, they are pushed from Soros and his ilks from behind, so the swiss will have to shoot them all those savages to get the message. Otherwise, they will not stop at all, you can bet anything that you want on it. So, it will be a really nice and hot summer, in the both senses. Be prepared, people, something is coming this way. Till then, you should hang all those traitors from Bruxellistan, starting with Ferkel-Hitler, then Hollande, then… but you know them, you know tham all too well. And don`t forget that socialist bitch Mogherini, she is already like Mussolini 🙂 she thinks she is unaccountable. Well, little stupid bitch, when SHTF, you are trully fucked, in both ways. And not just you, all of you stupid motherfocker traitors, you will get what is yours.


    • Mike I guess you are a US citizen? Larsson is a truly Swedish name so I am just wondering? Your forgetting how badly Sweden is handling the ‘muslim issue’. As for me I can’t stand Mogherini and hope before too long she becomes an Italian statistic rape victim. The Italian people don’t want this scum but the EU forces this scum onto us. All of Europe should be shooting on site and stop quoting UN resolutions on migrant refugees. I also hope a pandemic erupts all over Europe that will have been brought in by this moslem scum. This I think is the only scenario which will wake up Europe & Scandinavia! MERS is a good start, better still the new virulent strain of syphilis being brought in by this Moslem scum as well as AIDS. Sweden will be worst hit due to her high rape statistics. Before the year is out there will be some kind of plague brought in by foul barbaric savage moslems from all over the middle east and North africa.


  5. Finally! A country willing and able to repel the muslim/islam Fascist invaders wanting to take over Switzerland! Don’t argue, put in detention, etc., just SHOOT all trespassers, Merkel Migrants, etc.and soon enough they will get the message: NOT WELCOME! Next go into those “migrant/refugees” home country and ask. “Are you a muslim?” If in the affirmative give the fools the same as what they have given over HALF A BILLION non muslims since 622 A.D. And then BURN all their hateful literature. If there is a woman who was forced into FGM, find the responsible person and inflict the same damage on them.. Castration or a chop job of the penis.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are aware that circumcision is the same thing right? It’s nothing but Male Genital Mutilation, and it’s still practiced popularly in the west.

      The only difference is the timing of when it’s done.


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