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South Africa: Saudis turn up at Durban high school to distribute Wahhabi hate ideology

Concern after suspected ISIS agents visit Durban school

by MSN News
by Stephanie Saville, The Witness

South Africa Northwood High School in Durban received surprise Saudi visitors

Pietermaritzburg – Was Islamic State (ISIS) on a recruitment drive at a Durban high school on Wednesday?.

Parents of children at Northwood High School on Thursday raised their concerns after two visitors to the school from Saudi Arabia, accompanied by a South African, handed out a DVD and pamphlets to some matric pupils that they fear promote extremism and could be seen as an attempt to recruit pupils to Islamic State.

The Witness received a call from a parent who felt the distributing of the material was not appropriate. She said her son had been among those who had been addressed by the group.

She said the DVD was propaganda with references to hate speech, terrorism, sexism and racism.

“One of the parents phoned the principal and he wasn’t aware of it.”

The school’s deputy principal, Reggie Govender, confirmed that the school was investigating whether any attempt at recruiting pupils for ISIS had taken place.

Govender told The Witness a group of visitors had been given permission to speak to the school’s Muslim Students’ Association but were later taken by the teacher who organised their visit to address a group of Grade 12 boys. While addressing the Muslim students, the group handed out CDs of the Qur’an.

Boys who asked questions were given a package wrapped in red shiny paper that contained a DVD that depicted a talk by Durban Muslim scholar Ahmed Deedat.

Govender said the teacher, who allowed the group to speak to the matrics without permission, had been placed on a leave of absence while their investigation was completed.

He said many concerned parents had called both him and the principal about the incident and that they were working with the Department of Education and the police, who had already questioned the teacher concerned.

“The school is treating this very seriously. The police will track down the names of those who came to the school and take it from there. We are still trying to see who they are connected to. They were such unassuming people, you would never suspect them of distributing hate speech to pupils. Pupils are very impressionable. We take the well-being of our pupils very seriously. Some parents wanted to keep their children at home. We are working on a plan to inform parents what to do.”

Govender said there were also concerns that the group may have been to other schools, and that would be part of their investigation.

Police confirmed they were investigating the matter.

Questions sent to the department were not answered at time of going to print.

10 thoughts on “South Africa: Saudis turn up at Durban high school to distribute Wahhabi hate ideology

  1. “There were 1,237 homicides in the Durban metropolitan area in 2015. The murder rate in 2015 was 35.9 per 100,000 people (for comparison, Detroit had a murder rate of 43.9 per 100,000 people in 2015).[35] The murder rate for the whole of South Africa was 33 per 100,000.[36][37] Today, Durban is more dangerous than Johannesburg but much safer than Cape Town which had a murder rate of 65.53 per 100,000 in 2014.”

    “The population of the city of Durban increased 10.9% between 2001 and 2011 from 536,644 to 595,061.[32][33] The number of Black Africans increased while the number of people in all the other racial groups decreased. Black Africans increased from 34.9% to 51.1%. Indian or Asians decreased from 27.3% to 24.0%. Whites decreased from 25.5% to 15.3%. Coloureds decreased from 10.26% to 8.59%. A new racial group, Other, was included in the 2011 census at 0.93%.”

    Sure, let’s add Islam. It really can’t make things that much worse there. /sarc


  2. South Africa has relatively few Muslims, but one of the highest, if not the highest, incidence of rape on the planet. Imagine the rape rate after the country becomes Islamic ! And, with the continuing White genocide in the country, there’ll soon be no “White Meat” to sexually assault and rape. Well, at least black South Africans’ penchant for violence will have “religious” sanction under Islam. And, in the meantime, the growing Muslim population will be busy persecuting and slaughtering the black South African Christians.


    • You are right, we will see barbarians completely out of control, as they will now be taught, and believe that their barbarity is devine.

      islam gives monsters the right to behave like monsters, all in the name of the anti-christ. If you tried making a horror movie as realistic as islam, the censors would ban it.

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      • And people complain Muslims create nothing in their own right!

        Without Muslims the zombie movies would never have made. Islam makes zombies believable.


    • An average of 10 white people murdered a day in South Africa since 1994. 80,000 of them.

      It’s a warzone.

      When Apartheid was still running, you ask? A total of maybe 200 per year all races included.


      • Off the top of my head the ‘since 1994’ number is over 300,000 for all races.

        A couple of things, because without consideration it could be misleading.

        So, whites in South Africa are in danger of completely dying off. They’re on official genocide watch in stage 6 out of 8, IIRC.

        The other major factor is that South Africa has never had any kind of border security. Certainly no kind of fencing or walls. This matters, because when the area was originally settled, it was very sparsely populated with one or two tribes there. So actually, throughout much of South Africa’s history it was actually majority white, even after the Boer wars, and the massive amounts of dead civilians.

        Starting in the 70’s or so (odd how often that rough time-frame comes up), Africans who really belonged in other countries starting walking into South Africa by the thousands. I suppose because Apartheid was in place, they weren’t just sent back out, people started liking having cheaper labor around, though clearly they should have been far more worried about their sovereignty. This migration is how and when whites there became outnumbered. I think most people assume they always were outnumbered, I know I did before I started reading about it.

        After Apartheid ended, even more millions started walking in. With those kinds of numbers of people just walking across the border, there are many tribes there now, tribes that have old feuds and hatreds and rivalries.

        About the only thing they agree on is hatred of white people. It’s why they also have race-based work laws now, if you’re white you’re not allowed to work, at all. This can be somewhat regional, but it’s still there. That’s what caused the over a million whites in homeless camps.


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