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Nobel Peace Prize-Winner Obama Dropped 23,144 Bombs in 2015

And who handed that human pest in the White House a peace prize? The inept silly Swedes. Just shows us. No brains at all. Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel  would probably turn in his grave if he knew where his money and recognition awards went tpday, from “Palestinian” terrorist and pedophile Yazer Arafat, Former Egyptian president Anwar al-Sadat for engaging in jihad against Israel, racist terrorist Nelson Mandela who killed people over commmunism not freedom and got trained through Algerian terrorist movement (Jabhet Al-Tahrir Al-Watani) to electing Nobel prize to war mongerer Obama.

It’s been revealed that the Nobel committee members were all “legless drunk” the day they voted for Obama. They claim to have voted for Obama because they “liked” him. Since when has the criteria for the Nobel prize been personality? He didn’t even qualify. Doubtfully people will never look at the Nobel prize the same way anymore. It’s become a farce.

*The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo, Norway, not in Stockholm, Sweden, where the Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and the Economics Prize are awarded.


Nobel Committee Asks Obama “Nicely” To Return Peace Prize
Nobel Prize website



In this Oct. 22, 2014, file photo, thick smoke from an airstrike by the US-led coalition rises in Kobani, Syria, as seen from a hilltop on the outskirts of Suruc, at the Turkey-Syria border

Sputnik News

The United States in the past year dropped more than 20,000 bombs on Muslim-majority countries Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, according to a study by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

In an article published January 7, Micah Zenko, a senior fellow at CFR, states that since January 1, 2015, the United States has dropped an estimated 23,144 bombs in those six countries: 22,110 in Iraq and Syria; 947 in Afghanistan; 58 in Yemen; 18 in Somalia; and 11 in Pakistan.

“This estimate is based on the fact that the United States has conducted 77 percent of all airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, while there were 28,714 US-led coalition munitions dropped in 2015. This overall estimate is probably slightly low, because it also assumes one bomb dropped in each drone strike in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, which is not always the case,” Zenko writes.

Despite dropping tens of thousands of bombs over the past 17 months, Washington’s strategy has failed to defeat Daesh and other Islamic militant groups, Zenko observed.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban control more territory than at any point since the 2001 US invasion, according to a recent analysis in Foreign Policy magazine.

Iraqi forces secure an area in Ramadi, the capital of Iraq's Anbar province, on January 10, 2016, after retaking the city from Islamic State (IS) group jihadists

Iraqi forces secure an area in Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s Anbar province, on January 10, 2016, after retaking the city from Islamic State (IS) group jihadists

Zenko notes that the primary focus of Washington’s counter-terrorism strategy is to kill extremists, and that far less attention is paid to prevent a moderate individual from becoming radicalized.

As a result, “the size of [Daesh] has remained wholly unchanged,” Zenko writes.

In 2014, the Central Intelligence Agency estimated the size of Daesh to be between 20,000-31,000 members. On Wednesday, Colonel Steve Warren, a spokesman for the US-led coalition, estimated the group at 30,000 members, despite Pentagon claims that 25,000 Daesh members have been killed in US air strikes.

At the same time, the Pentagon claims that only six civilians have “likely” been killed in the course of the bombing campaign.

7 thoughts on “Nobel Peace Prize-Winner Obama Dropped 23,144 Bombs in 2015



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    Now I live in a world of of dangerous faggots, of insane Marxists, of self entitled losers, of musical has-beens and wanna-be’s, a sorry collection of talent-less auto-tuned hacks whose success revolves around hyped musical garbage and a career that succeeds and fails on the public reception to their latest drug rehab scandal or alighting sans underwear from limousines giving us ratings boosting, eye watering, stomach turning, money-shots of shaven genitalia……

    Fuck this shit………fuck this fucking shit……..when does the next train for Paradise leave!!!!??????

    Here is Ron Wood, Charlie Watts, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger with a classic “Gimme Shelter”….wave at your neighbors, turn this shit up real fucking loud, turn out the lights, pour a glass of poison and light a stick of Nag Champa and fucking enjoy !!!!!!!!

    Will Jefferson
    San Clemente, California
    The Big Ol’USA !!!!


    • A good deal of that stuff you’re talking about is in fact not good. Especially all of the hiphop/whatever, and even most dubstep.

      But your alternative is not for people of my generation. Even if none of this is heard on the radio.


  2. The USA didn’t drop enough bombs they are still trying to get into Europe they need to drop thousands more aon every country that has meslems in it


  3. “The inept silly Swedes. Just shows us. No brains at all.” – Actually, the Norwegians, award the Peace Prize, which is the sole exception to the otherwise Swedish Nobel awards. With their 5-plus million population and 500+ thousand Muslims, Norwegians are less stupid in scale, but just as stupid in degree as Swedes (i.e. just as stupid per capita).

    I wonder if any other Muslims besides Obama have been awarded the Peace Prize? The “religion of peace” should have at least one.


    • You’re right. The Swedes award the Nobel price in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Economics. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


    • You mean where the Saudi Arabians blew up the twin towers and killed 4 thousand people, and so we killed Saddam Hussein who was keeping his Islamist population dead and under control?


      Let’s kill Qaddafi and Assad next!!!!


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