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#Merkel Muslims armed with metal poles turn #Paris into the Middle East – Video

Did they manage to rape and kill some leftist supporter of theirs while they were at it? The police should dump hundrefs of left wingers right in the middle of this mass brawl.

We bet you this had nothing whatsoever to do with “vigilantes” but were merely clashes between different Muslim groups fighting over territory. Media loves to find some figmented “right wing” to blame on because the Islamic culture and mindset makes no sense at all to them, so they need to invent a cause.


Ferocious battle at Paris migrant camp: Refugees armed with metal poles clash with vigilantes under Metro station as terrified residents flee in panic 

  • The mass brawl broke out under the Stalingrad Metro in the centre of Paris
  • Rioters armed with planks of wood, metal bars began attacking each other
  • Locals from a building next door film the horrifying scenes from their flat
  • Police finally managed to disperse the group after Thursday night clashes


Riot police were called in to break up a violent clash between hundreds of migrants and a ‘vigilante group’ near a Paris metro station.

Footage from Stalingrad metro, where more than a thousand migrants have been living rough, showed hundreds of men brawling with metal poles and planks of wood.

The violence erupted underneath the tracks when a group of men threw objects at the migrants, most of whom are thought to come from Africa and the Middle East.

Terrifying scenes: A video shows a ferocious battle involving hundreds of rioters erupting at a migrant camp

War on the streets: Under the Stalingrad metro in Paris residents filmed the shocking scenes from up high

Riot police used tear gas to disperse the crowd and arrested a drunk man who is thought to have thrown the first missile which sparked the chaos, Le Parisien reported.

The police are said to have been pelted with bottles and debris when the arrived at the scene of the fight between the homeless migrants and a so called ‘anti crime brigade’ from Stalingrad, which lies in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

The video was filmed from the relative safety of a nearby apartment on the Boulevard de la Vilette.

At least four migrants were wounded in the riot, which was one of two that erupted last night. Both men were rushed to the nearby Lariboisière hospital for treatment.

Almost 1,000 migrants have arrived in the area in just over a month, many travelling from Calais having crossed the Mediterranean from Africa and the Middle East.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve had earlier announced the removal of the camp in a joint statement with Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, but the migrants returned with makeshift mattresses two weeks later.

Armed and dangerous: Scores of people armed themselves with planks of wood, metal bars and debris

Growing camp: nearly 1000 migrants have arrived in the area in just over a month, many travelling from Calais

Successful dispersal: Riot police fire tear gas into the camp successful managing to disperse the riot

The camp has been a home for hundreds of people from countries as diverse as Eritrea, Sudan and Afghanistan, but the source of the fights are unclear.

During the day riot police had to use tear gas and pepper spray to control hundreds of protesters who revolted over proposed labour-law reforms, yet it is unknown whether the events are linked.

President Hollande insisted on Friday he would not back down in introducing the law that critics say brings the 35-hour working week in France under threat.

Officers had to use equally desperate measures to calm a protest march that turned violent in Paris on Thursday.



6 thoughts on “#Merkel Muslims armed with metal poles turn #Paris into the Middle East – Video

    • That’s just about all they are capable of. They would probably miss anyhow. The French have proved themselves lily-livered & cannot or are unwilling to protect themselves — WW2 proved this.


  1. They are already making trouble in the schools abusing other students and the gov wants It kept quiet ,,,,even the youngest of them tries to hurt any girl they see they’ve been taught that women don’t matter …id love to see this retarded prime minister
    In Canada send his wife and daughters into an area where they are without protection
    They would be raped in 5 minutes would he then think it’s ok to bring more in??

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    • Trudeau is a rabid socialist just like his father was. Maybe his mother’s long history of mental illness has also been inherited. She was active in his election campaign & remains (so it was reported) the self-professed communist she always was.The recent video of Pierre reciting a complex IT solution to a TV audience was a lame-brained attempt to prove he had a brain & wasn’t just a ‘pretty face’. He is a total phoney & will bring Canada to it’s knees.


  2. They fight and kill each other then try to blame the citizens of that country we’ve passed the time to deport this trash Canada should not bring any more here our stupid pm keeps saying we want more but I’ve yet to find one person who says yes do it…..we don’t want the trash this retarded pm brought in and we certainly don’t want anymore

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  3. Please let some lefties of been battered and raped.France holds the European football cup this year,now that will be interesting,that is of course if it is allowed to happen due to terrorist threats,but the football fans would hold their own against these animals and there will be a lot more of them and all joined together against the common enemy! There is not a lot you can do about a suicide bomber but a crowd of inbreds like that could easily be dealt with,so it could be a make or break situation for France at least.

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