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Faking hate-crimes: Idaho Muslim student claims he was stabbed by ‘vague suspect’

Hm… vandalism to 17 vehicles, burglaries and hateful and racist slurs in what appears to be many incidents targeting ‘only’ Muslims yet these Muslim victims have a very ‘vague’ description of the perpetrators. How come? How come every Muslim hate-crime is so difficult to pinpoint while so many other hate crimes, like Muslims stabbing jews for example, are not?

Perhaps the ISU needs to install surveillance cameras all over the campus and the student residential areas to discover that their time has been wasted once more on fabricated hate, orchestrated to influence policy makers to weaken resistance to Islamic influence seeping into society. This is how they do it. All over the world.



Idaho State University

Idaho State University campus in Pocatello.


Watch the video report here


Attacks against middle eastern students at ISU turn violent


POCATELLO — Nearly fifty Idaho State University students have become victims of vandalism and burglary because of their race, according to officials at Idaho State University. This week, the crimes turned violent when a man of Middle Eastern descent was stabbed.

Pocatello Police tell KTVB that the stabbing happened around 11:45 Wednesday night. Police say the man was walking in an alley when two men approached him and stabbed him. Police say he suffered two puncture type wounds in his right arm, and was taken to the hospital. They say he was released and the wounds were not serious.

Police say the suspects made derogatory Middle Eastern comments to the victim during the attack. It’s unclear whether the man is an ISU student, but police say he is a long time resident of Pocatello. Police say the incident has not been classified as a hate crime as this time.

The victim said he was unsure of the weapon used, but believed it was a knife. He also gave a vague suspect description [how come it’s always a very ‘vague’ description when these Muslims are subject to “hate crimes”?]. He said the first suspect was a white man, about 6’1, clean shaven wearing a dark hoodie. The second suspect was a white man about 5’3 to 5’5 with a red/brown stubbly beard wearing a dark hoodie.

Police say right now, they have no leads on suspects connected specifically to the crimes targeting Middle Eastern people. Police say the FBI has been notified and has been in contact with the ISU president.

Pocatello Police say there have been 73 residential burglaries in 2016, with 23 Middle Eastern victims.

Meanwhile, students told KPVI they are frustrated, scared, and fear for their safety.

Students shared pictures of hateful messages left on car windshields, and showed how shot were fired or rocks were thrown at their cars.

The students told KPVI they wanted to remain anonymous, but said they are terrified, and some said they would not be returning to ISU.

“People just don’t feel safe, and I don’t feel safe too,” one student said.

He went on to say, “What’s the email going to do to us? Is it going to keep us safe? Is it going to stop anyone from keep doing whatever their doing? No!”

On Thursday, U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson visited the Pocatello campus to encourage students to stand together during this tough time.

“I hope that you will stand with each other most importantly and not only build up a resistance to intolerance and acts of backlash against anyone in our community but lSU stand with your law enforcement because we are here to help you make this a safe community,” said Olson.

Olson met with Muslim, Arab and other International students after the news conference to discuss their concerns. She also talked about the civil rights statutes that protect them.

ISU President Arthur Vailas sent a letter to students on Wednesday afternoon. He says nearly fifty international students living just off campus were targeted.

“We don’t have any evidence that I know of that anything came from the campus itself,” Vailas said. “We have almost 70 countries at ISU represented. And the university is one of the safest campuses in the country.”

Dr. Fahim Rahim and Dr. Azza Abugharsa are Muslim community leaders in Pocatello.

“I hear stories from students now, but I cannot confirm them,” Abughara says. “But at the same time I know that there is something going on. Still, I would never generalize, and these are personal incidents that will be taken care of.”

Community leaders and the university is working to make sure all students feel safe.

Vailas says all of the burglaries have been reported to the Pocatello Police Department, but so far no arrests have been made.

The following is the letter Vailas sent to students on Wednesday:


Dear Members of the ISU Community: Students, Faculty and Staff:

Idaho State University has been informed that approximately 50 of our students from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have been victims of off-campus home burglaries over a period of several weeks. To the best of our knowledge, all of these burglaries have been reported to the Pocatello Police Department, who are actively investigating these crimes. In some cases, personal documents were stolen and hateful and hurtful messages were left behind. These burglaries are in addition to the vandalism of 17 vehicles, including some belonging to international students, on July 17, 2015 along the Bartz Way roadway from Schubert Heights to the McIntosh Manor area. The Pocatello Police Department apprehended the perpetrator. Although recently reported on some social media, incidents of physical abuse and harm targeted at Kuwaiti and Saudi students have not been verified or reported to the Pocatello Police Department.

As we can all imagine, home invasions invoke fear, sadness, anger and bewilderment. Our hearts go out to these affected students as well as their peers, who worry that they may be next. These students are far away from home and family and have chosen to attend Idaho State University for its reputation for high quality educational programs in a safe environment. As a result of these crimes, some of our students are seriously considering leaving ISU and Pocatello. This would be a devastating loss for our community and would earn us an undeserved reputation for discrimination, bias and racism.

As you know, the safety and security and wellbeing, both physical and mental, of our students are our preeminent focus. Any harm to our students impacts all of us negatively by diminishing the quality of our life because how can any one of us feel safe if others are in jeopardy? Our ability to attract and retain students who seek a college degree will be impacted because any crimes against students will discourage students from Idaho, the U.S. and the world from enrolling here. And lastly, harm to any person impacts our humanity. Pocatello is known as a welcoming and compassionate community. Mayor Brian Blad has been meeting regularly with international students throughout his tenure to ensure that they feel welcomed and any concerns are heard. It’s a reputation we don’t want to lose because of the actions of a few whose values are inconsistent with those of the majority. In Pocatello we care about our neighbors—and we’re all neighbors.

Let us join together to demonstrate to the world that Idaho State University and the City of Pocatello are communities whose 21st Century values reflect intellectual and creative endeavors and achievements, care and concern for the individual; and appreciation and support for diversity in its many forms.

Most importantly, please help us reach out to our international students, especially, our students from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Let them know that we want them to stay. In the ISU Student Handbook, I remarked that, “In addition to being scholars in the classroom and laboratories, our students are making a difference both here and abroad.” Our international students will carry messages home about what America and Americans are like. Many will become important business and civic leaders who will influence others’ perceptions of America.

If you are a student and need assistance, please contact the Vice President for Student Affairs Office. Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and the International Programs Office are here to assist and support all of our students.

Thank you for being a member of our caring community. Best wishes.


Arthur C. Vailas, Ph.D.

7 thoughts on “Faking hate-crimes: Idaho Muslim student claims he was stabbed by ‘vague suspect’

  1. “how come it’s always a very ‘vague’ description when these Muslims are subject to “hate crimes”?].”

    Because if you plan to attack someone you might go to lengths to conceal your identity. Like duh! In a dark place with a hoody – of course difficult to ID. What – you think the guy staged himself?

    Insane how some people will come up with any lame excuse to justify an untenable position.


  2. Of course if the same list of things happened to someone wearing a ‘Make America Great Again!’ hat, or had a bumper sticker on their care, what would be the result?

    The same people would instead say that it was a good thing. They would no longer be horrified. Upon hearing of the stabbing, they would say the person should have died instead.


  3. Strange how there were no problems like that before the meslems started school there
    What are they trying to do make the school meslems only??


  4. ” Our international students will carry messages home about what America and Americans are like. Many will become important business and civic leaders who will influence others’ perceptions of America.” – It’s also very likely that some of the alumni – or students who can’t wait till graduation to answer Allah’s call – will end up joining ISIS, some other Islamist group, or blow themselves up somewhere in al-Harb on the globe.

    These reports of alleged hate-crimes accomplish at least two of CAIR’s and other Muslim groups’ goals – they reinforce the victimhood status of Muslims in the U.S.,, and they keep the “authorities” – like U.S. Attorneys, the FBI, and local law enforcement – busy spinning their wheels, consuming scarce resources on distractions, while creating complacence/burnout among them when responding to and investigating these “cry wolf” hate-crimes.

    ” As a result of these crimes, some of our students are seriously considering leaving ISU and Pocatello.” – Is there anything we can do to create a resolute consensus among them to actually do so ?


  5. WELL, WELL, WELL……….


    Watch the video below.

    Read the ads that were used by the Marxist Mass Media and treasonous governments in Australia, England, Scotland similar ones across Europe over the past 5 decades.

    Read the stern warnings that “firearms used to protect house and home” were now outlawed.

    Read the threats regarding “humiliating arrest” and “incarceration” for firearms ownership.

    Now look at Australians, Britons and Europeans as their governments, knowing the population is completely defenceless, steamrolls over them, deluging the entire country and continent in rampaging, criminal, murderous third-world human garbage from the Middle East and Africa.

    Look now as Australians, Britons and Europeans sit terrified in their houses as Muslims and African/Middle Eastern immigrant filth stalks the streets and commits a vast array of criminality right under the ignorant or approving gaze of police and bureaucrats.

    Look now as defenceless European girls and women are brutally raped and beaten by Muslim filth all while the police and bureaucrats blame these same European girls and women for the crimes and injuries they have suffered.

    There is a reason why Stalin disarmed the entire civilian population of the Soviet Union.

    There is a reason why Dear Leader Mao disarmed the entire civilian population of China.

    There is a reason why Adolf Hitler disarmed the entire civilian population of Germany.

    Every dictator, every totalitarian government, must have a completely defenceless and docile population to bring to fruition its desires. It must be able to conduct mass arrests, persecution, killings, abductions and exercise its complete and crushing rule over the masses completely unopposed in order to have absolute rule over the country.

    Now, with that said, look across Europe and Australia and ask yourselves if the madness that is unfolding would continue to do so if the civilian populations of European countries were well armed.

    I think we all know the answer to that.

    There is a reason that senior military officers and Chiefs of Defence Staff with the military infrastructures of many European countries like Switzerland, Austria and many others, are advising their countrymen to arm themselves in preparation for a civil war that they are expecting in the coming months.

    FACE FACTS !!!


    Will you have to kill a judge who signs an arrest warrant triggering the arrest of your neighbors for the crime of their defending their homes and families from marauding, murderous African/Middle Eastern Muslim filth? Quite possibly. Embrace it. Deal with it. Accept it. Prepare for it. Train for it.

    Will you have to kill a police officer (s) who seeks to arrest your neighbors for the crime of his defending his home and family from marauding, murderous African/Middle Eastern Muslim filth? Quite possibly. Embrace it. Deal with it. Accept it. Prepare for it. Train for it.

    Will you have to kill a bureaucrat who promotes and mitigates the crimes of marauding, murderous African/Middle Eastern Muslim filth? Quite possibly. Embrace it. Deal with it. Accept it. Prepare for it. Train for it.

    Will you have to kill a politician who promotes and mitigates the crimes of marauding, murderous African/Middle Eastern Muslim filth? The same politician who stands in your parliaments and legislatures and sings the praises of mass migration of human third-world garbage and the joys of “cultural diversity”? Quite possibly. Embrace it. Deal with it. Accept it. Prepare for it. Train for it.

    Will you have to track down and kill reporters or journalists from Marxist Mass Media outlets that engage in treasonous propaganda and censorship and mitigate or whitewash the crimes committed by the Muslim? Quite possibly. Embrace it. Deal with it. Accept it. Prepare for it. Train for it.

    Will you have to kill a Muslim? Will you have to kill African/Middle Eastern filth that seeks to rob, beat, rape and kill you and your entire family or that of your neighbours? Quite possibly. Embrace it. Deal with it. Accept it. Prepare for it. Train for it.

    Understand that you have been lied to. Understand that you have been betrayed. Understand that you have been abandoned by those persons and agencies that have been elected, appointed or sworn to protect you, your family, your culture and your country, Understand that you are facing the Muslim and the treasonous Marxist who seek to subjugate or annihilate you and yours and as to which, they are not particular.






    Do not be concerned if you don’t have weapons laying around. Ask yourself “where could I get a gun in a moments notice”?

    The obvious answer can be found on many blogs ; law enforcement and the military.

    Police officers are walking armouries.

    Both they and their vehicles carry handguns, shotguns, long-range rifles, semi and full-auto carbines and a good supply of ammunition. This is in addition to their walkie-talkies tuned to their commonly used frequencies as well as tear-gas, gas masks, riot gear, tazers and bullet proof vests. Like I said, police, police vehicles and police stations are living, breathing armories.

    Soldiers and military bases are by their very nature, well supplied armories.

    With the exception of highly trained special forces/elite unit members like the SAS, SEALS, JTF2 or Foreign Legion types, most soldiers are simply not prepared for nor are they expecting to be ambushed in their own countries. In the case of the military they carry an excellent, well maintained supply of light to heavy weaponry as well as light munitions like grenades, light anti-tank weapons and small anti-personnel mines. In addition, just one of their armored vehicles may carry several automatic “area” weapons and at least 5,000 to 10,000 rounds of belted ammunition in forms that include armor piercing and trace.

    Learn to recognize the color codes on the tips of ammunition. Red is usually trace and black is usually armor piercing. In addition there may be portable radios and documentation in the vehicles that could include encryption codes and keys to encrypted frequencies. If you are ever given this opportunity always look inside the vehicles for the weapons maintenance kits that contain spare parts, spare firing pins and unique tools and calibration devices such as “head spacing and timing gauges” which are crucial to efficient operation of the weapon. They are usually in a rolled up canvas case or close to the weapon itself.

    In reality there is no need to purchase a weapon, just wait until you need a good, well maintained, sighted in, fully loaded weapon and a ready supply of ammunition and you know exactly where to go.

    Don’t waste your time with ridiculous permitting systems, they are only an aid to government when they decide that your ability to defend yourself, your loved ones, your culture or your country has become an inconvenient truth.

    Do not be squeamish!!!! Do not hesitate to remove from a police officer a stockpile of weapons and ammunition in order to defend you and your family for it is this same police officer who seeks to do grievous harm to both you and your family by following orders given by treasonous commanders and bureaucrats.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    John Wickstrom
    Adelaide, Australia

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