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Belgian Interior Minister Equates Islamic Terrorists Who Hid in Brussels to Jews Hiding from Nazi’s

Belgian Minister Equates Islamic Terrorists Who Hid In Brussels To Jews During WWII


Belgian Minister Jan Jambon Equates Islamic Terrorists Who Hid In Brussels To Jews During WWII

Belgium’s Interior Minister Jan Jambon addresses a news conference in Brussels, February 23, 2016. Reuters /Francois Lenoir

by Simon Kent,
14 Apr 2016, Breitbart

A Belgian government minister has drawn an unlikely parallel between Muslim terrorists who evaded capture in Brussels after the Paris terror attacks and “the Jews who hid here during the Nazi occupation.”

Jan Jambon, the country’s interior minister, aroused a storm of controversy in the country when, in a television interview on Saturday, he equated the Muslim terrorists who used a network of connections to escape authorities in Brussels with “the Jews who hid here during the Nazi occupation.” According to Haaretz, he later sought to clarify his comments by adding they related to “the mechanism of hiding” rather than Jews escaping the Holocaust.

Mr. Jambon, a member of Flemish party N-VA (New Flemish Alliance), was speaking on the Flemish VTM channel in Antwerp. His views attracted no attention until Antwerp City Council member Claude Marinower chose to respond on Wednesday. He posted them on various social networks and the reactions began.

Mr. Marinower, a former MP, told the Jewish news website Regards: “At first when they told me about it I didn’t believe it was possible. I asked to watch the video – and realized that Jambon really did make this dubious comparison… It’s inconceivable, it’s shocking for all those who hid Jews during the occupation while endangering their lives. How can you compare the jihadist criminals who are hiding today with the innocent Jews who wanted to flee from the Nazi manhunt?”

In an initial response Wednesday, the interior minister’s spokesperson said, “Jambon had no intention of offending the Belgian Jews, on the contrary. He isn’t comparing Jews and terrorists, he was only referring to a factual element of Belgian history: that providing a refuge, hiding people, was something positive, but what is happening today in Brussels is not. Jambon’s statement refers only to the technical aspect of finding the refuge.”

This is not the first time a Belgian government has been drawn into conflicting opinions on Jews in Belgium. As Breitbart London reported, an operator working on Belgium’s federal hotline established after the Brussels terrorist attacks told a Jewish caller that Israel does not exist and is in fact called Palestine.

According to a transcript of the exchange posted on the website of Joods Actueel, a Belgian Jewish monthly, a representative with the Jewish Coordination Committee was trying to secure permits to repatriate Jews wounded in attacks back to Israel.

The call to the Belgian Interior Ministry’s hotline, which came in the immediate aftermath of the attacks on Brussels airport, was recorded and the operator refused to acknowledge the state of Israel, instead refering to Palestine during the entire exchange.




18 thoughts on “Belgian Interior Minister Equates Islamic Terrorists Who Hid in Brussels to Jews Hiding from Nazi’s

  1. Jan the Baboon Jambon should be sent back to the zoo or jungle from which he escaped. This is not the planet of the apes and he is not a good example of how smart is his species. He is a good example of how stupid we’ve become in the West.


    • People in the West are not stupid, the most of it, they are suicidal, especially those from Germanistan and Swedistan. But soon they dream will become a nightmare, and a living one, especially. Stupid, idiot apes 🙂


  2. It’s a compelling truth that those for the invaders see reality through a different periscope. And it’s the tragedy of Europe. Misinterpreting dangers are very dangerous, as it’s seen today and back in the 1920s through 1940s. Misinterpretations of enormous scale were to perceive the Jews and Judaism as a vital threat to European civilization. The Nazis, the Germans, and their collaborators throughout occupied Europe murdered around six million Jews – for nothing. Out of pure paranoia! While today a threat to civilization, Europe hasn’t met since medieval times, is eminent.
    It’s complicated. To somehow heal a wounded and guilt-ridden consciousness the political elites of Europe transform the threat of Islam onto the innocence of the Jews. Madness, you’ll say. Yes, madness, but although the reality in our world today. – The blinded and dumbfounded political mainstream can’t comprehend, that those they take as the new Jews are in fact the new Nazis.


  3. Some people just don’t think before they speak! There is no correlation between the Jewish people hiding from enemy and MOSLEMS hiding to impose atrocities and terror on us. Idiot Ex Muslimah is right Belgium is lost.


  4. How the hell can you equate this problem with these blood thirsty killers to the jews? and to say the Holocaust never happened i think you need to go and see a shrink! You insane man!


  5. You are so fucked, people from Belgistan. If this is your Interior minister, then you are cluster fucked 🙂 or better to say, double fucked 🙂 This idiot I am sure he doesn`t even seen that great movie from 2008, with Big Leo, I mean Leo di Caprio, the movie is Body of lies, I recommend to all of you smart people to watch it again, I am watching it now, and it was in 2008 they talk about what the muzzie savage scum did in Paris and Bruxelles, those 2 beautiful city of fear now 🙂 So, better get the hell out of Belgistan still you can, that is not even a white people country now, there the enemy are infiltrated at every level, they are already a failed state in the heart of Europe, they are lost, they just don`t recognize it. But when, and soon the mudslimes will be a majority there, the fences between the countries will stop that muzzie scum inside, `couse then the war will start. We will not let them in Hungary, like you stupid fucks do in Europe, unless you start to killin` them all, you are doomed. With every day that is pass, you are more fucked with every passing day, and you live like nothing happened there. So, stupid unicorn dreamers, you will not be able to wake up to the cold truth of the reality, `couse that savage muzzies will kill you `till then. Sorry, but Ferkel = Hitler, and you are trully in a big shit, it will cost you a civil war to get rid of the mudslime scum and your lying elite, but many of you will not see the end of this war. Untill then, live your life like there is no tomorrow, `couse tomorrow is not a shiny pony tale for you 🙂 stupid morons from Belgistan.

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  6. The Jews were trying to survive, the terrorists are trying to kill/slaughter Europeans. I don’t see the connection.


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