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UK: ‘What do British Muslims Really Think? Now we know. And it’s terrifying.’

KATIE HOPKINS: What do British Muslims Really Think? Now we know. And it’s terrifying

By Katie Hopkins for MailOnline
Published: 10:01, 14 April 2016 |

British Muslims are not part of some rich tapestry of urban life. It's a myth, dreamed up by the BBC, and perpetuated by the Islington elite, says Katie

I sat down to watch ‘What British Muslims Really think’ with my best multicultural head on.

I cleared my mind of all preconceptions; grubby Rochdale cabbies passing white girls round for sex like a fried chicken bargain bucket, Imams beating kids into devotion, and the truly indoctrinated, blowing up Brussels to get 72 virgins in paradise.

Putting my feet up on the recycling bin, channelling my inner Polly Toynbee, I waited to sit corrected – prepared to accept the most dangerous Muslim in Britain is Bake Off’s Nadiya Hussain armed with a Victoria Sponge.

But, much as it pains me to say it, I have been right all along. British Muslims are not part of some rich tapestry of urban life. It’s a myth, dreamed up by the BBC, and perpetuated by the Islington elite.

It is them and us. And THEY have no wish to be anything like US.

The reason Muslims enjoy our country is because it is tolerant. Not the bits where we are tolerant of each other, you understand. Not the fact we respect your right to be Jewish or utterly ungodly. Or our warm embrace of those who identify as straight, gay, lesbian or as gender-fluid as a snail.

No. They enjoy our country because we are tolerant of their right to be as as prejudiced against Jews and as homophobic as they please.

52% disagree homosexuality should be legalised. Even more oppose gay marriage. Years of British acceptance, now rolled back under a Neanderthal rock because the Koran has come to town. And no one appears to have the moral fibre to point out the hypocrisy of it all; Islamic Societies are proliferating across every University campus, the same safe spaces where any view not militantly pro-LGBTQ is rightly petitioned into silence.

Catholic bakers in Ireland are persecuted if they don’t wish to bake a cake celebrating gay marriage, the law demanding their compliance.

But UK Muslims – they can be as homophobic as they choose.

This tolerance they enjoy in the UK is not valued for their ability to assimilate as open-minded citizens. But tolerance of a new virulent strain of Islam which is perversely segregationist and intolerant of our ways. 

I sat down to watch 'What British Muslims Really think', presented by Trevor Phillips (pictured) with my best multicultural head on

I sat down to watch ‘What British Muslims Really think’, presented by Trevor Phillips (pictured) with my best multicultural head on.

Having watched what British Muslims think of women, I am relieved my daughters were in bed. I have already written to their schools asking for my children to be exempt from any further trips to the local mosque. I stand against any segregation of my girls from boys.

But Muslim girls are not afforded such liberty, considered to be fortunate to be educated from the back of the room in subjects deemed appropriate for their uses – like cooking and sewing.

Where are the strident feminists fighting for the rights of Muslim girls; their genitals mutilated yet defended as a cultural thing and forced into marriages with ugly uncles?

Unbelievably, one in three British Muslims support the right of a man to have up to four wives. And that’s young Muslims as well. 18-24 year olds are utterly backwards in their thinking – defended by progressives and liberals.

Putting my feet up , I waited to sit corrected - prepared to accept the most dangerous Muslim in Britain is Bake Off's Nadiya Hussain (pictured) armed with a Victoria Sponge

Putting my feet up , I waited to sit corrected – prepared to accept the most dangerous Muslim in Britain is Bake Off’s Nadiya Hussain (pictured) armed with a Victoria Sponge.

Why would women share husbands like a field full of flighty deer, waiting for one mangey rutting stag to mount them with his measly Muslim member?

One Muslim woman describes it as a privilege.

Well I’ve been there, and it didn’t make me feel special.

My first husband – allegedly a Catholic – thought he would try the polygamy thing, informally, with busty women up and down the country. We had a feisty divorce but I kept my children.

If I were a Muslim, British Sharia courts would have taken my children from me by now at the advent of my second marriage, tying my hands and crushing my heart.

Sitting there on my sofa, listening to women say there is no such thing as rape within Muslim marriage, my pelvic floor is in spasm in disgust. 39% of British Muslims – men and women – say a woman should always obey her husband.

Extend this thinking a little further and you end up with a women in utter subservience, hidden from the world, shrouded in a burqa. For many this submission undoubtedly extends to a good beating.

From there it’s only a short sandal-footed shuffle into Sharia Law where women’s evidence is worth half of that of a man’s, and only two in three British Muslims think stoning a woman to death for being raped is wrong.

UK Muslims can be as sexist and violent as they choose.

Imagining this new breed of Muslims want to assimilate into our country is farcical. There is no integration. They do not want to assimilate into our increasingly secular ways.

They want to practise a more radical form of Islam, taught by Wahhabi Imams, living under Sharia law, rejecting homosexuality, promoting the subservience of women, supporting jihad.

Multiculturalists are determined to distance Muslims from Islamic extremism, imagining it to be the acts of the alienated few.

But the reason we so seldom hear Imams and leaders in the Muslim Community speaking out against terrorists is that in truth, many are right behind them.

25% had sympathy for the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. 20% have sympathy for the 7/7 suicide bombers. Over 100,000 Muslims in the UK have sympathy for terrorist acts. Many support a future attack on the very country which showed them tolerance, allowed them to practise their particular brand of hate, and gave them a home.

I have heard what Muslims really think and it is clear multiculturalism has never existed.

Through no fault of our inclusive culture, it is them and us. And British Muslims expect us to change our ways to fit in with them.





7 thoughts on “UK: ‘What do British Muslims Really Think? Now we know. And it’s terrifying.’

  1. I admire you Kate. You are entirely correct with this article. I read a while ago that our “media”, news outlets, etc. create Saudi compliant news – as the Saudis pay a huge amount to these media channels – (they regurgitate western news, already made digestible for them). Which is why there is so little about Islam, certainly nothing derogatory – even after Paris, Brussels etc., we find the media defending Islam, with absolute nonsense.
    Hopefully, the worm will turn, and the truth will be exposed – the lies, the deceit, the
    continual subversion, the 24/7 propaganda that Islamists churn out.
    Of course we don’t know much about them, historically – they continually stopped people from writing, and publishing anything against Islam ( they imprisoned / killed writers and journalists – even today, Erdogan and the Saudis, amongst others are doing it.)

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  2. Well done Katie. Never afraid to say it how it is, never afraid of the backlash that her honesty will create. Katie please run for prime minister or atleast mayor for London.
    Politicians have created the Muslim problems in the UK by allowing such tollerance that is against everything else that this country stands for.


    • Because Saudi Arabia still has a lot of oil. Saudi says we must allow mosques, Muslim students in our universities to get our technology (which they call haram?) and there will be no integration etc. This has been going on since 1973 but like Rome, with its bread and circuses, we have beer and football and nobody cares .We do as Saudi says because our politicians are cowards. We don’t have to be. Just keep reminding yourself that political correctness is political and for cowards.

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      • Right on Mike, and the Saudi’s are buying up other Oil fields in Europe and elsewhere in order to maintain their powerful grip in politics world wide. Like idiots all our governments pander to their dictatorship except Russia. Who would you rather have Putin or the despotic Kings & Princes of Saudi Arabia? It is becoming this simple.


    • Oil Oil Oil this has always been the bottom line. Are you old enough to remember the winter of ’73? In October ’73 Egypt attacked Israel the two issues are interlinked. Why Russia (communist at the time) wanted to back Egypt was the US’s close relationship with Saudi. Russia has as much Oil as Saudi. Russia is no longer communist thank goodness so she is a power it would be wise to ally to if we are to defeat Islam not only Saudi but all Muslim nations. Israel has good dialogue with Russia just watch this space as they say!


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