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Germany has to teach Merkel Muslims not to shit and piss in pools, showers and public spaces

The laughable irony is that the leaders across the European Union excitedly imagine these people, who don’t even comprehend how to use a toilette, is supposedly to fill their job skills shortage….


Germany teach Muslims not to urinate and defacate in pools, showers and public spaces




12 thoughts on “Germany has to teach Merkel Muslims not to shit and piss in pools, showers and public spaces

  1. What you going to do when you don’t even have a pot to piss in? God told everyone in his army to get a small shovel and wherever they went to dig an excrement hole and cover it when finished!


  2. Wow, that video was much denser than I expected it to be. Usually that channel is a source I ignore, but that was a good video.

    There are so many things I can expand on. First off, watch that video I already linked. The first thing we must be willing to acknowledge is that IQ is an inherited trait, just like eye color or anything else. The environment/nurture, or even education, only helps you unlock what’s already there. It must be there first.

    In other words, if you took a child from one of the people in India who poo in the street, and tried to raise it yourself with all the advantages you could possibly give it, let’s say full on private schools and so on, there is a point you will run into that that kid will be unable to compete or comprehend anything. All you will have done is put massive amounts of resources into making sure every ounce of IQ potential is realized, and you still would not have achieved much of lasting consequence. Because if you had those kind of resources, perhaps it should have been spent on your own children instead. This would have a more lasting effect on mankind in the first place.

    This is where we always get in trouble because we want to help everyone, and the reality is that we can’t, we’re crashing all of our countries in the attempt by allowing immigrants both legal and illegal to use our welfare systems at a rate of over 60%. We also have foreign aid to basically every country there is. All western countries are doing this. If that kind of help is not possible for us to do individually, then we should not try as a group. Doing it anyway is called Pathological Altruism, we want to help so badly that we’re literally killing ourselves to do it.

    The average IQ of India is 85. The caste system they used to have was very intentional. It was to retain the high IQ of the upper castes. It was to ignore those without a caste and regard them as untouchables. It is these untouchables that are responsible for those sorts of public defecation behaviors. The end of the caste system has been dysgenic for India as a whole, because people have been encouraged to marry across caste lines.

    Are there smart Indians? Of course, but for that low of an average IQ to be true there, that means they are outnumbered to an extreme amount. If the caste system was reinstituted, you’d likely get different averages per each caste. Then another even lower than any of them for the untouchables. I would not be terribly surprised if the untouchables had an average IQ in the 50’s or 60’s.

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  3. A culture is not dropped from space, it springs from the people who created it. Islam is not a race, but it came from one. The fact that the mind virus of Islam has spread to others doesn’t stop that.

    If you’re an evolutionist, or if you are religious, you must recognize what types of people are selected for in a desert. Why did the desert people win in Dune? Because they were brutal, because of the desert. Being smart doesn’t help you in the desert – being willing to slit the throats of your children because you don’t have enough water to spare does. People who would not do such a thing would have all died. The ones who did do that simply had more children later. This is where “children are as shoes for the parent” comes from within their culture.

    All Islam did is supercharge the brutality they already held.

    It goes into why certain Jamaicans are so good at running competitions. Why, in fact, they simply cannot lose if they are in it against other people.

    Islam is not mentioned, the video is older than that became such a problem.


  4. Fascism disguised as religion. They don’t do those things in their home countries, because they have NONE of those facilities in the hell holes they come from with criminal rule looting them, so they want criminal rule wherever they go. They aren’t used to kindness so they think it is weakness and they kill the weak where they come from. Like the USA when Cuba sent their criminals to us, the islamic nations are sending their scum to Europe! Invasion is underway and will continue until you STOP it and take your nations back from these criminals and from the criminals that invited them in to loot, rape and murder while crapping in public. You need to remember the ruins of WWII and decide if you want to go through that again. Throw the criminals out and get your wonderful nations back!

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  5. They know what’s toilets are for crapping where they do is meant to show their disdane of us they are pigs at heart …solution is easy when you see one crap where they shouldn’t get a sevurity person to take them aside and tell them they need to clean it up or they won’t be allowed back into that building NOW all you need is a leader with balls who will enforce it


    • I agree with J Wright above – Muslims know very well that you aren’t supposed to crap in the shower. Even in Somalia where public facilities are very basic to nonexistent, people know that a shower (which may consist of a tin shack equipped with a bucket) is not where you take a dump.

      If they are crapping in a shower or public pool, it’s because they want to let us know what they think of us. We should be getting their message, loud and clear, but of course it would be Islamophobic to point this out, so best to keep quiet and join hands with our Muslim brothers and chant “Kumbaya.”

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