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German Justice Minister wants to be Sharia compliant and ban scantily-clad women from ads to please Muslims

This is exactly how Wahhabi extremism has managed to spread all over the world. The treasonous left endlessly collaborate with fascist extremism all the time until their power, threats and influence grows into a majority. And who do they always seek to target? The victims: women. Why doesn’t the Justice Minister issue a ban on the actual problem: Muslim men. Force them to don a full-covered burka or face public lashings before they are shipped off and deported.



First it was Germany ‘BANS’ sexy women in adverts after Cologne sex assaults

GERMANY has announced plans to ban images of scantily-clad women in adverts in response to the sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

By Selina Sykes
PUBLISHED: 06:01, Wed, Apr 13, 2016 | Express UK

Sexy advert
A promotional picture for a German beer festiva.

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said the move to ban ads which “reduce women or men to sexual objects” is an attempt to create a “modern gender image”.

The proposal, if introduced later this year, would see courts decide on what qualifies as sexist.

The plan has been called political correctness gone mad by its critics, who said it was the first step towards a “nanny state”.

It comes following a controversy over claims made by a senior politician that some schools and canteens in Germany are ‘banning’ the serving of pork to avoid offending Muslim migrants.

Free Democratic Party (FPD) leader Christian Lindner said: “His plans to ban nudity and sexual advertising are completely narrow-minded.

Thousands of women were assaulted on New Year’s Eve.

“To demand the veiling of women or taming of men, is something known among radical Islamic religious leaders, but not from the German minister of justice.”The move comes a day after the first case related to a string of sexual assaults and muggings against women across on New Year’s Eve went to trial.Crowd
The first Cologne case has gone to trial.

The defendant, identified only as Toufik M, is accused of being part of a group of 15 to 20 men who surrounded a woman and groped her.

Thousands of women were sexually assaulted, attacked and mugged across Germany during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The attacks were blamed largely on migrant men, fuelling a tense debate on Germany’s immigration policy.Germany’s Association of Communications Agencies (GWA) described Maas’ proposal as “completely absurd”, arguing that the discussion about rules on advertising would be reduced to a “matter of taste”.A draft amendment of the law relating to advertising is due to be discussed by the German government shortly.

Angela Merkel’s immigration policy has been criticised since the sexual assaults.

The German government also released a series of posters telling migrant men how to respect women in response to the Cologne sexual assaults.

Cologne authorities received more than 1,500 criminal complaints about incidents on New Year’s Eve – with a third alleging sexual crimes.

6 thoughts on “German Justice Minister wants to be Sharia compliant and ban scantily-clad women from ads to please Muslims

  1. Who care what they think Just say no to there demands If they dont like it put them on a train and send them home Bugga off


  2. Why would you want to be compliant to this trash you should be standing up for your people not imposing restrictions on them either these Moselms assimilate or throw them out …..does merkle need sex from these. Men that bad that she’d screw up her country for this trash


  3. Look – if you’re a girl or woman in Europe now – GET OUT. For your own safety, get out. What’s coming is only going to get worse. The government and the authorities have no intention of fighting for you. On the contrary, they have decided to sacrifice you on the alter of multiculturalism.
    We are now in the “kinetic” phase of Islamic conquest. The next few years will be brutally ugly and violent. AND, there is still no end in sight of the stream of thousands of “refugees”.
    One day historians will look back and ask, “Why didn’t they leave when they had the chance?” just as they now ask, “Why didn’t the Jews of Europe flee the rising tide of antisemitism leading up to WW II ?”
    85 sharia courts in the UK. 10’s of thousands of girls raped and prostituted.
    100 Molenbeek’s in France.
    80% of rapists in Sweden from NA or ME.
    “No Go” zones across Europe.
    The police have and will continue to suppress those willing to fight back and in doing so will help spread the disease.
    Just get out.

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