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George Soros wants Europe to spend €30Bn on 500,000 new Muslim ‘migrants’ EACH YEAR

Soros think Europeans should pay even more VAT so that Europe can cover the costs to flood their countries with more and more destructive Muslims who refuse to integrate and adapt to democracy. Soros also want the EU to fund a scheme to end any criticism against Muslim savages who rape, pillage and exploit every European country they come to and in which they want Sharia law to dominate.

George Soros is an out-of-touch, nasty globalist who can afford to sit in his protective golden tower while he destroys safety and security for everyone else. The man is like a Turkey praying for Thanksgiving for other Turkeys. He doesn’t even live in Europe yet wants to interfere into its policies with aggressive and devastating social engineering.

How stupid can you be to construct a solution to a problem by repeating the very problem that caused it in the first place? Many of these rich people are dangerous in their sheer insane and delusional ignorance. Why can’t they focus on their yachts and luxury prostitutes and let the majority decide on their future without their unwanted input and meddling?



Europe needs to spend £23billion and accept 500,000 migrants a year or face EU being ripped apart by refugee crisis warns billionaire financier George Soros 

  • American investor said a huge cash injection was vital to stop EU ‘collapse’
  • He added that Greece was in grip of crisis due to desperate refugees
  • Claimed EU leaders were currently ‘scraping together insufficient funds’

By Ekin Karasin For Mailonline
Published: 20:34, 12 April 2016 |

Europe should spend £23billion and accept 500,000 migrants a year to avoid the EU being torn apart by the refugee crisis, a billionaire financier has argued.

George Soros claimed the huge cash injection was vital to stop the ‘real threat’ of the collapse of the Schengen system – the 26 European countries that have scrapped border control at their internal borders.

The American investor stressed that EU leaders needed to embrace ‘surge’ funding rather than ‘scraping together insufficient funds year after year’.

George Soros, 85, claimed Europe must spend £23billion and accept 500,000 migrants a year to avoid the EU being ripped apart by the refugee crisis

13 thoughts on “George Soros wants Europe to spend €30Bn on 500,000 new Muslim ‘migrants’ EACH YEAR

  1. George Soros is not only Shakespear’s Shylock he is also the demonic Jewish Banker of the equally if not more so, demonic and despotic Wahhabi Saudi Royal family – whose global ambitions are only too obvious. Some one put a bullet between the eyes of Soros, Come on MOSSAD do the world a favor, after all to be shot by an ethical and honorable Mossad agent would should please HIM? Just an aside has anyone here read the Wahhabi version of the Korahn – take a look at its equivalent of ‘Revelations’ New Testament? I’ll give you a clue – nuclear warfare is mentioned!


  2. The globalists just want more power. There are many ways this can help them.

    I don’t think they think there’s a chance the Muslims will achieve the Ummah. If they do then they will also be beheaded.

    There’s also stuff like this that they might be trying to do. They could sell people on it as being more safe, but even watching it is uncomfortable. It’s tantamount to enslavement, and is far worse than Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia ever was.


    • Things can go either way depends on the overview, but most outlooks point to some kind of dystopia. Equal threats to mankind are the overcontrolled society as depicted by Orwell due to overpopulation and the totalitarian nightmare prophesied by Islamists. I think that both overpopulation and control has a great deal to do with Islam. So, let’s concentrate on the latter.


  3. Put a billion Euro price on that stupid old kyke’s head and let the assassins of the world clamor to bring his head first. Money better spent. Who gives a fuck what that evil rotten old jew fuck thinks of anything? Let a billion mulsims go to IZREEL.


    • Trump’s campaign apparently said just that to Facebook’s Zuckerberg when he started in with “building walls tears people apart”.

      Said to give up your private security, and then go move to a border town in a normal neighborhood.

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  4. A majority of globalists, political, financial, and media moguls doesn’t care for the nation or people. George Soros is just one of that though self-appointed counsellor never the less influential. – He’s in line with the Washington Post when the paper states that the Danish government do all possible to make it hard for refugees. A leftard convicted of helping Moslem invaders through the country to a safe haven in Sweden has caused the liberal news media to compare the situation today with the gloomy years of Nazi occupation. – Entirely irrelevant, nasty, and bestial to examine the so-called Moslem ”refugees” with the doomed Jews of yesterday.

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    • What about the Holodomor?

      In general people of each of these countries should care more about their own people than invaders.


  5. Soros is the epitome of the elitist – neither elected nor appointed, he’s a self-appointed advisor to the political “leaders” who ignore their electorates while they pursue their schemes to establish their own ideals. An entirely self-centered individual entitled to only a single vote, his wealth is vastly exceeded by his ego and influence. Proud and independent individuals recognize that these later two qualities justifiably warrant an assassin’s bullet. If anyone deserves execution, he certainly does.


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