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Florida: Islam billboard spark anger and petitions

Florida billboard reading ‘Islam Bloody Islam’ sparks worldwide outrage and a petition to have it removed

  • A billboard reading ‘Islam Bloody Islam’ appeared over a Florida highway
  • The sign was paid for by a private individual not an organization or church
  • People across the globe have expressed their disgust with the sign 
  • A petition to have it removed has earned nearly 2,300 signatures 

By Kalhan Rosenblatt For
Published: 22:05, 11 April 2016 |

A billboard in St. Augustine, Florida, that criticizes Islam is causing international outrage.

The words ‘Islam Bloody Islam’ are written in a red, tattered font on a black background across the 14-foot high sign.

Written in in white below the red words the billboard reads: ‘Doomed by its doctrine’.

The statement has become a source of ire for those who have to look at it every day as well as those across the globe.

One neighbor, who lives just feet away from the sign, on highway A1A and Seashore Avenue, told CBS 47 he thought it was inappropriate.

A billboard reading 'Islam Bloody Islam. Doomed by its doctrine' appeared above a St Augustine, Florida, highway. The sign has caused outrage worldwide 
A billboard reading ‘Islam Bloody Islam. Doomed by its doctrine’ appeared above a St Augustine, Florida, highway. The sign has caused outrage worldwide.

Another said: ‘Politics, religion that kind of thing – people can get pretty heated about it, so I just try to leave that kind of stuff alone.’

One woman, Bonnie Rosen, drove down to see the sign for herself. It was worse than what she expected.

‘I was expecting a small five-by-three homemade sign.

‘This is horrifying because this tells me that they want everyone in our whole city to read this,’ she said.

A petition, started by a woman named Becky Williams, hopes to bring the sign down.

It is also lit up at night so motorists and pedestrians can see its message at all hours.  Neighbors who live around the sign have called it 'inappropriate' 
It is also lit up at night so motorists and pedestrians can see its message at all hours.  Neighbors who live around the sign have called it ‘inappropriate’.

‘We should always stand up for those in our community who are shown hatred and intolerance.

‘We should be outraged that a billboard with this message could in any way represent our community as a whole.

‘It is of the utmost importance that we stand against messages and movements that isolate, judge and threaten an entire sect of people who share our same hometown,’ the petition says.

People from the UK, India, France and Nigeria have signed the petition.

‘We are all children of God, and must be tolerant of each other, no matter what sect or belief a person or persons have,’ Richard Loftus wrote on the petition.

A petition, which has been signed by nearly 2,300 people, has earned support from people in the UK, India, France and Nigeria

A petition, which has been signed by nearly 2,300 people, has earned support from people in the UK, India, France and Nigeria.

Yvonne Malik wrote: ‘Everyone has the right to opinions but not at the expense all those who are innocent. Come now HUMANITY. Global harmony starts with one person at a time.’

Some people posted in favor of the sign.

‘The sign is accurate. Wake up! There are whole nations abusing human rights, woman rights, and threatening peace in the name of a failed, uncleansed belief that shouldn’t even be considered a religion,’ one anonymous poster said.

CBS 47 contacted the owner of the advertising company that owns the billboard.

Robert Harry, Jr, of St Johns Outdoor Advertising told the station it was an individual not an organization or a church who purchased the sign.

He called it freedom of speech.

The petition has nearly 2,300 signatures.



26 thoughts on “Florida: Islam billboard spark anger and petitions

  1. Sign the counter-PETITION to KEEP UP THE BILLBOARD!

    DEMAND the PROTECTION of our 1st Amendment RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH and to state FACTUAL information and TRUTH! KEEP THE BILLBOARD UP!

    SHARE THE F out of this and let’s show those damn Muslims what America is all about! You will NOT change our way of life here in the United States! Forever will our right to FREE SPEECH EXIST! Leave if you don’t like it!


  2. This is a very slanted article. “People across the globe have expressed their disgust with the sign” – Really, how many and how did they express their outrage? By signing a petition online ?

    “People from the UK, India, France and Nigeria have signed the petition.” – So a petition with only 2,300 signatures, including those of four countries with Muslim populations totaling hundreds of millions is an example of global “disgust” and “outrage.” (And, why care about those anyway, unless you accept Rosenblatt’s premise of a “global community?”) of those Muslims and A few purported inhabitants of St. Augustine signed the petition – so what ?

    Meanwhile, thousands of motorists see it within a week, and 13,000 people live in St. Augustine. But, just “Some people posted in favor of the sign.” There have likely been at least several hundred who were glad to read the truth on display in glaring defiance of the suffocating pall of multicultural political correctness. (Take note, Kalhan Rosenblatt is a loathsome agent of that political correctness, a minion of the elites.)

    St. Augustine, who’s watched the virulence of Islam for nearly 1,400 years from the heavens in horror, is likely feeling a little hopeful that Christianity may not be doomed to genocide by Islam.


  3. This has to be stopped! If we allow people to walk around writing and reading anything they please, pretty soon, they’ll thinking whatever they please. Then on goes the phonograph record of jungle rhythms, off come the clothes, and all our grandchildren are mulatto.


  4. Ohhhhh …. I wish people would stop believing (and having ‘faith’) in imaginary gods. There are no gods! There never have been. And if there were any, they are obviously sadists! They clearly have no interest in helping the human race.

    If there is a god, why doesn’t he/she put a stop to all the pain and suffering in the world. After all he/she is supposed to love us?! Plus, why not simply give us ‘a sign’ or indeed show him/herself to us. We could all then relax and bow down to the ‘proper’ god and stop all the fighting and arguing over all the other non-existent gods and religions.

    But clearly this is never going to happen. The more we learn about our world and universe the more obvious it becomes that there are no gods. We are here alone and have to sort out how we live together – or not – as the case may be.

    Sadly, muslims fervently believe that following Allah and sharia law is the only way to live their lives. That would be fine if they were able to just get on with it and leave everyone else alone. However, as we all know to well, they cannot. It clearly states in their koran and hadith that they are to convert the rest of the ‘unbelievers’ to Islam. And if the ‘unbelievers’ won’t convert, either make them subservient and pay taxes, or just kill them.

    So, until we rid the world of the sickness that is islam and sharia law, we will continue to have the trouble that we see every day, somewhere in the world. And this will almost certainly be due to some brainless idiot or idiots, who are ‘following the word of their prophet’.

    If they want to live under sharia law and the kind of pathetic lifestyle (especially for woman) that this regime provides, then they are welcome to move to Saudi Arabia! Or indeed any other Muslim country.


  5. The video fails to mention how people all over the world are disgusted by Islam.
    The video fails to mention how people all over the world are disgusted by the death toll of Islam.
    The video fails to mention how people all over the world are disgusted by the rapes by Islam.
    The video fails to mention how people all over the world are disgusted by having these scum living in their neighborhoods.
    The video fails to mention how people all over the world are disgusted by Islamic molestation of children.
    I could go on and on…


  6. “Islam Bloody Islam” comes from the famous “Bleeding Kansas, bloody Kansas” penned by the Horace Greeley to describe the Border War that was a series of violent political confrontations in the United States involving anti-slavery Free-Staters and pro-slavery “Border Ruffian” elements during the settlement of the Kansas territory between 1854 and 1861. Abolitionist John Brown led anti-slavery fighters in Kansas before his famed raid on Harpers Ferry. Considering Islam’s historic and ongoing enslavement & slaughter of women, children and infidels and from whom the Confederacy bought their slaves as did the rest of the world. “Islam Bloody Islam” is the perfect phrase describing Islam, especially in America, because it has impeccable historic connections to our Civil War fought against slavery that claimed 647,000 American lives. Becky Williams & Yvonne Mallik are so incredibly stupid & obtuse that along with their ignorance of American history they don’t understand the irony of defending that which enslaves them making them advocates for that which is worse than slavery …. advocates for their own enslavement to be raped, stoned. sodomized, tortured, and impoverished by Islam, the world greatest slavers. Becky deserves and has earned a paid vacation to any of the Islamic theocracies where she can dress in a filthy berqua, to be beaten by her owners, Islamic men who enjoy torturing women especially in public as a form of street entertainment. Nothing will become Becky Williams so in life as her leaving of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Arlindo, very good and appreciated research and knowledge. I attest what you wrote is true and unnecessary for me to research further. Your inability to understand Becky Williams & Yvonne Mallik are to be completely understood. They have good hearts and can’t imagine the atrocities we are reporting. They are incapable of receiving alarm or instruction. We cannot help them. Let them go. I pray we will be able to help them when that time arrives, but in the mean while, we must find others to whom Truth speaks. They will help us — no thanks to the Becky’s, Yvonne’s, et. al. Let’s just keep putting the truth out there without fear or delay. Thanks again for your good post.


    • I really need to compile a ready-to-go counter, with sources and everything.

      Ultimately slavery was irrelevant in the long run, it would always have been ended. Lincoln was not a fan of it, but only cared about the Union. Robert E. Lee was also not a fan of it, many people in the Confederacy weren’t.

      Meanwhile several of the most accomplished Union generals said after the fact that if they thought that war would have turned into ending slavery, then they would never have fought it. They owned their slaves until long after the end of the war.

      Brazil had slavery until about the 1880-90s. That’s around the timeframe most Confederate States would have ended it. The difference was that the Confederate constitution had more limits on its central government. There could be no force from it about that or any issue. The States would decide that alone. Just as America was founded with the States being the most powerful units.

      So other than the deaths of all the soldiers and the rapes and murders of Southern Citizens, what then is actually the lasting result of the war? The only one is the permanent enslavement of the States to the Federal Government. Without this happening, we would have no Muslim problem. The individual Sovereign States would never have agreed to any of this.


    • EXACTLY!! These 2000+ ignorant fools have NO idea of what the koran says! Yes, that sign should have been better! It should have put the worst verse of the koran on there, to EDUCATE the ignorant!!

      I would accept ANY religion in this country, and ANY ethnic group in this country, but I know for a fact, this is the ONLY, evil, satanic, religion, and people need to wake up, and get educated!!

      Christians don’t have NO idea of this religion!! I’m a christian, and at least I have the intelligence to see that this is ONLY religion that belongs to satan! It is said in our bible, that his time is short. It’s getting a WHOLE lot shorter. People need to wake up! Let’s spread the word. Your comment was excellent and TRUE!!

      I’m sooo mad at these ignorant people right now. Grrrr!!

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  7. ‘We are all children of God, and must be tolerant of each other, no matter what sect or belief a person or persons have,’ Richard Loftus wrote on the petition.”

    Yeah, I sure they’ll be tolerant, when a muslim comes to their house, and tells them to “convert or die”!!
    Ignorant people who don’t know what the koran says about what they’ll do to unbelievers, is a total shame!!
    I would accept ANY people of ANY religion or ANY ethnic group, or any…etc, etc….BUT I WILL NOT allow satan’s religion in my life, in my home, or ANYWHERE NEAR ME!

    And I consider myself a christian, but at least I have intelligence to know that it is said that satan’s time is short, and it’s getting a WHOLE lot shorter!!

    Just goes to show those 2,000+ people have NO idea of the Koran, the religion, or how evil it is!

    You know, I kinda agree with that billboard is kinda inappropriate, it could have just put ONE verse of what the koran says, about they want to kill ALL unbelievers!! It could of been a little more educational to the ignorant who have NO idea!

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    • When I think of islam, I think of the body of the little nine year old girl that muslims cut the head off of for saying she believed in Jesus. God created her. I am so sure that God is not pleased with their destroying His creations. So they claim islam means obedience to God. My opinion is that islam means a bunch of perverts bent on self destruction and taking the rest of the world with them. All I have seen of them here in the USA is murder after murder called honor killings for things like going to a Saturday afternoon movie with classmates. That is not religion, it is PERVERSION! The Bible says a great lie would be told and many would follow. That lie is the koran that I use now instead of a SEARS catalog in my outhouse.


      • Your image is graphic only to those who are interested in truth and to no one else. They could care less. You seem like a Bible believer, and so am I. There’s really only one reason we’re facing this Islamic dilemma and it’s due to our own attraction to the idols in our life, money, entertainment, food, clothes, etc., rather than things of God. It really does take a repentance most of us are unwilling to make until we are actually gored. 2 Chronicles 7:14 requires more than just praying. In fact, praying won’t do any but the righteous any good at all, because what is actually expected is OBEDIENCE to God’s Word. Believe me, that starts with “obedience to the gospel,” 1 Peter 4:17, 2 Thessalonians 1:6-8, and the gospel is explained at 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, and the “method” of that obedience is explained in Romans 6:3-5, *17* and is the one “form of teaching” that mainline Christian churches actually deny. For that reason, we do not belong to Christ, Romans 8:9-11, and only have a form of Godliness, Matthew 7:21ff where HE doesn’t know us, and are going to suffer God’s wrath. I truly believe God is just about through with America for that basic of all sins. :/


    • At least some of those people will be Muslims themselves who are just falsely offended.

      Like that one who started saying things about HUMANITY in the article. That’s getting really old.

      The only kind of humanity they accept is their own.


  8. If that sign had been put up by a Moslim it would be fine but because is against , Moslems you want to take it down??? No leave it up it says it like it is should also show a Moslem rapping a white again say it like it is they are a dangerous cult and need to go back where they come from

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    • RIGHT! I say, that it should of said a few of the MANY verses of the koran on there….EDUCATION is the KEY…to getting people to KNOW what the koran says about “convert or die”, or “kill the unbeliever”!! evil religion!!

      I would accept ANY people in this country, or ANY religion, or any WHATEVER, but this religion is the ONLY religion that belongs to satan himself.

      These people who protested this, are just ignorant of what the KORAN says! YEAH, that billboard sign might have been somewhat inappropriate, it would have been MUCH better, if they had put verses of the koran on there to educate these 2000+ ignorant people!!! How mad I am at these protesters!!

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  9. DO NOT BE DUPED!!! Check the FACTS before you go signing a petition that only “sounds” humanitarian. The FACTS should allow that sign not only to stand, but to proliferate. It will cost you only four minutes to make a better, intelligent decision to know the “difference” between a “Muslim Terrorist” and a “GOOD MUSLIM NEIGHBOR”:

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    • There are no “good” muslims. If they were, then they would change their religion, from Islam to ANY other!! Otherwise, they’ll read from the same evil koran that the terrorists (ones who take it literally) read from. This person could have done better in educating people, by putting a verse from the koran on there, like the ones that say that you must “convert or die”, or “strike the neck of the unbeliever”! NO one can protest, when it’s right there in black and white! This person just put up his opinion, while right, is not teaching the ignorant!

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