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BBC struggles, and fails, to prove recent Muslim poll wrong


What some Muslims think of ‘what British Muslims really think’

BBC, 11 April 2016

Some British Muslims have responded to the poll with typically British humour.

What do British Muslims really think? It’s a question that news organisations have repeatedly tried to answer since the terror attacks of 9/11 and 7/7, and one that suggests that maybe the person asking isn’t a British Muslim.

Some Muslims have expressed their weariness at these regular enquiries about their opinions, which they believe may be motivated by a desire to demonise them in the eyes of the non-Muslim population or to portray Muslims as a community with a single homogeneous opinion. But others believe these surveys are an important way of raising difficult and important questions about divides within society.

This whole debate has been re-opened by a new poll, but this time some Muslims have chosen to use humour to respond to findings which they feel are not representative of their attitudes.

The poll entitled “What do British Muslims really think?” was commissioned by Channel 4, a British television station, and its results will form part of a documentary to be broadcast on Wednesday. It was conducted by the respected ICM polling company who spoke to 1081 adults between 25 April and 31 May last year. A summary of its conclusions was published in the Sunday Times newspaper over the weekend, and has generated reams of media coverage in response. More than half of those polled disagreed that homosexuality should be legal in Britain, for example. The full results can be downloaded here.

Commenting on the results, Trevor Philips, former head of the Equality & Human Rights Commission, told the newspaper: “I thought Europe’s Muslims would gradually blend into Britain’s diverse landscape. I should have known better.”

But in an apparent attempt to prove him and the poll findings wrong, some British Muslims are taking to Twitter to highlight what they have in common with their countrymen – a sense of the ridiculous, and an appreciation of the banal aspects of everyday life. A Conservative politician, Baroness Warsi, the former Minister of State for Faith and Communities, kicked it off.


The hashtag #WhatBritishMuslimsReallyThink has been used more than 4,000 times on Twitter and while some are making light of the poll’s results, the jokes appear amidst a heated debate on the topic. There has also been robust reaction to Mr Phillips’ interpretation of the findings and his name was also trending on Monday after he made several media appearances including on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme.

Mr Phillips, who will present the documentary on Wednesday, wrote in the Sunday Times that the poll illustrated truths that some would find uncomfortable. “Liberal opinion in Britain has, for more than two decades, maintained that most Muslims are just like everyone else… we now know that just isn’t how it is,” he wrote. His comments were seized on by, among others, the disgraced former leader of the anti-Islamic English Defence League.


This was the response from the Chair of the Muslim Women’s Network UK.


This isn’t the first time a survey about British Muslim’s opinions has stirred up controversy on social media. In December 2015 the Sun newspaper published the headline “1 in 5 Brit Muslims’ sympathy for jihadis”, triggering a huge backlash on Twitter. Its reporting of the results was later deemed “significantly misleading” by the Independent Press Standards Organisation following a slew of complaints.

A different survey commissioned by the BBC in February 2015 found that 93% of Muslims living in Britain believed they should follow British laws. In the same survey, 27% said they had some sympathy for the motives behind the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Full results of the poll can be downloaded here.



8 thoughts on “BBC struggles, and fails, to prove recent Muslim poll wrong

  1. The us, and them narrative is all it will ever be with devout, practicing Muslims. They are not permitted friends from our ranks. We are friends of each other. Ring any bells Muslims?


  2. Muslims will never assimilate into to our culture. They expect us to assimilate into theirs. Covering our women with Islamic imperialist garments (the niqab). Adopting sharia as our laws. Submitting to Allah, and the totalitarian Islamic caliphate, in our own back yard. They expect tolerance, but tolerance in Islam is a one way street, and never our way. Always theirs. Give it two or three decades, and we’ll have a repeat of Lebanon 1975 in the UK 2036


  3. AL – “The Quran, Hadiths, Sira, history, and contemporaneous events are too much to overcome”.
    You are absolutely correct, Sir. The problem is that the quran was dictated to the paedophile (piss be upon him, the illiterate twat) supposedly by the Big Man Himself, thus it comprises the literal words of their supposed ‘God’. This makes it impossible for the quran to be changed, or islime reformed. This is the ultimate, irreconcilable difference between islime and Christianity. The quran was dictated, the Bible inspired by God.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Piss be upon him” I so much agree with you, good god when will the world recognize that piss be upon mohammed was a ‘bloody’ madman. As for the korahn islam nicked this from the Torah & the Christian New Testament. Jesus had been dead already 700 years before idiot mohammed came on the scene. He ascended into heaven do me a favor please! Piss be upon thee oh mighty Mohammed/Allah the grandiose warmonger, pedophile, rapist and decapitator!.Even the waning crescent moon is the death pagan symbol.


  4. The Quran, Hadiths, Sira, history, and contemporaneous events are too much to overcome. All the time and resources devoted to promoting, marketing, defending, and ignoring the malignancy called Islam aren’t enough. Only continued lies, deceit, suppression, oppression, and violence will “convince” non-Muslims not among its apologists/defenders to accept Muhammad’s “religion of peace.” All of Islam’s supporters, including the “elites,” are mortal enemies warranting appropriately ruthless treatment.


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