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Amsterdam police arrest suspected suicide bomber at Schiphol’s airport

Terror at the terminal: Amsterdam airport evacuated as armed police swarm entrance amid security alert and arrest one man before sending in bomb squad

  • Heavily armed Dutch military police stood guard outside Schiphol Airport
  • Airport officials said one man was arrested amid a ‘suspicious situation’
  • Authorities have been on high alert since the March 22 attacks in Brussels
  • Bomb disposal squad is checking arrested man’s luggage   


Amsterdam airport has been evacuated as an armed police and a bomb squad patrolled the terminal after officials reported a ‘suspicious situation’.

One man has been arrested by military police on the plaza outside the main entrance to the airport following the warning and his bags are being searched by bomb disposal experts.

Heavily armed Dutch special military police, wearing balaclavas, were seen guarding the airport,  which has been on high alert since the March 22 attacks in Brussels.

Evacuation: Amsterdam's Schiphol's airport has been partially evacuated after officials raised the alarm

Bomb squad: One man has been arrested and his luggage is being searched by a bomb squad

Emergency: Military police spokesman said a man was arrested at 21.45 local time outside the main entrance

Police have evacuated part of the airport plaza and the adjacent Sheraton Hotel and arrested one person amid a suspicious situation,’ spokeswoman Danielle Timmer told agencies, adding she had no further information.

Military police spokesman Alfred Ellwanger said that ‘around 9:45 pm (1945 GMT) a man was arrested on the square in front of the main entrance to the airport’s plaza’.

‘The bomb disposal squad is also on the scene and they are checking the man’s luggage,’ he said.

Armed: Schiphol Plaza and the next door Sheraton Hotel has been cleared as a precaution

Hub: The airport's underground train services were running as normal and flights were uninterrupted 

Ellwanger added that no flights were disrupted at the busy airport and trains were arriving as normal at the underground station which links the huge travel hub to the rest of the Netherlands.

It was not immediately clear how many people were evacuated when military police cordoned off the area, but Ellwanger said there had only been a few departures or arrivals left for the day.

Schiphol, which lies just outside the Dutch capital Amsterdam, is one of Europe’s busiest travel hubs with about 50 million visitors passing through each year.

Tensions have been high since the Brussels airport and metro bombings killed 32 people in neighbouring Belgium.

Like the November attacks on Paris, the March 22 bombings were claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group.

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