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Brussels: 90% of Muslim teens call jihad murderers heroes

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Blaming Policy, Not Islam, for Belgium’s Radicalized Youth

The Schaerbeek neighborhood in Brussels. Salah Abdeslam, the Islamic State recruit who participated in the Paris terror attacks, sought refuge in the neighborhood for weeks.
Daniel Berehulak for The New York Times

April 7, 2016, New York Times

BRUSSELS — Yves Goldstein makes no excuses for Belgium’s failure to find Salah Abdeslam and the other Islamic State recruits who attacked Paris and then bombed Brussels Airport and a subway station.

The problem is not Islam, he insists, but the negligence of government officials like himself in allowing self-contained ethnic ghettos to grow unchallenged, breeding anger, crime and radicalism among youth — a soup of grievances that suits Islamist recruiters.

“Our cities are facing a huge problem, maybe the largest since World War II,” Mr. Goldstein said. “How is it that people who were born here in Brussels…

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5 thoughts on “Brussels: 90% of Muslim teens call jihad murderers heroes

  1. They will continue to try and make things up because they don’t want to believe the truth.

    That’s fine because they’ll get beheaded first.


  2. Europe is embracing fascism once again by just another name. They call it religion this time, but it is still the same old fascism as the one of the past. Look at the behavior, it is the same as before and is sneaked in under the disguise of religion. Islam is fascism disguised as religion. They teach hate in all mosques and teach the virtue of fascism. Face facts! Fascism is fascism no matter what you call it or how you color it! Look at the violence! How did fascists rise to power? VIOLENCE! Islam is the religion of peace? YES, once they have killed everyone else! Violence is their road to power just like the fascists of WWII.


    • Communists were often just as violent as the fascists; in fact the Nazi attitude was that communists were potentially useful to them, they just needed re-educating. Often that was the outcome. Contrary what is often thought, very few communists were executed by the Nazis.


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