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UK: Muslim gang kick non-Muslim senseless in random suspected ‘racist attack’

Muslims are very cowardly. One-on-one they never have courage to do anything. They always have to gather in a pack of savages to one lone person.



Shocking video shows moment gang of thugs kick man senseless before repeatedly booting his head against a petrol pump 

  • The brutal assault of man at a garage forecourt has been captured on CCTV
  • Gang of thugs seen booting head of victim, in his 20s, against petrol pump
  • Woman comes to man’s aid but forced to flee when attacker marches at her
  • Two men, 19 and 21, have been arrested by police on suspicion of assault


Shocking CCTV footage has captured the brutal assault of a 25-year-old man who was left slumped unconscious against a petrol pump after being repeatedly booted in the head by a gang of thugs.

In the video the victim desperately tries to run away from his attackers only to stumble and fall against a car which had just been filled up at a garage forecourt in the early hours of the morning.

A young woman wearing a dress and high heels later comes to the man’s aid but is forced to flee when a hooded yob marches over to the unconscious man and jabs him in the throat.

The gang then begin rifling through the victim’s pockets as he lies motionless on the floor.

Brutal: Shocking CCTV footage has captured the horrific assault of a 25-year-old man whose head was repeatedly booted against a petrol pump by a gang of thugs at a garage forecourt in Birmingham

8 thoughts on “UK: Muslim gang kick non-Muslim senseless in random suspected ‘racist attack’

  1. !!! – “This Bold, uncut exhibition of Muslim Savagery, is inspired by the Qu’ran, and is gleefully engaged in, because their “Religion” sanctions and approves it! Mohammad was a ‘zealous’ advocate of the savage ‘Murder’ of ALL and ANY refusing to convert to Islam! Where the lives of “Infidels” and non-believers’ were ‘spared’ they were subject to a “Tax” (Jhizya) for the ‘privilege’ – but beyond that, they were regarded as ‘Garbage!”

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  2. The U.K. Needs to start groups and go after them your gov nor police are helping you so band together and go after them after a few beating they may get the idea


    • Readers from Spain tell us that Moroccan sex attackers of local women face getting bludgeoned to death by groups of local men that go out to find them. Apparently pretty common in South Spain.


      • After a 400 year long Inquisition to rid themselves of Islam, I’m amazed they let even one into the country at all.

        Then again, they probably aren’t even taught that’s what it was about either.

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  3. The victims sometimes die in kicking attacks so their assailants could have been up for murder. They will probably all be caught and end up doing time anyway.
    We don’t know why they were attacked but it could have been because they were white and looked uncool and incapable of defending themselves. In my youth I went anywhere I wanted to go and defended myself if necessary. If you are prepared to defend yourself you probably will not need to do so.


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