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UK Equalities minister admits: poll proves Muslims won’t assimilate

It’s curious why media keeps referring to “contempt for white girls” when many reports have shown Muslims have no restrictions on their contempt to any women. They have been found to groom and target women from any race, including a lot of grooming of Hindu and Sikh women. So there is definietly no specific target of “white girls” but simply any non-Muslim women. We believe that this grooming extend even amongst women within the Muslim community because the Muslim male respect for women is non-existant even within their own community. Because the Muslim community is so insular these stories are not reaching out to the public.



The chasm in attitudes that threatens the UK: Poll finds there is a gulf between some Muslims and other Britons on issues including marriage and freedom of speech 

  • Ex-equalities chief warns many UK Muslims want to live more separately
  • Trevor Phillips claims a ‘significant minority’ would prefer sharia law
  • Believes recent polls suggest a growing gulf between Britons and Muslims
  • Pointed to ‘contempt for white girls’ shown by some Muslim in sex rings

By Andy Dolan for the Daily Mail
Published: 01:13, 11 April 2016 |

Polls suggest there is a gulf between Muslims and other Britons on issues such as marriage, freedom of speech and justifying violence in defence of religion

7 thoughts on “UK Equalities minister admits: poll proves Muslims won’t assimilate

  1. Wait, are they starting to get it?

    “British Muslims … 78 per cent said they would like to integrate into British life on most things”
    Unacceptable. Even if you’re cool with changing your demographics to Brazil, that sentence needs to read “Integrate into British life on ALL things”. Because anything else means that they’re changing what British life is.


  2. What’s with the “grooming”word a rape is a rape never mind making up a new word for it
    Everyone knew they would never assimilate so start deporting these people DoNOT LET THEM
    BUILD CITY WITHIN A CITY if you do they will bring in their own laws soon they will take over your country fight people for your country


    • The intent of the word is something along the lines of intentionally creating Stockholm Syndrome in them. To make them like it and actively want to participate.

      Something tells me rapefugees are incapable of that kind of finesse, and really just rape them. Like a lot.


  3. What is rather more relevant than the admission that he was and is a fool, is exactly what are he and his leftist mates going to do about the wholesale disaster they have unleashed upon the UK?……usually SFA! I mean he has admitted he was wrong.That is further than 99% of leftists have managed, so do not expect anything useful other than this pathetic “mea culpa” to come out of his great moment of awakening….. The Left should be made to pay for what they have wilfully inflicted upon the rest of humanity.


    • Trevor Phillips YES an unexpected turnaround He seems to be one of the very few lefties who can actually join evidence dots and form a relevant opinion and thus change his mind.. All the other lefties just recite their cultural marxism no matter what the facts, in some kind of trance state. It qualifies as a kind of dementia that seemingly one catches at uni and goes unnoticed..Marxism appeals to naive narcissistic people whose main output is sneering and pseudo-intellectual criticism to invoke self hate in others. First met it 50 yrs ago in my History teacher so Left she disliked everything and made out everything was wrong about the British Empire. Lefties are a personality type. Can they be awakened from their trance?
      It might require warfare.


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