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Three Suicide Bombers Blow Themselves Up Near Police Department in Russia

Russia Three Suicide Bombers Blow Themselves Up Near Police Department


by Sputniknews

Three suspected suicide bombers detonated themselves near a police department in the Stavropol Region in Southern Russia.

“Three suicide bombers allegedly detonated themselves near the police station in the Novoselitsk District of the Stavropol Region. The terrorists died, and around five explosions were heard,” a law enforcement source told RIA Novosti.

Stavropol police have confirmed the attack on the police department.

“An attack occurred on the police department in the Novoselitsk District, information is being clarified,” the source said.

According to a military source, another two militants were eliminated.

The Stavropol police have confirmed that no other lives were lost in the blasts and neither civilians or police were injured.

“There are allegedly no injured among civilians or employees of the law enforcement agencies,” the source said.

6 thoughts on “Three Suicide Bombers Blow Themselves Up Near Police Department in Russia

  1. We’ve been searching for a palliative to Islam for fourteen centuries. Faith-based euthanasia may be the answer to their prayers and ours.

    I encourage that public monies be expended to facilitate implementation.


  2. This is excellent news. The suicide bombers dispose of themselves without injuring any one else. It should be encouraged as a method of culturally-appropriate protest.


  3. In WW2 Communists, Nazis and Japanese made suicidal attacks and expected no reward but instead, did their deed for their concept of “the greater good”.
    muslime suicide bombers expect a heavenly reward for their actions and it is hard not to have contempt for them all. Compared to this peri-human trash kamikazes and their ilk were really brave, unselfish individuals. I would be tempted to feed the remains of such muslime creatures to our pigs but pigs deserve better and so just burying them with pig offal should do.


    • Wait, what?

      I was only aware of kamikaze attacks by flying planes directly into ships, or even japanese manned torpedoes.

      What other suicidal attacks?


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