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Scotland: Muslims celebrate murder of Ahmadi with Facebook tribute



Facebook page is set up PRAISING taxi driver who said he killed peace-loving Muslim shopkeeper

  • Popular shopkeeper’s death shocked his local community in Glasgow
  • A man has said he killed him because he claimed he was a prophet
  • Now a Facebook page has been set up praising the alleged killer
  • Critics brand page ‘horrific’ and warn defendant could become a ‘celebrity’

By Jenny Kane For The Scottish Daily Mail
Published: 11:49, 8 April 2016

A Facebook page has been set up praising the self-proclaimed killer of Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah.

The disturbing social media page – with more than 700 ‘likes’ – describes Tanveer Ahmed as a ‘public figure’.

It refers to the 32-year-old taxi driver from Bradford who is accused of murder as ‘Ghazi’, a title given to Muslim warriors or champions.

The page has been branded ‘propaganda’ which is encouraging extremism by some of those calling for it to be taken down.

On Wednesday, Ahmed appeared to say he killed Mr Shah in a statement read outside court. In it he said he did it because the newsagent had claimed to be a prophet.

Shopkeeper Asad Shah was killed outside his store

Tanveer Ahmed made a statement claiming he killed him
Asad Shah (left) was killed last month. Tanveer Ahmed (right) made a statement claiming he killed him.

Mr Shah – a Muslim belonging to the Ahmadiyya Islamic sect which preaches ‘love for all, hatred for none’ – was stabbed and killed outside his store in the Shawlands area of the city last month.

Police confirmed the man arrested in connection with the murder was also Muslim and described the attack as ‘religiously prejudiced’.

On the Facebook page, which was started a week after Mr Shah’s death, one post reads: ‘When a person’s tounge [sic] becomes quiet and friendly then his heart becomes pious and clean.’

Photos of Mr Shah covered with a red cross have received dozens of ‘likes’. Meanwhile, images of the man who claims to have killed him are followed by love heart emojis.

One image shows Ahmed next to a photograph of executed terrorist Mumtaz Qadri. The former bodyguard was hanged after murdering a leading politician who had criticised Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

Someone has left a comment under the image which reads: ‘I Love Mumtaz Qadri and Ghazi Tanveer Ahmed Qadiri.’

A 'horrific' Facebook page has now been set up which appears to praise Ahmed as a 'Muslim warrior'

8 thoughts on “Scotland: Muslims celebrate murder of Ahmadi with Facebook tribute



  2. A man has said he killed him because he claimed he was a prophet- yet they follow a psychopath who did just that and worse!


  3. This is why Scotland should be for the Scottish.

    If the owner of that store had been Scottish, and all the people around were Scottish, no Islam-based murder would have occurred.

    I don’t follow why it is some virtue to have any sort of immigration the way we have it. It should be an exception, not a rule.

    In terms of genetics, the genetics for the entire British Isles have changed more in the last five years than the previous every invasion since, let’s say 500BC, combined.

    This is nothing more than another invasion which remains unchallenged by the natives.

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  4. “The Muslim Council of Scotland said it is ‘deeply concerned’ by Ahmed’s statement. The council has asked imams across Scotland”

    Just how bloody many are there?


    • I wonder why they are only “deeply concerned” about Ahmeds statement.
      I want to know what THEY are doing about Ahmeds statement. Weasel words don’t mean a damn thing it is only actions that count.
      I have found 2 Facebook pages celebrating what this guy has done with over 1000 likes in total.


  5. The disturbing social media page – with more than 700 ‘likes’ – describes Tanveer Ahmed as a ‘public figure’.- These 700 are just a few of the “moderate” Muslims willing to impose Sharia on everyone when the number of Muslims reaches critical mass. Enough sharks, a little blood, then the frenzy begins.

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  6. You know your country is dead (and no longer yours), when “Facebook” allows this injustice – and you can’t protest without being attacked (and arrested) for Hate Speech.

    Somebody … Please, bury the poor, dead, Brits!


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