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Sweden: Muslim teacher bought components for a pressure cooker bomb to become a martyr


Trainee Teacher Bought Components For Boston Bombing-Style Pressure Cooker Bomb

Pressure Cooker Bomb

by Oliver JJ Lane
7 Apr 2016, Breitbart

A 20-year-old Muslim male appeared in Swedish court today, standing accused of manufacturing a device with the intention of performing a suicide bombing in the Nordic nation.

The former trainee teacher was arrested in February after buying bomb-making equipment to construct a device that has been described as being similar to the ones used to kill six and maim hundreds at the 2013 Boston marathon. Among the materials purchased for the incomplete device were a pressure-cooker, ball bearings, and acetone bleach, a common bomb making ingredient.

The man had already been prevented from joining the Islamic State.

Prosecutor Ewamari Häggkvist told the court that the accused had “acquired, stored and compiled liquids and objects with the intent to make a suicide bomb. The criminal act prepared would have seriously hurt Sweden… We have evidence that he has bought and acquired a number of objects.

“We have seized six bottles of acetone. We can see that he has bought at least three packages of ball-bearings. He has bought a pressure cooker. He bought Christmas tree lights, the kind with a part-loop [of wire] with batteries. We have also found duct tape and an old model mobile phone, and he himself has said that he has bought three large boxes of matches.

“He has bought these with the intention of making a bomb”.

The case against the man states “the purpose of the act was to seriously intimidate a population or a population group and to seriously destabilize or destroy the fundamental political, constitutional, economic or social structures in Sweden”, reports Aftonbladet.

Although police seized computers belonging to the man which revealed internet searches on home bomb making and on-line conversations about his desire to become a Martyr, they have been unable to determine when and where he wanted to launch his attack.

The prosecutor said: “He says he wants to become a martyr. There is information in the investigation that he is to others would have expressed that he would explode and die in the name of God and are open to do something in Sweden… he wants to do something against the enemies of the Daesh [Islamic State]”, reports Expressen.

The man had already travelled to Turkey and twice attempted to cross to Syria with the intention of joining the Islamic State, but was stopped on both occasions said the prosecutor. The Swedish secret service ‘SAPO’ had been alerted of his departure in July 2015 by concerned friends who told them he was going to fight jihad.

The accused has not entered a plea but rejects the idea he wanted to detonate a bomb in Sweden. Although he admits he wants to become a martyr, he said he wanted to do so abroad.

While the case was being heard this morning, Swedish and Danish police struck on four more Islamic State sympathisers, taking them into custody. The four men now stand accused of wanting to join ISIS, and the police report states officers found weapons, ammunition, and Islamic State paperwork. The men will stand before judges tomorrow, reports Expressen.


3 thoughts on “Sweden: Muslim teacher bought components for a pressure cooker bomb to become a martyr


    A quote from a sign hanging in a West Point classroom.

    …..“When civilized man can no longer stand the horrors of war and declares that he will no longer fight, then he will surely be killed or enslaved by the uncivilized.”…..

    Have we reached that point?

    Are we no longer willing to do what needs to be done to secure victory?”

    This sign, this quotation, summarizes our current spirit, the current esprit de corps of our Western nations and of our culture. It summarizes the color and texture of each brick that paves the road to our complete enslavement as a people at the hands of the Muslim and our complete annihilation as a culture at the hands of the political ideology of Islam.

    Truly we have become, in virtually every sense, cowards. We are cowards being led to our slaughter by treasonous fools.

    Evidence of this on the evening news as we are lied to and manipulated by the talking heads of Marxist media. Even as we know we are being lied to, we sit indifferent and indecisive.

    Evidence of this in our courts as Muslim criminals are deified and turned loose, their outrageous crimes ignored, their outrageous crimes unpunished.

    Evidence of this in our parliaments and legislatures as laws protecting those who terrorize us and destroy our cities, towns and the entirety of our culture are given victim status and licence to continue their destruction anew.

    Evidence of this in our police stations and our intelligence agencies as unable to even speak the name of the Muslim, unable to even speak the name of the ideology that seeks our destruction, these servants of the law persecute and vilify decent, law abiding, patriotic citizens all while they protect the vulgar, criminal filth that is the Muslim.

    Evidence as our humiliation explodes all around us in the West and Europe as our cities have been turned into Islamic latrines, as our women and children are raped and murdered and all while we stand defenceless while those elected or appointed with our stewardship and protection have openly abandoned us and eagerly lick the asses of the Muslim.

    All around us, from the filth that clamours at the gates of our cities, to those Marxist traitors within who walk amongst us, we truly are under attack and have little time left to find our courage, to rise and defend ourselves, our families, our countrymen, our culture and our countries.

    I have long been condemned for telling the truth. I have long been referred to as an extremist who is inciting violence. This, all this, for simply telling the truth. This, all of this, for simply pointing out the emperors’ nudity.

    So, once again, here is more lucidity, more truth. You can call it what you will.

    Would we be in the position we are in currently if citizens rose collectively to arrest and imprison judges, police chiefs, politicians and senior bureaucrats who are clearly and actively engaged in collaboration with the Muslim?

    Would we be in the position we are in if those judges, police chiefs, politicians and senior bureaucrats we arrested were stood before quasi-military tribunals, tried and convicted of treason and then summarily executed?

    Would we be in the position we are in if the Marxist media personalities, the Marxist academia were to suffer the same fate as the judges and the police chiefs?

    If not collectively, would all of the aforementioned not be effective if achieved by small groups of men and women who refuse to watch their culture and countries destroyed?

    Would we be in the position we are in if all persons engaged in the act of wearing a weaponized/politized article of clothing like the hijab or niqab resulted in either their assassination or their arrest and then their being stripped of citizenship and deported penniless?

    Would we be in the position we are in if every mosque, every Muslim friendship center, every Muslim community liaison, every Muslim school, was torched and burned to the ground with those who opposed the torching shot to death?

    Would we be in the position we are in if every retail location that sold “halal” products was torched and burned to the ground?

    Would we be in the position we are in if every lawyer who, in any way, acted in defense of a Muslim or Islamic interests, if every “immigration center” promoting mass/Muslim immigration was targeted with offices, vehicles and residences burned to the ground?

    We all know the answers to these questions and so does the Muslim.

    And we should know and understand what the Muslim does; that until being a Muslim and spreading Islam in Western countries is a death or deportation sentence, we will continue to lose and the Muslim will continue to win.

    Its not called incitement of violence.

    Its not called Islamophobia.

    Its not called extremism.

    Its called “The Will To Win”

    Never forget that.

    Remember that when the next Muslim slaughterhouse takes place in an airport or public venue.

    Remember that the next time your young women and children are brutally raped by Muslim filth.

    Its called “The Will To Win”.

    Never forget that. Ever.

    Arm yourselves now !

    Organize now !

    Defend yourselves now !

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Ross Wilson
    Boseman, Montana


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