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Norway: Leftist politician feels ‘guilty’ his Muslim rapist is to be deported

The delusional left-winger suffers the Stockholm syndrom and “feels sorry” for a violent criminal who freely and willingly chose to attack and rape another man. No one forced him to. And Mr Hauken knows absolutely nothing abut his rapists and whether he has truly been a “victim of his circumstances” or whether he is actually one of the reasons circumstances are as they are in Somalia. Mr Hauken should focus his pity on the victims of these criminals imported into the country by people like himself.

The “file photo” of the WHITE, NON-MUSLIM male takes the price in the story. The Merkel Muslim rapist was a Somali African. He was probably hung like the Islamic donkey Buraq, making sure the anal penetration would be remembered for decades to come. One can speculate that Mr Hauken may have required a few stitches where the sun don’t shine. Serves him well, the bleeding leftist. Maybe they should get married and run off together?

Buraq is the hallucinary donkey that flew the prophet of Islam to Jersualem from Mecca, apparently a distance of 666 nautical miles, in a bizarre nightflight delusion mentioned in the Hadith.



Male Norwegian politician raped by asylum seeker says he feels GUILTY that his attacker will now be deported because the man might suffer back in Somalia

  • Norwegian politician says he feels guilty that his rapist was deported
  • Karsten Nordal Hauken was raped by Somali asylum seeker
  • Rapist was convicted and deported after serving his sentence
  • Nordal Hauken writes that he feels sorry for his attacker


A Norwegian politician has spoken of how how he felt guilty that the Somali asylum seeker who raped him was deported.

Karsten Nordal Hauken, from Ås, Akershus, was raped in his home and the perpetrator was subsequently caught and jailed for 4.5 years.

However, when Nordal Hauken found out that the man was to be deported back to Somalia after serving his time, he reveals he felt guilt that the man would possibly face hardship in his old country.

Guilt: Left-wing politician Karsten Nordal Hauken was raped by a Somalian asylum seeker, but said the rapists subsequent deportation left him feeling guilty and sorry for his attacker

Nordal Hauken has told his story as part of a television series on Norwegian state broadcaster NRK called Jeg mot Meg [Me against Myself] about mental illness and psychological struggles.

Nordal Hauken, who describes himself as a ‘young Socialist Left Party member, feminist and anti-racist’, was attacked in his own home.

Mr Nordal Hauken's attacker was jailed for 4.5 years and then deported back to Somalia (file photo)

[Apparently this photo is suppose to imply the African rapist who analy penetrated the left wing politician] Mr Nordal Hauken’s attacker was jailed for 4.5 years and then deported back to Somalia (file photo).

The politician reveals that he struggled to come to terms with being a heterosexual male rape victim, and subsequently self-medicated with alcohol and cannabis.

‘I am a heterosexual man who was raped by a Somalian asylum seeker,’ Nordal Hauken writes for NRK.

‘My life fell into ruin, but now I feel guilty about him being sent out of the country.’

He reveals how he was called up by the prison shortly before the perpetrator was to be deported to Somalia, having served 4.5 years in prison for the rape.

‘I felt relief and happiness that he would be gone forever. I felt like the Norwegian State had taken responsibility to carry out the ultimate revenge, like an angry father confronting it’s child’s attacker.

‘But I also had a strong feeling of guilt and responsibility. I was the reason that he would not be in Norway anymore, but rather sent to a dark uncertain future in Somalia

He adds: I see him mostly like a product of an unfair world, a product of an upbringing marked by war and despair.




21 thoughts on “Norway: Leftist politician feels ‘guilty’ his Muslim rapist is to be deported

  1. You can go and fuck yourself, you idiot leftist muzzie scum lover. This guy, and not just this is mentally ill, they will never get better, and be careful, people from Scandinavia, like this one`s will get you killed as a nation, Swedenistan is already done, Germanistan and Belgistan are close to be done, so the sooner you start the fight to take back your country, the better will be. Otherwise, you are fucked up too, like this poor idiot, he don`t know that those savage muzzie scum are born savages, all their lives live like savages, and they die like savages, so you can not destroy Europe, just becouse you and that crazy senile bitch Ferkel live in a parallel world. War is coming, you stupid fag, and the likes of you will be taken care of, don`t you think you will get us killed, we will kill you first, you and all those 1.5 million muzzie scum that come to Europe last year. So, the clock is ticking, you handicapped moron leftist nobody, better go and fuck yourself from now.


  2. Thank heaven’s I know the difference between right and wrong. I won’t even go to Scandinavia until this scum has been deported totally, From the rear I look like a girl just into her teens. I would be a prime target. I suggest women don’t go to Scandinavia, even the men can’t see sense and this idiot is in politics! My case rests!!!


  3. He’s only regretful that his rapist is deported as soon as he’s out of prison coz they can’t pick up from where they left off. This retard politician has probably waited anxiously for the last 4.5 years for his rapist’s release so they have a chance of having another go at each other like rabbits. He must have liked his first rape too much.


  4. This man has been brainwashed by so called multicultural tolerance.Not with psychopaths from arabic and muslim countries.They will not learn how to become sane normal people, because they’ve already damaged psychologically and they won’t change.It’s in their heads.They will only destroy somebody else’s life.That all.Now I personally think that once they’ll will whether destroy Europe and European culture and way of life or there will be a new Hitler to start something bloody and bad.Crazy world we live in.


  5. It’d be funny if it wasn’t pathetic. How many females would be so generous towards their rapist ? Makes me think that he fell in love with his rapist and wouldn’t mind him coming around again.


  6. What is it with these “weak” Europeans? He is brutally raped by a Muslim-savage and is worried about him being deported? This is not understood in America. We would want him dead! We have guns. We understand that Muslims and most folks like this black dude are inferior, and we need to be put them sleep. They should never have been born in the first place.


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