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France: 3,000 armed guards in plain clothes will board trains to monitor Muslim terrorism

Armed guards to board French trains

Mon, 04/04/2016 – 11:00
Riviera Insider

Some 3,000 armed guards in plain clothes will board France's trains as part of a new security initiative. Copyright David McKelvey.

Some 3,000 armed guards in plain clothes will board France’s trains as part of a new security initiative. Copyright David McKelvey.

Following the terror attacks in Brussels, the SNCF is placing thousands of armed guards on France’s trains. Security will be upped considerably thanks to a reported 400 million euro injection into the budget, which will also centralise surveillance of the network’s CCTV cameras across the country.

President of the SNCF Guillaume Pépy has announced that the company’s security budget will be increased by 50% to allow for as many as 3,000 armed guards in civilian dress to board France’s rail network.

According to reports, the revised budget will also permit the SNCF to create a central surveillance centre for its 40,000 CCTV cameras, many of which are found in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

Le Figaro has reported that an additional 30 sniffer dogs will join the SNCF’s security ranks in major stations, allowing the network to increase search operations of baggage.

The newspaper states that, according to Pépy, security gates will be installed in 15 of the country’s busiest train hubs. He hopes that ongoing discussions to improve security checks on trains entering France between the French government and those of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands will lead to an improvement in safety for passengers. “We all should be able to board a train knowing we are safe,” said Pépy.


26 thoughts on “France: 3,000 armed guards in plain clothes will board trains to monitor Muslim terrorism

  1. Good for border trains, but it has got to the point where all trains in France need guards so Muslims will stop accosting French women and children. Also train prayer on the floor absolutely needs to stop. Sick of seeing grown men’s behinds raised in the air. Also the Muslim women r supposed to pray as many times a day, but u don’t see them doing that on trains. They will tell u ifvu miss a prayer, u can do it later. If that’s true, so can the men!.
    Vote no more floor blocking on trains! And this is also a hazard issue. Move off the floor!


    • Do they REALLY do THAT on trains?? Tell me it ain’t so….they actually bend down on the train…to PRAY…REALLY?? Wow, that’s just down right ignorance…
      That’s probably what the guards are for then… tell them to move if someone needs to get by! And can you imagine a gay guy on that train, just looking at some stupid muslim butt…and wishin?? lol…ok not funny…


  2. How many Muslim countries are there? Send them back to one of them!! I don’t want their “convert or die” religion in MY neighborhood, or even my state! (Unfortunately, I’m seeing them now in Walmart, and dollar stores!) What can I doooooo??? Obummer is sending them in by the thousands, when thousands were already HERE!! I want to MOVE!! But where? Every civilized country is being taken over by this ONE, evil, satanist, RELIGION!!


  3. Why Europe is in trouble? using so many people to protect themselves? someone playing dirty game with Europe and Christianity. everyone knows that simple solution is to send these people back to their countries and there will be no need of security or fear. you are keeping, protecting and feeding problem and saying we have problems.


  4. Do you know what the secret is to national security?

    “The challenge of Muslim extremism is real, but we can meet it with humanity, courage, and an omnipresent totalitarian surveillance state.”

    Or we could just have no muslims here.

    Looks like these guys are going for option one.


  5. Once again, no mention from whom passengers are being kept same….. It must be Sherpa or Buddhist terrorists, or Christian Bible belt terrorists, or maybe those horrible Zionists terrorists, because they have more U.N. resolutions against them than all other countries combined. That must be it. We are facing a large scale attack from Zionists against Europe’s major transportation carriers. And for goodness sake, I bet they’ll even try to blame it on those poor, sweet, peaceful Islamists.


    • You’re aware on apostate muslim sites they think ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, or something like that right?


      • Are you kidding? How stupid is this! Well my first thought was Islam had adopted the middle eastern name for Venus/Aphrodite = ISIS Astoreth etc etc! But never ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE. Hmm Israel and Jews behave like scum savage barbaric moslems – if the world believes this (which it seems to do) no wonder Islam is running riot all over the world, further buying up Oil wells of other nations and at the same time enforcing Islam. Their own Oil is running out. Do us all a favor Mr. Putin carpet bomb the lot including Iran and concentrate on the OIL fields one way of depriving Wahhabi scum Islam of its power.


      • It may not be the exact name, I’m not sure, but it still gives you the idea.

        Yes, they really do think that. I think it’s apostate muslims who think it, because they also immediately deny that muslims would ever do such a thing. That Muslims would never be that violent.

        One of the pieces of evidence they use is that ISIS hasn’t attacked Israel. It clearly has nothing to do with the fact that ISIS territory doesn’t reach Israel.

        Other than that I think it’s a case of going too far with what truly is going on behind the scenes, adding just a tad too much tin foil to the hat. George Soros is a Jew, and seems to have funded the original Arab Spring protests. Much like he’s funding Democracy Spring against Trump now.

        So you could easily make the case that there’s at least one Jew (I imagine there are at least some others in his organization) behind the death of Gaddafi and the plummet of Libya into chaos and the halt of the Great Manmade River.

        There is of course a massive gulf between those two positions. It’s just that they play the anti-semitism card for both, much like you’re just a racist if you don’t like Obama.


      • Wow, I didn’t even know that, or think of that! I’ll have to keep that in mind! Horrible! But as for this article, I agree with most commenters on here: Send their A**es BACK (there are MANY muslim countries) PICK ONE! Then you won’t NEED these plain clothes people doing this job!


    • And Sweden, and Britian, and….etc etc….they know exactly what their doing, and HOW to do it! And it’s working well. Why? Because of ignorant, blind people in GOVERNMENTS!!


  6. Within two decades, Western societies’ liberties, safety, and security have all significantly waned by the mere threat of Islamic terror, caused by the mere presence of Muslims. During the same period, the size and omnipresence of the surveillance police state, have waxed, ostensibly to deal with the threat, but increasingly used against any opposition to the intentional and ongoing introduction of more Muslims and increase of Islam’s influence in those societies.


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