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British musician jailed in Dubai: ‘I thought they were going to take turns to rape me’


‘I thought they were going to take turns to rape me’: British musician jailed in Dubai tells how ‘corrupt police gave him electric shocks to his testicles’ during horror ordeal

  • Karl Williams described his ordeal at the hands of Dubai police and jailers
  • The 28-year-old spent a year in prison for ‘bogus’ drug charges, he says
  • He described fears he would be ‘raped by corrupt police’ during his arrest
  • In prison, he witnessed gang brawls in which people were stabbed to death
  • The London musician was released after a year when he was pardoned


A British musician who claims he was tortured in a Dubai jail while imprisoned on bogus drugs charges feared corrupt police were going to rape him during his ordeal.

Karl Williams has told how he was subjected to horrendous abuse during his arrest and imprisonment, including suffering a broken arm and having electric shocks administered to his testicles.

The 28-year-old singer was on holiday with friends Grant Cameron and Suneet Jeerh in 2012 when they were arrested for possessing synthetic cannabis, which they insist had been planted in their hire car.

Karl Williams claims he saw men torn apart by knife-wielding inmates, while others were forcibly infected with HIV during his time in the hellish Dubai prison. Here he is pictured in his cell during the horror ordeal

The 28-year-old has written about his experience inside the prison in a new autobiography called Killing Time. Here is a picture of one of the meals he was served

They spent a year behind bars before being pardoned and freed in July 2013, after human rights organisation Reprieve and Prime Minister David Cameron intervened in the case.

In an extract from his autobiographical book Killing Time, published in The Sun, he described how corrupt police dragged him from a car during his holiday.

They began demanding to know where the ‘drugs’ were, before using an electric cattle prod to shock him on the legs and testicles.

Telling him he would never see his family again, they warned: ‘You will do 25 years before you finish – and that’s if you ever leave this desert alive.’

He then began fearing he would be raped when another officer asked him if he had ever been ‘f***** like a w****’.

Williams claimed a synthetic drug called ‘Spice’ was planted in the group’s car, a crime for which they were sentenced to four years in prison.

Inside prison – which he only survived due to a friendship with a Russian gangster – he described seeing groups of men stabbing each other in packs while guards stood by without intervening.

‘I saw men get stabbed in the neck and others sliced down their faces. Blood splattered every surface as prisoner after prisoner was sliced.’

He also said the prison was run by Russian gangsters, who would use HIV-positive inmates to rape and infect others as a means of punishment.

Karl Williams pictured singing on stage following his release from prison in Dubai
Karl Williams

Here Mr Williams is pictured performing with Sammy Porter at a club night following his 2013 release

Mr Williams has now told the Press Association: ‘When I came home I found it very hard to adjust. I used to wake up in the middle of the night screaming and crying, not knowing why.

‘I had mood swings, it must have been hard for my family to be around me.’

He added: ‘I’m not sure why this happened to me. If I knew that I would have been able to avoid the situation.’

The trio, all from east London, were each sentenced to four years in prison after being convicted for drugs possession.

They claim they were forced at gunpoint to sign documents in Arabic and that their trial was conducted in the same language without any interpreter.

Despite his ordeal Mr Williams said he would not advise people against going to Dubai and added: ‘I’m not going to say don’t go there, it’s a beautiful country.’



2 thoughts on “British musician jailed in Dubai: ‘I thought they were going to take turns to rape me’

  1. It’s not the first or the last time someone will be falsely arrested in the UAE. We just don’t hear much about it in the media. If your not a national then your treated like crap, I would recommend no one stay too long in the UAE.


  2. Remember this Americans, when you want to accept the culture of Islam believing they are people too. Your destruction is their objective.


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