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Austria closes its borders to almost all asylum-seekers


A boy plays near the Greece-Macedonian border

A boy plays near the Greece-Macedonian border CREDIT: DIMITAR DILKOFF /AFP

Justin Huggler, berlin
31 MARCH 2016 • 5:36PM

Austria has announced tough new plans to reject almost all asylum-seekers at its borders as it continues a crackdown against migrants.

Under the new measures, all asylum claims will be decided within an hour at the country’s borders.

Only migrants who have an immediate relative already granted asylum in Austria will be allowed to enter.

Applicants who are at risk of death or inhumane treatment if they are not granted asylum will also be allowed in.

But in practice almost no one will be able to claim asylum on the grounds of physical danger as they will be judged to be safe in the neighbouring European countries they have travelled through.

The makeshift migrant camp near the Greek village of Idomeni

The makeshift migrant camp near the Greek village of Idomeni CREDIT: LOUISA GOULIAMAKI /AFP

All migrants whose claims are rejected will be turned back at the border.

“We will not accept any applications for asylum unless we are obliged to under criteria such as Article 8 of the European Convetion on Human Rights,” Johanna Mikl-Leitner, the Austrian interior minister, said.

Werner Faymann, the Austrian chancellor, indicated the country will no longer allow asylum-seekers to cross its territory on their way to Germany.

If Germany wants to accept asylum-seekers, “they must be picked up from where they are, before they make an illegal journey,” Mr Faymann said.

The new plans come after a quota system imposed earlier this year by the Austrian government to limit refugee numbers was ruled illegal by its own experts.

In January, the Austrian government announced it would only accept 37,500 asylum-seekers this year. It later moved to impose daily caps.

But the European Commission challenged the quota policy as illegal under EU law.

Mr Faymman’s government appointed its own panel of experts to examine the policy, but they ruled it was illegal.

Austria has been locked in a dispute with Germany over its efforts to stop the influx of asylum-seekers by sealing borders along the “Balkan Route”.

The numbers of migrants travelling through Europe has fallen dramatically since Austria and other countries moved to close their borders.

But Angela Merkel has accused them of creating a new humanitarian crisis in Greece by confining migrants there.

5 thoughts on “Austria closes its borders to almost all asylum-seekers

  1. Too little, too late, my little austrians with half-brain. The enemy is inside already, the germans say something about 160.000 rapefugees have dissapeared in Germanistan after registration, what the fuck do you think they are up too ? Sure they don`t want to visit Disneyland in Paris 🙂 Even to think about the gravity of this will get uou out from your comfort zone, little stupid germans and austrians, but you wanted to play with fire, now you will pay the price. Don`t you think a moment that your gobernment will do something to stop those muzzie scum savages, you are already lost. Sorry, but don`t your mommy and daddy told you when you we`re kids to not to talk to strangers ? Well, that`s happen when you invite inside 1 milion muzzies scum savage stranger, they will fuck you up 🙂 the next time they will blow up somewhere there will be more than 2 or 3 thousand deaths, and guess what, after that you will do candle vigil. That`s a way to deal with things like this in a war zone, like in where you are actually, stupid little unicorn dreamers 🙂


    • Now Now….I’m just as mad as you are about this one and only evil, satanic “convert or die” religionist animals, and I know there’s probably a thousand or more of them evil ones in THAT country already….BUT, isn’t this a ray of hope for this country of Austria?? Won’t you give them some praise, for being at least ONE country, that has the sense, FINALLY…to shut their borders? I’d give anything if this crummy, backwards, ignorant goverment of the “used to be good” ole USA, would do that!! Or if ALL the countries smartened up, all of a sudden and decided to do this!! (I know. I’m dreaming) Well, I just wanted to praise this country for doing the right thing, and for them to send me a visa….I’m moving THERE! Oh, never mind, I’m probably on the no fly list, for all the comments I’ve made on a hundred sites about our so called “government”, and our muslim leader….obummer. Anyone can TRY to leave, and see how far they get, huh? But how much more can I say about those muzzies being able to walk right in with no problem, and how much more could I say about them “**##@ getting everything they want, FREE. And how much more could I say about the, soooo many hungry and homeless people that would have to fight the red tape, if THEY wanted anything! A LOT! But I must stop, before I get angrier. I understand exactly how you feel!


  2. It would have been better if the EU had extended loans to Greece to rid herself of all these fake refugees pitching up on her shores. CLosing the borders now is too late, this should have been done from the start. We are all facing hell on earth from Islam.


    • I’ve seen a LOT of your comments around the web, but THIS time, I agree MUCH, about what you said! It don’t get any truer than THAT!


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