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Syrian child brides: Muslim pedo perverts: ‘He was 28, I was 13’

He was 28, I was 13: The stories of Syrian child brides

By Elizabeth Pierson


More than 4.8 million refugees have fled Syria as a result of the ongoing violence in their country. And more than 1 million of those have found refuge in Lebanon. Many of the refugees are young, and one in four Syrian women in Lebanon are married before they turn 18.

Photojournalist Magnus Wennman and journalist Carina Bergfeldt captured images of the child brides, interviewing them about their lives and any hope they have for the future.

Taghride, 15


“The man who I am going to marry is so ugly. He is fat and looks older than my father. I can’t stand the thought that he is going to touch me, that he will be my husband. I cry often and beg my mother and father not to force me. This ring that he has given me, I want to tear it off all the time. Every time I touch it, I think about how my life is going to be over. I stopped going to school in sixth grade because of the war. They bombed my school, and we moved. I’ve never returned to a classroom, but I miss everything about it. I can only think how unfair it is — I’ve never asked for much in my life. I want there to be food on the table and I want to be able to go to school. But not even that is possible. I need someone who can save me from my family.”
Image: Magnus Wennman/IBL/REX


Taghride, 15
Image: Magnus Wennman/IBL/REX


Darime, 16


“We moved here from Homs three years ago. I was in seventh grade at home when the war became too intense and we were forced to move. I came here, but my mother is sick and no one can support us, so I could not start school. Instead, I got a job in a lingerie store. An older man came into the store and wanted to marry me. I said yes, thinking that he could help take care of me and my mother. But he became very jealous and angry and controlling, so I got myself out of it. I am glad that I didn’t get to the point of marrying him.”
Image: Magnus Wennman/IBL/REX


Mona, 14


“He was 28 years old when I met him, and I was 13. I didn’t know so much about what happened between a man and a woman. Before we got married, my mother told me that what happens in the bedroom is normal and that I should think so — that it was normal. First, I was in shock. I was scared. But he was diplomatic. Now I’ve gotten used to what is going on, that he touches me. But it took some time. I miss school. I would love to go back to school. My dream is to be an airline stewardess. But I know my husband would never allow that. He says that now my role is to take care of our household. I have now simply accepted that this is how my life is going to be.”
Image: Magnus Wennman/IBL/REX



Mona, 14
Image: Magnus Wennman/IBL/REX


Meervat, 14, and her father


“My father got $4,000 for me. I was 13 years old, and my husband was 22. On our wedding night, I was so scared that I shook. He noticed how I wedged myself into a corner to hide, so he let me be. The next day, his mother learned that we had not consummated the marriage. She began to scream that people would think he was not a real man, and she forced us to do it. So it was not my husband who forced himself onto me, but rather his mother who forced him onto me. But she was still not satisfied. She started to hit me with a belt. I stayed for six months and tried to deal with it, but was mistreated so terribly that I ended up in the hospital. Then, my father took me home again. I dream of getting a divorce one day, but so far it has not happened.”
Image: Magnus Wennman/IBL/REX


Ghazal, 15


“I was 10 years old when the war broke out. After my school was bombed, my father forbid us from leaving the house. We couldn’t play; it was as if everything just stopped after fourth grade. A 25-year-old man has said that he wants to marry me. He teaches me to read and write. I am glad. I want to marry him. My father and my brother are in Germany, and I think that he might be here instead of them. He is nice. He gives me pocket money almost every day so that I can buy small things. I hope that we will be able to get married soon.”
Image: Magnus Wennman/IBL/REX


Mehmet with his two wives


They are originally from Syria but now live in Tripoli, Lebanon. Mehmet will marry off his 16-year-old daughter to a man who is more than twice her age.
Image: Magnus Wennman/IBL/REX




10 thoughts on “Syrian child brides: Muslim pedo perverts: ‘He was 28, I was 13’

  1. Muslim men don’t know how to love or what love is. A woman is property to them, the Nikah is just a contract saying he bought you. Your just there to reproduce for him and provide him with sons. That’s why women become pregnant so fast after marriage, its a other form of keeping u trapped to him too. Even men in Dubai and this other wealthy Muslim countries don’t know how to treat women. Your a object, not a person to be loved or respected.

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  2. The mothers of these vermin males need to “disappear” 😉 along with all Muzzie men. The mothers are just as bad as the males. (I refuse to call them men.)


  3. This long-established and widely practiced marrying of child brides is in itself overwhelming evidence of the stunted psychological development of the Muslim male. Mature and psychologically healthy males don’t lust for school girls and adolescents (How can a mature male even relate to, or maintain a close platonic relationship with, a minor female who’s not his relative, let alone his wife ?). The primordial simplicity of the Muslim male – inspired by the directives and role model of Muhammad – is the primary cause of the primitive stunted development evident in Islamic societies.

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    • Absolutely which is why we cannot have these imbiciles among us. I would believe it would be having intercourse with a kid who understood nothing other than ramming in his dick and hoping you his kid bride is made pregnant. She will probably die in childbirth since her bones are inadequately formed to give birth. These girls can be less than 4′ 9″ tall the minimum height of a mature fertile female. Why the hell is so little understood about the psychology of these sub human species? One only has to speak to them on a completely impartial basis their minds are empty completely, these stupid low bred men are under evolved worse than animals – animals are not blessed with the kind of mind humans are therefore will act on instinct. This scum doesn’t even act on instinct. God help the world even WWIII won’t deal with human garbage.


      • They need to be driven back to their hellholes. A deprogramming effort should be started for the ones already here. If they don’t like it, they can leave. This would be similar to deprogramming given to prisoners of war, sex slaves . . .


      • @Ben
        You can’t ‘deprogram’ low IQ. Currently we know that up to 80% of IQ is only from genetics. So keeping any of them at all will lower the IQ of your country.

        The question of nature vs nurture is becoming more and more clear. Education and upbringing can only essentially unlock what your genetics already held.

        This is why saving any of them is a Pyrrhic sort of move. You can successfully save some, but it will damage your country in the long run. Because the women, no matter how you’ve made them unislamic, will eventually marry locals.


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